81mm Mortar

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81mm Mortar slide show of the basics
  • *81 MM MORTARCORE0402

  • OVERVIEWCharacteristics


    Offensive capabilities/limitations

  • QUESTIONS?Any questions on:

    What you will be learning?How the lesson will be taught?When/how you will be evaluated?Safety or cease training criteria?

  • M253 Barrel35 lbs

  • M177 Bipod27 lbs

  • M3A1 Baseplate 29 lbs

  • CharacteristicsRanges:A. Minimum Range is 83 metersB. Maximum Range is 5608 meters

    Rates of Fire. Rapid Rate = 30 rounds per min for 2 minutesSustained Rate = 15 rounds per min indefinetly

  • *Question: What is the maximum range for the M252 81mm mortar?

    Answer: 5,608 meters QUESTION

  • *NOMENCLATURECannon M253. The cannon assembly consists of the barrel that is sealed at the lower end with a removable breech plug, which houses a removable firing pin. At the muzzle end is a cone-shaped blast attenuator device (BAD) that is fitted to reduce noise.B.A.D.Removable Breech Plug Firing PinUpper Stopping BandCooling fanLower Stopping Band

  • *M177 Bipod Assembly: Consists of an:Elevating MechanismTraversing MechanismMechanical LegFixed Leg Barrel ClampNOMENCLATURE

  • *M3A1 Baseplate: The baseplate is of one-piece construction, and supports and aligns the mortar for firing. During firing, the breech plug on the barrel is sealed and locked to the rotatable socket in the baseplateRotatable Socket CapNOMENCLATURE

  • *M64A1 Sight Unit: This unit provides self-illuminating sighting capability for indirect fire in the conventional mode. This unit serves to lay the mortar for deflection and elevation, it is connected to the bipod using a dovetail mechanismNOMENCLATURE

  • *Question: The dovetail slot is used to attach what instrument.

    Answer: The M64A1 sight


  • *CAPABILITIES/LIMITATIONS OF A 81MM MORTARGun Crew Members. The members of a 81mm mortar gun crew include:

    Squad Leader- In addition to supervising the emplacement, laying, and firing of the mortar, he supervises all other squad activities and checks the data!!!

    Gunner- The gunner stands to the left side of the mortar where he can manipulate the sight, and gun mechanisms

  • *Assistant Gunner- The assistant gunner stands to the right of the mortar, facing the barrel and ready to load. First Ammunition BearerSecond Ammunition Bearer CAPABILITIES/LIMITATIONS OF A 81MM MORTAR

  • CAPABILITIES /LIMITATIONSFire Commands- Technical instructions issued to the gun lineFiring with an FDC:Mortar to Follow (Section)Shell and Fuze(HE Quick)Mortar to Fire(Gun 2 in adjust)Method of Fire(Section 3 rnds in effect)Deflection(2850)Charge(2)Elevation(1150)

  • *Question: In firing with a FDC, the initial fire command gives what information

    Answer: The initial fire command is the first fire command that is sent to the mortar section for a mission and contains all necessary information to fire the first round.


  • OFFENSIVE CAPABILITIES / LIMITATIONSFlexibility in fire support is required to provide continuous fires

    Usually positioned 1/3 to 2/3 distance from Enemy

    Defilade is best protection for mortars

    Can be broken down from PLT-Sections-Squads

  • OFFENSIVE CAPABILITIES / LIMITATIONSMortars used to suppress, neutralize, or destroy as maneuver element closes

    After assault, consolidate mortars within the objective area preparation for counter attackM = method O = objectiveR = RouteT = Time

  • *

  • SUMMARYCharacteristics


    Offensive capabilities/limitations


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