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A Harmony of the Synoptics, The Gospel of John, E. J. Goodspeed

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  • 7/27/2019 A Harmony of the Synoptics, The Gospel of John, E. J. Goodspeed


  • 7/27/2019 A Harmony of the Synoptics, The Gospel of John, E. J. Goodspeed


  • 7/27/2019 A Harmony of the Synoptics, The Gospel of John, E. J. Goodspeed




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  • 7/27/2019 A Harmony of the Synoptics, The Gospel of John, E. J. Goodspeed


  • 7/27/2019 A Harmony of the Synoptics, The Gospel of John, E. J. Goodspeed


  • 7/27/2019 A Harmony of the Synoptics, The Gospel of John, E. J. Goodspeed






  • 7/27/2019 A Harmony of the Synoptics, The Gospel of John, E. J. Goodspeed


  • 7/27/2019 A Harmony of the Synoptics, The Gospel of John, E. J. Goodspeed



  • 7/27/2019 A Harmony of the Synoptics, The Gospel of John, E. J. Goodspeed





  • 7/27/2019 A Harmony of the Synoptics, The Gospel of John, E. J. Goodspeed


    STUDENT'S GOSPELSA Harmony of the Synoptics






  • 7/27/2019 A Harmony of the Synoptics, The Gospel of John, E. J. Goodspeed







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  • 7/27/2019 A Harmony of the Synoptics, The Gospel of John, E. J. Goodspeed



    PREFACEThis arrangement of the Gospels is intended for students and

    readers of the Bible rather than for technical scholars. For themthere are Harmonies and Synopses both in Greek and in English.The present volume reproduces the sections of the new edition ofBurton and Mathews, Life of Christ. The headings are less formalthan in many Harmonies and, it is hoped, will aid the student to gainthe content of the sections themselves.The text of Goodspeed's American Translation was chosen as anadditional aid to those who wish to appreciate the freshness and vigorof the Gospel stories.

    In accordance with the prevailing conclusions of New Testamentscholars, no attempt is made to "harmonize" the Four Gospels, butthe Gospel according to John is arranged independently as an inter-pretation given Jesus by the third generation of Christians.The section headings are intended to help the student gain thepoint of view of the evangelist as the interpreter of the religious sig-nificance of the primitive messianic hope. SHAILEB MATHEWS

  • 7/27/2019 A Harmony of the Synoptics, The Gospel of John, E. J. Goodspeed


  • 7/27/2019 A Harmony of the Synoptics, The Gospel of John, E. J. Goodspeed



    SECTION PAGE1. Luke's Preface 12. The Two Genealogies of Jesus 13. The Birth of John the Baptist Foretold to Zechariah . 34. The Birth of Jesus Foretold to Mary 65. The Birth of Jesus Foretold to Joseph 76. The Song of Mary 87. The Birth of John the Baptist 108. The Birth of Jesus 139. The Presentation in the Temple 15

    10. The Visit of the Magi 1711. The Flight into Egypt 1912. The Boy Jesus 2113. The Silent Years 22


    14. The Career of John the Baptist 2315. The New Self-Consciousness of Jesus after His Baptism 2616. Jesus Organizes His Own Ideals 26

    PART III. THE BEGINNING OF JESUS' WORK IN GALILEE:FROM His APPEARANCE IN GALILEE UNTIL THECHOOSING OF THE TWELVE17. Jesus Begins To Announce the Coming of the Kingdom 2818. The First Disciples 2919. The First Cures Wrought by Jesus 3020. Jesus Preaches throughout Galilee 3221. Jesus Forgives Sins 3322. Jesus Calls a Publican To Be a Disciple 34

  • 7/27/2019 A Harmony of the Synoptics, The Gospel of John, E. J. Goodspeed


    ContentsSECTION PAGE23. Jesus Rejects the Pharisees' Practice of Fasting ... 3524. Jesus' Revolutionary Interpretation of the Sabbath . 3625. Jesus Arouses the Enmity of the Pharisees by His Atti-


