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8. Backlinks

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  • 1. BacklinksWhat are they and where to get them...

2. What are they? Little votes for your site/page A way for people to know what you are about A way to gain ranking Popularity points Some would argue the most important part ofbuilding your business up And some would say they arent needed...My view?... 3. I do it for all of my sites/pages but You need to be careful with them You shouldnt spam links You need to mix them up a bit You shouldnt do them too fast You should go for quality over quantity whereyou can 4. Where do they fit in the process? Found Niche Found Product Found Keywords Made site/pages Created good quality content Done all on page SEO Got the site/page live Now you can do backlinks... 5. Some of the terms youll hear...And what they mean... Link wheels a wheel of properties, usually web 2.0 like Squidooand Blogger that link to each other in a circle so no 2way links Broken Link Wheels like link wheels but with a slight kink to the linkpattern to avoid any penalty Link Farms avoid. Basically pages of just links and nothing else. 6. Some of the terms youll hear...And what they mean... Blog Networks lots of blogs, usually in same niche that will addlinks for a fee. Or build your own... Anchor Text what the link says Dofollow / Nofollow google wont follow this, but other SE will so stillworth it. Use SEO Quake 7. Some of the terms youll hear...And what they mean... Whitehat / Greyhat / Blackhat Naughty or nice... Reciprocal Links (also known as 2 way links) Asking for a link in return for one of yours Much better to do this once you have a few sites..And then ask for one of theirs in return for 4-5 ofyours... Not as odd as it sounds... Internal Linking I pay a LOT of attention to this 8. Types of backlinks Forums Search for your niche and join in the convo http://www.google.com/ncr Articles GoArticles EzineArticles StreetArticles .EDU and .GOV links Search trick...site:.edu inurl:blog post a comment -you must be logged insite:edu inurl:login (Create an account)site:edu powered by SMFsite:edu powered by Fireboardsite:edu powered by phpbbsite:edu inurl:login (Create an account)site:edu powered by vbulletininurl:.edu/phpbb2inurl:.edu/ (Powered by Invision Power Board)site:edu powered by SMF 9. Types of backlinks Videos Youtube Vimeo DailyMotion Web 2.0 / Create Blogs Squidoo Blogger Wordpress.com Squidoo Lists add+to+this+list+fitness+site:squidoo.com Blog Commenting Comment Kahuna - http://www.commentkahuna.com/ Search stringsYour Keyword Comment here (For example: singing lessons comment here)Your Keyword Add Your CommentYour Keyword Add a commentYour Keyword Leave a ReplyYour Keyword Powered by Wordpress 10. Types of backlinks Twitter Facebook Linkedin Pinterest Google+ RSS Feeds 11. Types of backlinks Relevant Directories Keyword phrase + add url Keyword phrase + add site Keyword phrase + add website Document sharing sites Slideshare Scribd.com Docshare.com 12. Types of backlinks Press releases You can pay someone to write one for you or do it yourself. http://www.free-press-release.com/ http://www.briefingwire.com http://www.prlog.org/ Quality content and the ability to share with share bars More for sites you own, but some free sites also do thishttp://activities.bpe.co.uk Guest blogging Search for blogs in your niche and ask to write a post in return for leaving your link in there Social Bookmarks Digg Stumbleupon Reditt 13. CommentLuv MethodGo to http://www.commentluv.com/buy-commentluv-premium/commentluv-global-search-engine/ 14. CommentLuv continued... Enter email Confirm your signup Then visit http://www.commentluv.com/buy-commentluv-premium/commentluv-global-search-engine/ again and enteremail you signed up with... Why? Loads of extras with CommentLuv.. Links to otherprofiles, latest article you wrote... Try it 15. What to aim for when backlinking (ideally) Steady build up Varied anchor text Lots of different sites Lots of different IPs Sites related to your niche 16. Steady Build UpEveryone has a different opinion...In an ideal world it would happen naturally.. Butif it doesnt then think about it...How would a new site act? 17. Varied Anchor TextNot all MY KEYWORDSome just click here, this page, main sitehttp://mysite.comn.b. If the content is right it will get ranked correctly...Which is why on page SEO is important...Mix main domain and internal pages 18. Lots of Different Sites100 backlinks from one site isNOT THE SAME AS100 backlinks from 50 different sites... 19. Lots of Different IPsEvery machine on the internet has its own IPOne machine (server) can host many sitesIf you link from sites all on the same server (e.g.a blog network or all your own sites...)Then they all have the same IP...Not great... Mix it up.. 20. Sites Related To Your NicheCan be others as well...But the more relevant the more likely you mayget some real clickthru traffic interested inwhat you have to offer... 21. ABOVE ALL TEST, TEST and TEST!Loads if places to find links...Even more than Ive mentioned...And thats without even going into paid methods and software...How many to do?Start slow, build up...Check results.... Modify...TEST! 22. Thanks for listening!Q&A

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Backlinks What are they and where to get them...
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