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A BOUQUET OF FLOWERS - Bouquet of... · PDF file A BOUQUET OF FLOWERS A Science...

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    A Science Demonstration Lesson 22


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    Items Needed

    White flowers--carnations or Queen Anne’s lace work well.

    Food coloring

    Vases or plastic water bottles

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  • The leaves and some petals of plants contain many small pores, and water evaporates through these pores. As it does so, the plant draws water through its stem from the water in the vase. The movement of water through the plant occurs in xylem, hollow cells stacked end to end to form tubes. Blue or red dye is very good for outlining the xylem in the plant as it draws the water and dye up the stem. You can see it quite clearly if

    you cut the stem and look at it in cross section.


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    But for our demonstration, we want to split the stem and place one portion in

    one color of water and the other portion in another color.

    What do you think will happen?

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    The Israelites agreed at Mt. Sinai to do all that the Lord asked. Their hearts were full of appreciation for him, and they wanted to be solely his. They were of one mind toward him and are represented by a white carnation full of one color.

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  • But then Moses did not return from Mount Sinai, and the Israelites grew distrustful of God. They wanted to return to worshiping an idol instead of God, so they made a golden calf. Now their hearts were divided between God and Satan, represented by the two colors in one flower.


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  • God wants you to be all you can be, and you do not have to be like anyone else, but he wants your whole heart. You cannot serve him and Satan. You must chose to whom you will surrender.

    Paul said he died daily, and so must we. Our eyes must be single to the glory of God. Then we will be beautiful flowers, and his church will be a beautiful garden.


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