    26. The Rapid Growth of His Following 4027. The Selection of the Twelve 4128. The Sermon on the Mount 4129. A Centurion Accepts Jesus as a Commander ... 5430. Jesus Accepted as a Great Prophet ...... 5631. The Uncertainty of John the Baptist 5632. The Loving Faith of a Forgiven Woman 5933. The Intimate Friends of Jesus 6134. The Danger of Wilful Unbelief 6135. The Spiritual Family of the Christ 6536. The Kingdom Described in Analogies 6537. Jesus' Power over Nature 7238. Jesus '-Power over Evil Spirits 7339. Jesus' Power over Death 7540. Jesus' Power over Disease 7841. Jesus Is Rejected by His Fellow-Citizens at Nazareth . 7942. Extension of His Teaching through the Preaching of theTwelve 8143. The Death of John the Baptist 8644. Additional Stories of Jesus' Power over Nature ... 8845. Jesus Breaks with the Externals of the Jewish Religion 91'


  • 7/27/2019 A Harmony of the Synoptics, The Gospel of John, E. J. Goodspeed


    Contents xiSECTION PAGE49. The Final Evidence of the Truth of Jesus' Teaching . 9750. The Healing of the Blind Man 9851. The Disciples Avow Their Conviction That Jesus Is the

    Christ . 9952. Jesus Foretells the Fate Awaiting Him 10053. The Glory and the Tragedy of the Christ: The Trans-

    figuration 10154. The Superiority of the Messiah over His Disciples . . 10355. The Disciples Are Unwilling To Believe in the Death of

    the Messiah 10556. Regard for the Feelings of Others 10557. Simplicity, Tolerance, and a Forgiving Spirit . . . 106

    PART VI. THE LAST PERIOD OF PUBLIC TEACHING: FROMTHE FINAL DEPARTURE FROM GALILEE UNTIL THEARRIVAL IN JERUSALEM AT THE PASSOVER58. The Departure from Galilee Ill59. The Mission of the Seventy 11260. Gaining Eternal Life through Love 11561. Jesus as a Guest 11762. The Reasonableness of Prayer 117-63. How Respectability May Become Hypocrisy . . . 119-64. The Higher Loyalties of Religion 12165. The Inevitable Sorrow Attending Sin 12866. The Superiority of Service to Religious Conventions . 12967. Religious Privileges Not Religious Rights .... 131"68. As to Love, Humility, and Indifference 13369. As to Counting the Cost of Discipleship 13670. Three Illustrations of God's Love 13771. The Right and the Wrong Use of Wealth .... 14172. Forgiveness and Responsibility 14573. An Illustration of Thankfulness 14674. The Dangers of Procrastination 14775. Persistent Prayer 14976. The Superiority of Humility to Spiritual Pride . . . 150 -

  • 7/27/2019 A Harmony of the Synoptics, The Gospel of John, E. J. Goodspeed


    xii ContentsSECTION PAGE78. The Religion of the Childlike Spirit ...... 15279. The Dangers of Wealth and Selfishness 15280. The Shadow of the Cross 15681. The Ambition of the Disciples 15782. Jesus Accepts Publicly the Messianic Title .... 15883. The Remarkable Conversion of Zaccheus .... 15984. The Rewards of Faithful Service 160


    86. The Episode of the Cursed Fig Tree 16587. The Cleansing of the Temple 16688. Jesus Refuses To Discuss the Basis of His Authority . 16789. Jesus Predicts the Downfall of the Jewish State and

    Church 16890. Jesus Emerges Triumphant from Cross-Examination by

    His Enemies 17291. Jesus Repudiates the Revolutionary Conception of theMessiah 17492. The Culmination of Jesus' Attack upon the Religious

    Leaders 17593. Sacrifice as the Measure of Generosity 18094. Jesus Foretells the Destruction of Jerusalem and the End

    of the Age 18095. Judas Plots To Betray Jesus 19196. A Prophetic Anointing by a Repentant Woman . . . 19297. The Last Supper of Jesus with His Disciples . . . 19498. Jesus Foretells His Disciples' Defection 19699. Gethsemane 197100. Jesus Is Betrayed and Arrested 198

