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7 Reasons to Hire a Sales Coach

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  • Sales Strategy

    Reasons You Needa Sales Coach



  • Sales Strategy

    7 Reasons to Hire a Sales Coach

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    ~ sales expert Anthony Caliendo, The Sales Assassin


  • 1. Work Harder

    A sales coach can make you work harder thanyou would on your own. No matter how highyour internal motivation, having an expertwatching and analyzing your performance willpush you to work harder.

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  • 2. Challenge You

    A sales coach isn't afraid to challenge you. Youmay be your company's top sales performer: butthat doesn't mean you can't perform higher. Asales coach is there for one purpose: to improveyour performance.

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  • 3. New Ideas

    A sales coach can introduce you to new salestools and strategies. An external sales coachworks with sales people in many companies andoften many industries. A sales coach will havediverse experiences and knowledge that canbroaden your skill set and make the difference.

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  • 4. Custom Training

    A sales coach designs a custom training programto address your performance goals andweaknesses. A sales coach's career depends ontheir ability to deliver results and get referralsand recommendations. Every client is a priorityand they won't use one-size-fits-all coaching.

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  • 5. Accountability

    A sales coach will hold you accountable to yourgoals and for your actions. A coach will have timeand access to your performance on a daily basis,not a quarterly basis. A trust relationship with asales coach means the sales person has someoneto go to before a sale tanks, not after.

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  • 6. Reduce Stress

    A sales coach will help you reduce stress andincrease your happiness. A good sales coach isalso a mentor, who instills you with confidenceand encouragement as well as feedback and skilldevelopment.

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  • 7. Make More Money

    A sales coach wants to help you make moremoney. A sales coach's career success is based ontheir clients' success. Sales coaches are hired toimprove the bottom line.

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  • 1 Reason NOT to Hire a Sales Coach

    Are you satisfied with where you're at?

    Answer these 5 questions:

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  • Athletes hirepersonal coaches

    A sales coach can be hired by a company or by anindividual salesperson.

    Many athletes hire a personal coach to addresstheir weaknesses and build their skills, inaddition to the coaches and trainers provided bytheir team.

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  • Invest in YOU

    Working with a sales coach is hard work, and aninvestment in time and money that can pay-offfinancially and professionally.

    The question is:

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    Why wouldn't you hire a sales coach?

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    I'm a best-selling author:The Sales Assassin: Master Your Black Belt inSales, winner of the 2015 USA Book News businessbook award for entrepreneurs and small business.

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  • servicesAnthony Caliendo

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