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7 things about kanpur

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A short journey of the series on Kanpur . Just plain simple 7 things u would want to know about Kanpur an Industrial City in India
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2. Kanpur has been knownin history through variousnames : Karnapurmeaning "town of Karna", Kanhiyapur one of the heroes of the from the Hindi Mahabharatameaning "town of Kanhaiya" Khanpur CawnporeIn old British maps it is also listed During the British as this Raj , this was the anglicized name photo : view of Kanpur riverImage courtesy : http://www.prabhatmishra.com 3. Kanpur has ametropolitan area ofover 1,640 sq.kmThat is almost3 timesbigger thanMumbai !View of Kanpur Central StationImage courtesy : non-licensed images, wikipedia org 4. About 25 km from Kanpur is BithoorLegend goes that Sita, the wife of Lord Rama came to live at the ashram of sage Valmiki, after Rama expelled her from Ayodhya.It was here that she gave birth to the twins Lava and Kush and disappeared back into the earth (from where she was born) when confronted by a repentant Rama. View of Bithoor GhatImage Copyright Thinking Threads Design 5. In the 19th century, Kanpur was an important British stronghold withbarracks for 7,000 soldiersBritish Army in IndiaImage courtesy : history1800s.about.com 6. The popular shopping centre Navin Market, has been named so after the poet Bal Krishna Sharma aka "Navin". View of Naveen Market Image Copyright Thinking Threads Design 7. Kanpur Zoo ,also called Allen Zoo isASIAS Largest Zoological Garden (Areawise ) !!Photo : Kanpur zoos entranceImage Copyright Thinking Threads Design 8. Ganga Mela is aunique festivalthat is celebratedin Kanpur, 5 daysafter the festivalHoli.The festival is celebrated in thememories of revolutionariesreleased by British governmentwho were held prisoners during1857 revolutionHoli manImage courtesy : non-licensed imageshttp://www.everystockphoto.com/ 9. DHANYAWAD !Concept and created by : Thinking Threads Designwww.thinkingthreads.co.inImages : copyrighted or source mentionedContent source : en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kanpur

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