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742 Geocaching

Date post: 15-Apr-2017
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Geocaching Real-World Treasure Hunt!


GeocachingReal-World Treasure Hunt!

Geocaching: A Great Way to Be Active

All around the world people are hiding and finding Geocaches.

What is a Geocache?Geocaches are small containers hidden in cool places. Usually the people that have hidden them want to draw attention to a neat hiking spot, a place with a beautiful view, someplace of historic significance, or just a place worth visiting. There are also "virtual geocaches" which do not hold a physical cache, but instead just provide information about the location

How do I Find a Geocache?

There are multiple places online that you can use to find geocaches near you. The most robust and easiest to use is Geocaching.com. You can create an account for free, then download the app onto your smart phone (around $10) and use your phone as your GPS device.

How Will I Know Where to Look?Under RocksIn TreesThe Last Place You Would Ever Think!

There are many types of geocachesTraditional CachesMulti-CachesMystery/Puzzle CachesLetterbox HybridsWherigo CachesEvent CachesMega-Event CachesCITO Event CachesEarthCaches

Traditional Cache

Geocaching in About a MinuteFrom www.geocaching.com