    101. Jesus Is Condemned by the Religious Authorities forClaiming To Be the Christ 200

    102. Pilate Sacrifices Jesus to Popular Clamor .... 203103. Jesus Is Executed as a Political Offender 206

  • 7/27/2019 A Harmony of the Synoptics, The Gospel of John, E. J. Goodspeed


    Contents xiii

    PAKT VIII. THE RESUKBECTIONSECTION , PAGE105. The Resurrection Morning 210106. Jesus Appears to His Disciples at Emmaus .... 212107. Jesus Appears to the Ten Disciples hi Jerusalem . . 214108. Jesus Appears to the Eleven Disciples on a Mountain hi

    Galilee 215109. Jesus Ascends to Heaven 216

    BOOK II. THE CHRIST INTERPRETED BYCHRISTIAN EXPERIENCE110. The New Interpretation of the Christ 217111. The Superiority of Jesus to John the Baptist . . . 217112. The Sacrificial Meaning of Jesus' Life 218113. The Beginnings of Faith 218114. The Messianic Glory in Service 219115. The Authority of the Christ 219116. The Spiritual Meaning of the Messiah's Work ... 220117. The Supremacy of the Christ . 221118. The Withdrawal to Galilee 221119. The Messiah as a Revealer of Sin 221119a.Jesus Heals the Son of a Centurion 223120. The Messiah as a Revealer of God 223121. The Bread of Earth 225122. The Bread of Heaven 226123. Christ and the Way of Life 228[124. The Woman Taken hi Adultery] 229125. Christ as the Light of the World 230126. The Spiritual Freedom of Believers 231127. How Opposition Develops Faith 232128. A Sacrifice of Service 233129. The True Power of Divine Love 234130. At the Tomb of a Friend 235131. Growing Opposition to the Revealer 236132. A Retold Anecdote of the Master 237133. The Public Disclosure of Messiahship 237

  • 7/27/2019 A Harmony of the Synoptics, The Gospel of John, E. J. Goodspeed


    xiv ContentsSECTION PAGE135. The Setting of the Teaching 239136. The Glory of Sacrificial Love 240137. The True Meaning of the Christ's Departure and Return 241138. The True Meaning of Loyalty to the Messiah . . . 242139. The Summary of the Gospel of the Revealer of God and

    Eternal Life .244140. The Betrayal and Arrest 245141. Jesus Is Examined by Annas 246142. Jesus, Though Declared Innocent, Is Executed by Pilate

    as a Political Offender 247143. The Burial of Jesus 249144. Jesus Appears to Mary Magdalene . 249145. Jesus Appears to the Twelve 250146. The Faith of Thomas and the Faith of All Believers . 250147. The Conclusion of the Gospel 251148. Appendix:

    1. Other Appearances of Jesus to His Disciples . . . 2512. The Guaranty of the Truth of the Gospel ... 252

  • 7/27/2019 A Harmony of the Synoptics, The Gospel of John, E. J. Goodspeed





    1 Many writers haveundertaken to com-pose accounts of themovement which hasdeveloped among us,

    2 just as the originaleyewitnesses who be-came teachers of themessage have handed

    3 it down to us. For thatreason, Theophilus,and because I haveinvestigated it allcarefully from the be-ginning, I have deter-mined to write a con-nected account of itfor Your Excellency,

    4 so that you may be re-liably informed aboutthe things you havebeen taught.2. THE TWO GENEALOGIES OF JESUS

    MATTHEW 1 : 1-17The ancestrj' ofJesus Christ, who wasdescended from Da-

    vid, who was descend-ed from Abraham.2 Abraham was the fa-ther of Isaac, andIsaac of Jacob, andJacob of Judah and

    LUKE 3:23-3823 Jesus himself was

    about thirty years oldwhen he began hiswork. He was theson, it was supposed,of Joseph, the son of

