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7 reasons content editors love Umbraco 7

Date post:15-Jan-2017
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  • New Back-end Interface

    Project Belle has brought major changes to Umbracos back-end interface making it more user-friendly:

    Clean modern layout Easy to move between sections Clear publishing path Improved editor experience1.

    Umbracos mobile-friendly user

    interface allows you to make

    changes on the website on any

    type of device.

    2.Update your website on the go

    break free from your developer3.

    Create your own page templates and layouts by using Umbraco

    grid, without asking for any technical help.

    4.its superfast!

    preview your content on desktop, tablet and mobile

    5.See how your content will

    look on all screen sizes.

    7.Umbraco may be open source but its vision is lead by a core team based in Denmark. They have a roadmap planned for updates and improvements as they strive towards making Umbraco the best CMS out there.

    its CONstantly improving

    Easily manage images

    6.Set different crop sizes to easily edit large images, but also compress them and improve page speed.

    7REASONS Your content editors

    will love umbraco7


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