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7.) walking dead

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  1. 1. 7.) Walking dead Analysis
  2. 2. The openingestablishing shot reveals an abandoned highway. The cars are all parked with open doors and are unevenly distributed to show previous signs of chaos.
  3. 3. The sheriff badge indicates what sort of characters we will be dealing with and each image is assorted tot he actors name which comes up.
  4. 4. The arrows are the signature weapon of Daryl or Norman Reedus. The use of two arrows shows awareness and safety, making sure the job is done. The colour of his name matches the colour of the arrow ends to show the connection between the two.
  5. 5. The whole sequence is a series of time lapse to show time passing and how long it has been since the change. It is to re-instate that nothing has changed since the beginning and nothing will change. The graveyard is just a simple symbol for death and destruction, which is a connection to the dead.
  6. 6. This eyes is the only image we get in the whole sequence of anything dead or zombie-like. The eye is bloodshot and wide open. It is distorted and the skin is raged and ole. This extreme close up indicates to what it is and a sharp stab sound is played when it appears. The use of only one image keeps the originality of he disaster at bay until footage starts, ammoniating mystery.
  7. 7. The forrest and wilderness plays quite an important part within the show and the use of this shot is important. The dark rustic filter acts as an emphasis on the loneliness of the image and setting to emphasis the loneliness of the characters.
  8. 8. This clip is also another time laps and as well as the graveyard clip it is used to show time passing and very little changing. Not even the angle and which the watch is positioned changes.
  9. 9. This is another back drop image that plays quite an important part in season 3. The houses old and rustic which links in to the rest of the sequence. The low angle emphasises the height and power that the house holds over who lives there. The distant barn in the background acts as an almost lower class to the house,which is also represented in the characters. We also get and idea of where this is set.
  10. 10. The anonymous figure behind the door remains as a mystery. The anonymity of the figure leaves the audience to wonder who they are and puts them on edge. An unwanted figure is implied because of the shut door.
  11. 11. This lonely rural town is in tatters and ruins and we now get an idea of setting for the show. The turn american flag represents the destruction and loss of something that once was. The colours are faded and the flag is dragging. This acts as a powerful symbol to America.
  12. 12. The last couple of shots reveal settings and areas of destruction or abandonment. The prison was once a place where people were kept in against their will and the irony is that it now acts as a place of safety and shelter. The barbed wire is shown in the clip and is to emphasise the protection at hand.
  13. 13. At the ned the title is revealed and the font is quite big and bold with the last tie words emphasised. The background is old green and dark and sinister, reinforcing the horror genre. 13
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