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8 Ways eTapestry is Designed for your Mission

Date post:06-May-2015
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Save time on your fundraising, Spend more time on your mission! Learn more about eTapestry, Blackbaud’s Saas solution that is designed to significantly compress the time and effort required for every task associated with donor cultivation.
  • 1.7/11/2013 Blackbaud Confidential 1 8 REASONS ETAPESTRY IS DESIGNED WITH YOUR MISSION IN MIND! Save time on your fundraising, spend more time on your mission.

2. 7/11/2013 Blackbaud Confidential 2 WHAT WE WILL COVER Nonprofit challenges 8 Reasons why eTapestry is a fit for you Solution in action Who we have helped Q&A 3. 7/11/2013 Blackbaud Confidential 3 eTapestry is designed exclusively for nonprofits and fundraising unlike spreadsheets, access, or other solutions eTapestry is simple. Unlike complicated software cluttered with features you will never use, eTapestry focuses specifically on fundraising and donor management eTapestry is easy to use. No need for consultants or professional services, you and your team can get up and running quickly and easily! eTapestry is fast. Quickly add donations, contacts, make changes, or customize it to suit your needs. Spend more time on your mission! THE ETAPESTRY DIFFERENCE 4. 7/11/2013 Blackbaud Confidential 4 How do I get my constituents to donate more frequently? How can I build meaningful relationships with so many people? How can I tell if what we are doing is really working? How can I ensure that I am spending my time (and those of my volunteers) effectively? How can I make personal connections with donors and prospects when I have a small staff and a crazy schedule? How do I build trust and transparency with my board and my supporters? How can I get better insight into my fundraising performance? DO THESE QUESTIONS SOUND FAMILIAR? 5. 7/11/2013 Blackbaud Confidential 5 Easily manage and cultivate your supporters Increase engagement and responsiveness by leveraging a holistic view of your supporter base Acquire and retain more supporters thanks to the ability to spend less time focusing on data and more time focusing on your mission MANAGE AND TRACK ALL YOUR RELATIONSHIPS Volunteers Donors Members 1 6. 7/11/2013 Blackbaud Confidential 6 ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW IN ONE PLACE 7. 7/11/2013 Blackbaud Confidential 7 Tell donors thank you personally within seconds of their donation QUICK AND EASY FOLLOW UP2 8. 7/11/2013 Blackbaud Confidential 8 Keep yourself and key stakeholders up-to-date with zero-click dashboards and reports Easily answer questions like What's the percentage of donors that are renewing their support from one year to the next? Which donors give gifts in multiple and/or consecutive years or months? Who are the best prospects for major gifts? How do my giving results compare from one time frame to another? How many donors lapsed, upgraded, downgraded, or were new in a certain time frame? ZERO-CLICK DASHBOARDS AND REPORTS3 9. 7/11/2013 Blackbaud Confidential 9 Deliver the most important information in the format needed Schedule reports do be delivered on a regular basis to you or anyone in your organization Report on key information unique and important to your organization Ready to use reports for measuring your organizations most important data QUICK AND FLEXIBLE REPORTING4 10. 7/11/2013 Blackbaud Confidential 10 Easily build and send professional looking communications using a built in HTML email editor. Keeps copies of individual or mass emails on each account so that you can track all of your constituent communications. Run state of the art spam analysis. Take advantage of delivery scheduling. Report on the deliverability and performance. Remain 100% CAN-SPAM compliant. BUILT-IN EMAIL MARKETING5 11. 7/11/2013 Blackbaud Confidential 11 With eTapestry it is easy to collect donations directly into your eTapestry database through our easy to use Do-it-Yourself (DIY) forms. Online Giving Page: Allow your page visitors to make one-time and recurring donations. Event Registration Page: Allow your page visitors to register for an event. Membership Signup Page: Allow your page visitors to purchase memberships. Contact Page: Allow your page visitors to sign up to receive regular communications from you. Volunteer Page: Allow your page visitors to register to volunteer with your organization. EASY TO USE DO-IT-YOURSELF DONATION FORMS6 12. 7/11/2013 Blackbaud Confidential 12 Collect donations quickly and easily right into your database Select from a library of templates, you dont need to know HTML! Make changes to the design any layout with our easy to use WYSIWYG editor Easily embed your DIY forms directly into your existing website! Send auto response emails thanking them for their donation/submission EASY TO USE DO-IT-YOURSELF FORMS6 13. 