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A Catechism for Young Adults - Lighthouse Catholic · PDF fileA Catechism for Young Adults...

Date post:15-Oct-2018
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  • A Catechism for Young AdultsOver 2,000,000 copies already distributed

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    Straight from the Vatican, the leaders of the Catholic Church have provided succinct and straightforward answers

    to the issues that young people face every day.

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    I love the appeal it has to the youth... Its an excellent tool not just for young Catholics, but for all!Krystle - Farmington Hills, MI

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    Five Simple Ways to Use YOUCAT

    1. Youth Ministers and Teen Leaders Give your youth minister a copy of YOUCAT for use in your parishs youth programs. Give YOUCAT to teens who hold leadership positions within the youth group.

    2. Parents MakecopiesofYOUCATavailablefor purchase at parent meetings. Ononeweekend,offerYOUCATaftereveryMass as a guide for family discussions. Encourageparentstogivetotheirhighschool graduates and college students.

    3. Confirmation Programs and Religious Education AddYOUCATasaresourcetoprepare candidates and sponsors for Confirmation. AddYOUCATasacurriculumtooltohelp thestudentsembracetheFaith.

    4. Teachers and Catechists GiveYOUCATtoalladultcatechiststoassist intheirdiscussionsorteachings.Encourageyour high school and middle school principals to provide a classroom copy for every teacher.

    5. RCIA YOUCATisagreatresourcefornewfamilies enteringtheCatholicChurch.Encourage YOUCAT as a supplement for adults with children going through the Rite of Christian Initiation.

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    I received a copy of YOUCAT at World Youth Day and I am so impressed! There are fun illustrations (even a flip book drawing), many quotes from saints, popes, and Church documents, and concise explanations of the Faith. I highly recommend it.Roaming Catholic

    I bought this book for my 15-year-old daughter so she could learn something about the Catholic Church. If you want to know more about the Catholic Church in an easy to read and understand format and you are a teenager or young adult, then this book is for you.Barry Owens

    YOUCAT combines sound catechesis and faith formation, based on the Catechism of the Catholic Church, with a youthful, dynamic and graphically appealing presentation. I hope that this book and related resources will become tools to assist you and your pastoral collaborators in promoting the New Evangelization and a deepened catechesis among young people.Most Rev. Jos Gmez, Archbishop of Los Angeles

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