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7 Reasons Why Cloud-Native BI Will Become the Norm

Date post:20-Mar-2017
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  • 7 Reasons Why Cloud-Native BI Will Become the Norm

  • Cloud-Native BI Platform






    Reason 1 Better Collaboration

    Enables a Collaboration Hub

    in the cloud to drive end-to-end data

    analysis and decision-making lifecycle for

    users to collaboratively take action on the analyzed results.

  • Cloud-Native BI Platform

    Reason 2 Better Security

    A cloud-native architecture allows customers

    to push only a selective portion of their data to the cloud so

    that the customers intranet is not exposed to the outside world.

  • Databases

    Social Media

    Web services


    Cloud-Native BI Platform

    Improved IntegrationReason 3

    Only a cloud-native platform can seamlessly

    Integrate multiple data sources into its Cloud Data Hub.

  • NoOngoing Maintenance Fee Free Product Upgrades

    Easy To Scale Up To Demand

    Cloud-Native BI Platform

    NoInfrastructure Investment

    Lower CostReason 4

  • Cloud-Native BI Platform

    A truly cloud-native solution requires no hardware or software on a customer site.

    Cloud Native vs. Web AccessibleReason 5

    Cloud-based BI is not necessarily cloud-native BIVirtually all BI vendors claim to have cloud-based solutions, yet in

    reality, they have solutions that provide web-based access, but with

    prerequisite ground-based server.

  • NOETL Tools


    Cloud-Native BI Platform

    Less ComplexityReason 6

    NOData Warehouses

    NOOLAP Cube

  • Cloud-Native with Self-Service

    Bringing cloud-native technology together with self-service BI is a game-changer Empowering the business professionals to integrate the data in the ways they need it, to analyze, collaborate, and act on the KPI requirements.

    Reason 7

    Cloud-Native BI Platform

  • To better manage your dynamic KPI to drive your self-service analysis and empower your collaborative data driven decision-making,

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    SRK, the Only Cloud-Native BI Platform

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