    24 Eli, the son of Mat-that, the son of Levi,the son of Melchi, the

  • 7/27/2019 A Harmony of the Synoptics, The Gospel of John, E. J. Goodspeed


    The Student's Gospelsdah of Perez andZerah, whose motherwas Tamar. And Pe-rez was the father ofHezron, and Hezron4 of Aram, and Aram ofAminadab, and Ami-nadabof Nahshon, andNahshon of Salmon,

    s and Salmon of Boaz,whose mother was Ra-hab. And Boaz wasthe father of Obed,whose mother wasRuth. And Obed wasthe father of Jesse,

    e and Jesse of KingDavid. David wasthe father of Solomon,whose mother was

    7 Uriah's wife. AndSolomon was the fa-ther of Rehoboam,and Rehoboam ofAbijah, and Abijah of

    8 Asa, and Asa of Je-hoshaphat, and Jeho-shaphat of Joram, and

    a Joram of Uzziah, andUzziah of Jothain,and Jotham of Ahaz,and Ahaz of Hezekiah,10 and Hezokiah of Ma-

    nasseh, and Manassehof Amon, and Amon

    11 of Josiah, and Josiahof Jeconiah and hisbrothers, at the periodof the Babylonian Ex-

    12 ile. After the Baby-lonian Exile, Jeconiahhad a son namedShealtiel, and Sheal-tiel was the father ofis Zerubbabel, and Ze-rubbabel of Abiud,and Abiud of Eliakim,and Eliakim of Azor,

    14 and Azor of Zadok,

    25 of Joseph, the son ofMattathias, the son ofAmos, the son of Na-hum, the son of Esli,

    26 the son of Naggai, theson of Maath, the sonof Mattathias, the sonof Semein, the son ofJosech, the son of

    27 Joda, the son of Jo-hanan, the son ofR'esa, the son ofZerub-babel, the son of Sala-thiel, the son of Neri,

    28 the son of Melchi, theson of Addi, the son ofCosam, the son of El-madam, the son of Er,

    29 the son of Jesus, theson of Eliezer, the sonof Jorim, the son ofMatthat, the son of

    so Levi, the son of Syme-on, the son of Judah,the son of Joseph, theson of Jonam, the son

    31 of Eliakim, the son ofMelea, the son ofMenna, the son ofMattatha, the son ofNathan, the son of

    32 David, theson ofJesse,the son of Obed, theson of Boaz, the sonof Sala, the son of

    33 Nahshon, the son ofAdmin, the son ofAmi, the son of Hez-ron, the son of Perez,

    34 the son of Judah, theson of Jacob, the sonof Isaac, the son ofAbraham, the son ofTerah, the son of Na-35 hor, the son of Serug,the son of Ragau, theson of Peleg, the sonof Heber, the son of

    se Shelah, the son of

  • 7/27/2019 A Harmony of the Synoptics, The Gospel of John, E. J. Goodspeed


    Jesus before His Public Ministryand Zadok of Achim,and Achim of Eliud,

    is and Eliud of Eleazar,and Eleazar of Matt-han, and Matthan of

    IB Jacob, and Jacob ofJoseph, the husbandof Mary, who was themother of Jesus called

    IT Christ. So the wholenumber of generationsfrom Abraham to Da-vid is fourteen, andfrom David to theBabylonian Exile,fourteen, and fromthe Babylonian Exileto the Christ, four-teen.

    Cainan, the son of-Arphaxad, the son ofShem, the son of No-ah, the son of Lamech,

    37 the son of Methuse-lah, the son of Enoch,the son of Jared, theson of Maleleel, the

    as son of Cainan, the sonof Enosh, the son ofSeth, the son of Adam,the son of God.


    s In the days whenHerod was king ofJudea, there was apriest named Zechari-ahwho belongedto thedivision of Abijah. Hiswife was also a de-scendant ofAaron, andher name was Eliza-

    e beth. They were bothupright in the sight ofGod, blamelessly ob-serving all the Lord'scommands and re-

    7 quirements. They hadno children, for Eliza-beth was barren; andthey were both ad-

    s vanced in life. Oncewhen he was acting aspriest before God,when his division was

    9 on duty, it fell to hislot, according to thepriests' practice, to gointo the sanctuarj' of

  • 7/27/2019 A Harmony of the Synoptics, The Gospel of John, E. J. Goodspeed


    The Student's Gospelsthe Lord and burn the

    10 incense, while all thethrong of people wasoutside, praying atthe hour of the incenseH offering. And an an-gel of the Lord ap-peared to him, stand-ing at the right of thealtar of incense.

