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7 Tips to Tame the Holiday Circus

Date post:07-Aug-2015
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  1. 1. 7 Tips toTame theHolidayCircusby Christa Melnyk Hineswww.christamelnykhines.com
  2. 2. #1Rework theEventProgramwww.christamelnykhines.com
  3. 3. Cross off items on your to-dolist that cause more headachesthan joy.Leave at least one eveningeach weekend to allow forspontaneous family fun.www.christamelnykhines.com
  4. 4. #2JuggleLesswww.christamelnykhines.com
  5. 5. Give yourself permission to decline aninvitation even if you have nothing elsegoing on.Hosting a party? Spend more time withyour guests by having the event catered.Hire a company to clean your house orenlist your family to help.www.christamelnykhines.com
  6. 6. #3ClownAroundwww.christamelnykhines.com
  7. 7. Block out 15 to 30 minutesevery day for personalenjoyment (a.k.a. self-preservation)like yoga,manicures, reading, lunchwith a friend or time alone!www.christamelnykhines.com
  8. 8. #4Plan forSurpriseswww.christamelnykhines.com
  9. 9. Purchase small gifts to have on hand forunexpected guests.Store extra cookies, soups andappetizers in the freezer to pop outfor casual, last-minute get-togethers.www.christamelnykhines.com
  10. 10. #5SimplifyDecorwww.christamelnykhines.com
  11. 11. Make luminaries out of paper sacks,sand and electric tea lights to lineyour walkway.Spray paint a simple pine conewreath white. Hang it with a festiveribbon on your front door.Make a centerpiece out of clear vasesor jars filled with jingle bells, seasonalfruit, nuts or colorful candy.www.christamelnykhines.com
  12. 12. #6EaseShoppingStresswww.christamelnykhines.com
  13. 13. Save a trip to the post office.Shop online.Hand off some of the gift-purchasingresponsibilities to your spouse.Schedule a date night with yourspouse for holiday shopping. Rewardyourselves with dinner at yourfavorite restaurant.www.christamelnykhines.com
  14. 14. #7Revel inthe Magicof theSeasonwww.christamelnykhines.com
  15. 15. Stroll through the neighborhood toadmire holiday lights.Watch old holiday movies in your pajamaswith your kids.Purchase a toy for a child in need.Deliver holiday cheer to a neighbor whomay be feeling lonely or sad.Share a favorite tradition from your childhoodwith your kids.www.christamelnykhines.com
  16. 16. What do you do to tameholiday stress?Christa Melnyk HinesFreelance journalist, author &family communication expertConnect with me atwww.christamelnykhines.com
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