7/11/2013 Blackbaud Confidential 13 Embedded in your existing website! EASY TO USE DO-IT-YOURSELF FORMS6 14. 7/11/2013 Blackbaud Confidential 14 Access while on the go! - Office, Home, Airport, Board Meetings, ANYWHERE Avoid embarrassing mistakes with donors One touch access to recent giving history, donor information, photos, etc. Increase efficiency Stay informed even when you are on the road with real-time dashboards and reports EASILY ACCESS YOUR DATA FROM ANYWHERE6 15. 7/11/2013 Blackbaud Confidential 15 Encrypted data PCI Compliant SAS 70 Compliant Multiple Hosting Site Redundant equipment Automatic backups Automatic updates Uptime Statistics YOUR DATA IS SAFE AND SECURE7 16. 7/11/2013 Blackbaud Confidential 16 READY TO SEE IT IN ACTION? 17. 7/11/2013 Blackbaud Confidential 17 SAVE MONEY WITH ETAPESTRY!8 18. 7/11/2013 Blackbaud Confidential 18 Unlimited user training at your pace and convenience Unlimited access to Full Training Library (anyone you give username to can train!) Unlimited Recorded Sessions/Classes(anyone can attend)Crash CoursesMaster Classes Live Implementation Cohort included as well! TRAINING INCLUDED IN YOUR PACKAGE 19. 7/11/2013 Blackbaud Confidential 19 YOU ARE FULLY SUPPORTED Email Online Help Instant Messaging Telephone 20. 7/11/2013 Blackbaud Confidential 20 CASE STUDY: SCHOOL ON WHEELS 500% increase in new donors 300,000 raised online in one month School on Wheels success with eTapestry! eTapestry has enabled us to engage board members in the fundraising process, keep valuable information about donors in one place, and be much more proactive about retaining and even upgrading donors. Every year we use the database more and more and we are thrilled with how easy it is to use. Janet Hiatt, Vice President of Development 21. 7/11/2013 Blackbaud Confidential 21 Blackbaud has the worlds largest nonprofit customer base - 26,000 + organizations - 7000 + organizations using eTapestry eTapestry was the first on-demand fundraising software delivered over the Internet, giving users access from any location and a solution that is automatically backed-up, maintained and updated Customer retention rate of 98% Ever-evolving product line to meet changing needs, $45 million invested in R&D in 2010, limited exposure to risk due to Blackbauds stability NASDAQ: BLKB, financially stable and growing 29+ years experience focused on nonprofit community & philanthropy YOUR TECHNOLOGY PARTNER 22. 7/11/2013 Blackbaud Confidential 22 WHAT ELSE CAN WE DO FOR YOU? INTEGRATE! Website: WordPress DIY Online Donation Page eTapestry Database Friends Asking FriendseTapestry Communication 23. 7/11/2013 Blackbaud Confidential 23 NEED TO UPDATE YOUR ONLINE PRESENCE? Guide Creative, Blackbauds full service creative design agency, provides innovative website solutions focused on the specific needs of our nonprofit customers. The benefits of a Guide Creative website: - A new professionally designed, responsive website based on the Top 10 Design Elements for Non-Profit Web Design and built on WordPress, an open source, easy-to-use content management system. - Full discovery with a web strategist to obtain direction and recommendations on how to tailor the design to your unique strategic goals (engagement, fundraising, awareness, communication, etc.) - Ongoing services which include: Launch Support WordPress upgrades Urgent Care Help Portal Quarterly Education Webinars Quarterly Improvement Guide 24. 7/11/2013 Blackbaud Confidential 24 BEST-PRACTICE DESIGNS 25. 7/11/2013 Blackbaud Confidential 25 BEFORE AND AFTER! 26. 7/11/2013 Blackbaud Confidential 26 MORE THAN JUST WEBSITE DESIGN 27. 7/11/2013 Blackbaud Confidential 27 SOCIAL FUNDRAISING WITH FRIENDS ASKING FRIENDS! Participants who use peer-to-peer fundraising software with online tools raise SIX TIMES more than others. Start using Friends Asking Friends to achieve results like these: 90% email open rate $60 average online gift size 28. 7/11/2013 Blackbaud Confidential 28 FRIENDS ASKING FRIENDS MAIN EVENT PAGE 29. 7/11/2013 Blackbaud Confidential 29 FRIENDS ASKING FRIENDS PARTICIPANT PAGE 30. 7/11/2013 Blackbaud Confidential 30 1 Well discuss your unique needs 2 Well provide a personalized demonstration 3 We provide a solution proposal 4 Well help you with every step of implementation WHATS NEXT? WORKING WITH ETAPESTRY 31. 7/11/2013 Blackbaud Confidential 31 WHAT QUESTIONS DO YOU HAVE?

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07/03/2022 Blackbaud Confidential 1 8 REASONS ETAPESTRY IS DESIGNED WITH YOUR MISSION IN MIND! Save time on your fundraising, spend more time on your mission.
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