    12 When Zechariah sawhim he was startledand overcome withis fear. And the angel

    said to him, "Do notbe afraid, Zechariah,for your prayer hasbeen heard. Yourwife Elizabeth willbear you a son, andyou are to name himH John. This will bringgladness and delightto you, and many willrejoice over his birth.is For he will be great inthe sight of the Lord.He will drink no wineor strong drink, buthe will be filled withthe holy Spirit from

    10 his very birth, and hewill turn many ofIsrael's descendants tothe Lord their God.

    17 He will go before himwith the spirit and thepower of Elijah, toreconcile fathers totheir children, and tobring the disobedientback to the wisdom ofupright men, to makea people perfectlyready for the Lord."

    is Zechariah said to theangel, "How am I toknow that this is so?For I am an old man,

  • 7/27/2019 A Harmony of the Synoptics, The Gospel of John, E. J. Goodspeed


    Jesus before His Public Ministryand my wife is ad-

    19 Danced in life." Theangel answered, "I amGabriel. I stand inthe very presence ofGod. I have beensent to speak to youand tell you this good

    20 news. Now you willkeep silent and be un-able to speak until theday when this hap-pens, because youhave not believedwhat I have said, for itwill all be fulfilled in

    21 due time." The peo-ple were waiting forZechariah, and won-dering that he stayedso long in the sanctu-

    22 ary. But when hecame out he could notspeak to them, andthey knew that he hadseen a vision in thesanctuary. For hispart, he kept makingsigns to them, and re-

    23 mained dumb. Andwhen his period ofservice was over, hewent back to his

    24 home. Soon after-ward his wife Eliza-beth began to expecta child, and she keptherself in seclusion for

    25 five months. "This iswhat the Lord hasdone for me, ' ' she said,"now that he hasdeigned to remove thedisgrace I have en-dured."

  • 7/27/2019 A Harmony of the Synoptics, The Gospel of John, E. J. Goodspeed


    6 The Student's Gospels4. THE BIRTH OF JESUS FORETOLD TO MARY

    LUKE 1:26-3826 In the sixth month

    the angel Gabriel wassent by God to a townin Galilee called Naza-

    27 reth, to a maidenthere who was en-gaged to be married toa man named Joseph,a descendant of Da-vid. The maiden's

    28 name was Mary. Andthe angel went intothe town and said toher, "Good morning,favored woman! TheLord be with you!"

    29 But she was startledat what he said, andwondered what this

    so greeting meant. Andthe angel said to her,"Do not be afraid,Mary, for you havegained God's approv-

    31 al. You are to be-come a mother andyou will give birth toa son, and you are to

    32 name him Jesus. Hewill be great and willbe called the Son ofthe Most High. TheLord God will givehim the throne of his

    33 forefather David, andhe will reign overJacob's house for-ever; his reign will

    34 have no end." Marysaid to the angel,"How can this be,when I have no hus-35 band?" The angel an-swered, "The holySpirit will come overyou, and the power ofthe Most High will

  • 7/27/2019 A Harmony of the Synoptics, The Gospel of John, E. J. Goodspeed


    Jesus before His Public Ministryovershadow you. Forthat reason your childwill be called holy,and the Son of God.

    as And your relative,Elizabeth, althoughshe is old, is going togive birth to a son,and this is the sixthmonth with her whowas said to be barren.

    37 For nothing is everimpossible for God."

    ss And Mary said, "I amthe Lord's slave. Letit be as you say."Then the angel lefther.


    is Now these were thecircumstances of thebirth of Jesus Christ.Mary, his mother, wasengaged to Joseph,but before they weremarried it was foundthat she was about tobecome a motherthrough the influenceof the holy Spirit.

    19 But her husband, Jo-seph, was an uprightman and did notwish to disgrace her,and he decided tobreak off the engage-

    20 ment privately. Butwhile he was thinkingof doing this, an angelof the Lord appearedto him in a dream,and said, "Joseph, de-scendant of David, donot fear to take Mary,your wife, to yourhome, for it is through

  • 7/27/2019 A Harmony of the Synoptics, The Gospel of John, E. J. Goodspeed


    8 The Student's Gospelsthe influence of theholy Spirit that she isto become a mother.

    21 She will have a son,and you are to namehim Jesus, for it is hewho is to save his peo-ple from their sins."

    22 All this happened infulfilment of what theLord said through theprophet,

    23 "The maiden willbe pregnant andwill have a son,And they willname him Im-manuel"

    a word which means24 "God with us." Sowhen Joseph awokefrom his sleep, he did

    as the angel of theLord had directedhim, and took his wife

    2s to his home. But hedid not live with heras a husband until shehad had a son, and henamed the child Jesus.

    6. THE SONG OF MARYLUKE 1 :39-56

    39 In those days Maryset out and hurried tothe hill-country, to a

    40 town in Judah, andshe went to Zecha-riah's house and greet-

    41 ed Elizabeth. WhenElizabeth heardMary's greeting, thebabe stirred withinher. And Elizabethwas filled with the

    42 holy Spirit and shegave a great cry, andsaid,

  • 7/27/2019 A Harmony of the Synoptics, The Gospel of John, E. J. Goodspeed


    Jesus before His Public Ministry, "You are the most

    favored of wom-en,And blessed is yourchild!43 Who am I,To have the motherof my Lord cometo me?

    44 For the momentyour greetingreached my ears,The child stirredwith joy withinme!

    45 Blessed is she whohas believed,For what the Lordhas promised herwill be fulfilled!"

    46 And Mary said,"My heart extols theLord,

    47 My spirit exults inGod my Savior.48 For he has noticed

    his slave in herhumble station,For from this timeall the ages willthink me fa-vored !

    49 For the Almightyhas done wondersfor me,How holy his nameis!

    so He shows his mercyage after ageTo those who fearhim.

    si He has done mightydeeds with hisarm,He has routed theproud-minded,

    52 He has dethronedmonarchs and ex-alted the poor,

  • 7/27/2019 A Harmony of the Synoptics, The Gospel of John, E. J. Goodspeed


    10 The Student's Gospels63 He has satisfied the

    hungry -with goodthings, and sentthe rich awayempty-handed.54 He has helped hisservant Israel,Remembering hismercy,

    55 As he promised ourforefathersTo have mercy onAbraham and hisdescendants for-ever!"

    se So Mary stayed withher about threemonths, and then re-turned home.


    57 Now the time camefor Elizabeth's childto be born, and shegave birth to a son.

    SB Her neighbors andrelatives heard of thegreat mercy the Lordhad shown her, andthey came and con-

    so gratulated her. Onthe eighth day theycame to circumcisethe child, and theywere going to namehim Zechariah, after

    eo his father. But hismother said, "No!He is to be named61 John." They said to

    her, "There is no oneamong your relativeswho bears that name."

    62 But they made signsto the child's fatherand asked him whathe wished to have the

  • 7/27/2019 A Harmony of the Synoptics, The Gospel of John, E. J. Goodspeed


    Jesus before His Public Ministry 11es child named. He

    asked for a writingtablet, and wrote,"His name is John."And they were all6* amazed. Then hisvoice and the use ofhis tongue were im-mediately restored,and he blessed God

    es aloud. And all theirneighbors were over-come with fear, andall over the hill-coun-try of Judea all these

    ee stories were told, andeveryone who heardthem kept them inmind, and said, "Whatis this child going tobe?" For the Lord'shand was with him.

    67 And his father Zecha-riah was filled withthe holy Spirit and heuttered a divine mes-sage, saying,

    es "Blessings on theLord, the God ofIsrael,Because he hasturned his atten-tion to his people,and broughtabout their de-liverance,

    eg And he has pro-duced a mightySavior for upIn the house of his

    servant David.70 By the lips of his

    holy prophets hepromised of oldto do thisTo save us from ourenemies and fromthe hands of allwho hate us,

  • 7/27/2019 A Harmony of the Synoptics, The Gospel of John, E. J. Goodspeed


    12 The Student's Gospels72 Thus showing mer-

    cy to our fore-fathers,And keeping his sa-cred agreement,73 And the oath thathe swore to ourforefather Abra-ham,

    74 That we should bedelivered fromthe hands of ourenemies,And should servehim in holinessand uprightness,unafraid,

    75 In his own presenceall our lives.

    76 And you, my child,will be called aprophet of theMost High,For you will go be-fore the Lord tomake his wayready,

    77 Bringing his peoplethe knowledge ofsalvation

    Through the for-giveness of theirsins.

    78 Because the heartof our God ismerciful,And so the day willdawn upon usfrom on high,

    79 To shine on menwho sit in dark-ness and theshadow of death,And guide our feetinto the way ofpeace."

    so And the child grew upand became strong inthe Spirit, and he

  • 7/27/2019 A Harmony of the Synoptics, The Gospel of John, E. J. Goodspeed


    Jesus before His Public Ministry 13lived in the desert un-til the day when heproclaimed himself toIsrael.


    2 In those days anedict was issued bythe Emperor Augus-tus that a census ofthewholeworld should

    2 be taken. It was thefirst census, takenwhen Quirinius was

    3 governor of Syria. Soeveryone went to hisown town to register.

    4 And Joseph went upfrom the town of Na-zareth to Judea to thecity of David calledBethlehem, becausehebelonged to the houseand family of David,

    s to register with Mary,who was engaged tohim and who was soonto become a mother.

    G While they were there,the time came for her7 child to be born, andshe gave birth to herfirst-born son; and shewrapped him up, andlaid him in a manger,for there was no roomfor them at the inn.

    s There were someshepherds in thatneighborhood keepingwatch through thenight over their flockin the open fields.

    9 And an angel of theLord stood by them,and the glory of theLord shone around

  • 7/27/2019 A Harmony of the Synoptics, The Gospel of John, E. J. Goodspeed


    14 The Student's Gospelsthem, and they wereterribly frightened.

    10 The angel said tothem, "Do not befrightened, for I bringyou good news of agreat joy that is to befelt by all the people,

    11 for today, in the townof David, a Savior foryou has been bornwho is your Messiah

    12 and Lord. And thiswill prove it to you:You will find a babywrapped up and lying

    is in a manger." Sud-denly there appearedwith the angel athrong of the heaven-ly army, praising God,saying,

    14 "Glory to God inheaven and onearth !

    Peace to the menhe favors!"

    is When the angels leftthem and returned toheaven, the shepherdssaid to one another,"Cornel Let us goover to Bethlehem,and see this thingthat has happened,that the Lord has told

    16 us of !" And they hur-ried there, and foundMary and Joseph,with the baby lying in

    17 the manger. Whenthey saw this, theytold what had beensaid to them aboutis this child. And allwho heard it wereamazed at what theshepherds told them,

    19 but Mary treasured

  • 7/27/2019 A Harmony of the Synoptics, The Gospel of John, E. J. Goodspeed


    Jesus before His Public Ministry 15up all they had said,

    - and pondered over it.20 And the shepherdswent back glorifyingGod and praising him

    for all that they hadheard and seen in ful-filment of what theyhad been told.


    21 When he was eightdays old and it wastune to circumcisehim, he was namedJesus, as the angel hadnamed him, before hisbirth was first expect-

    22 ed. When their puri-fication period underthe Law of Moses wasover, they took himup to Jerusalem topresent him to the

    23 Lord, in fulfilment ofthe requirement of theLaw of the Lord, "Ev-ery first-born maleshall be consideredconsecrated to the

    24 Lord," and to offerthe sacrifice pre-scribed in the Lawof the Lord, "A pairof turtle-doves ortwo young pigeons."

    25 Now there was a manin Jerusalem namedSymeon, an upright, ;devout man, who wasliving in expectationof the comforting ofIsrael, and under theinfluence of the holy

    26 Spirit. It had been re-vealed to him by theholy Spirit that he

  • 7/27/2019 A Harmony of the Synoptics, The Gospel of John, E. J. Goodspeed


    16 The Student's Gospels




    should not die withoutseeing the Lord's Mes-

    27 siah. And under theSpirit's influence hewent into the Temple,and when Jesus' par-ents broughtthere to do forwhat the Law

    28 quired, Symeontook him in his armsand blessed God, andsaid,'Now, Master, you

    will let your slavego freeIn peace, as youpromised,For my eyes haveseen your salva-tionWhich you have setbefore all the na-tions,A light of revelationfor the heathen,And a glory to yourpeople Israel!"

    33 The child's father andmother were aston-ished at what Symeon

    34 said. And he gavethem his blessing, andsaid to Mary, thechild's mother, "Thischild is destined tocause the fall and riseof many in Israel, andto be a portent thatwill be much debated

    35 you yourself will bepierced to the heartand so the thoughtsof many minds will be

    35 revealed." There wasalso a prophetess therenamed Hannah-,- -the--''daughter of Phanuel,who belonged to the




  • 7/27/2019 A Harmony of the Synoptics, The Gospel of John, E. J. Goodspeed


    Jesus before His Public Ministry 17, tribe of Asher. Shewas very old, for afterher girlhood she hadbeen married for sev-ST en years, and she hadbeen a widow until

    she was now eighty-four. She never leftthe Temple, but wor-shiped night and daywith fasting and

    ss prayer. She came upjust at that time andgave thanks to Godand spoke about thechild to all who wereliving in expectation

    39 of the liberation ofJerusalem. Whenthey had done every-thing that the Law ofthe Lord required,they returned to Gali-lee, to their own townof Nazareth.


    2 Now after the birthof Jesus at Bethlehemin Judea, in the daysof King Herod, as-trologers from theeast arrived at Jerusa-

    2 lem, and asked,"Where is the newlyborn king of the Jews?For we have seen hisstar rise and we havecome to do homage to

    3 him." When KingHerod heard of this,he was troubled, andall Jerusalem with

    4 him. So he called to-gether all the highpriests and scribes ofthe people and asked

  • 7/27/2019 A Harmony of the Synoptics, The Gospel of John, E. J. Goodspeed


    18 The Student's Gospelsthem where the Christ

    s was to be born. Theysaid, "At Bethlehemin Judea, for this iswhat the prophetwrote :

    a 'And you, Bethle-hem in Judah'sland,You are by nomeans least im-portant amongthe leading placesof Judah,For from you willcome a leaderWho will be theshepherd of mypeople Israel.' "

    7 Then Herod secret-ly sent for the astrolo-gers, and found outfrom them the exacttime when the star

    s appeared. And he sentthem to Bethlehem,and said to them, "Goand inquire particu-larly about the child,and when you havefound him, bring meword, so that I maygo and do homage to

    9 him too." So theyobeyed the king andwent, and the starwhich they had seenrise led them on untilit reached the placewhere the child was,and stopped above it.

    10 When they saw thestar, they were very

    11 glad, and they wentinto the house andsaw the child with hismother, Mary, andthey threw themselvesdown and did homage

  • 7/27/2019 A Harmony of the Synoptics, The Gospel of John, E. J. Goodspeed


    Jesus before His Public Ministry 19to him. They openedtheir treasure boxesand presented thechild with gifts ofgold, frankincense,

    12 and myrrh. Then, asthey had been divine-ly warned in a dreamnot to go back toHerod, they returnedto their own countryby another way.

    MATTHEW 2:13-23is When they were

    gone, an angel of theLord appeard to Jo-seph in a dream, andsaid, "Wake up !Take the child and hismother and makeyour escape to Egypt,and stay there until Itell you to leave. ForHerod is going to lookfor the child in order

    14 to kill him." Then heawoke and took thechild and his motherby night and took

    is refuge in Egypt andstayed there untilHerod's death, to ful-fil what the Lord saidby the prophet, "Icalled my son from

    i a Egypt." Then Herodsaw that he had beentricked by the astrolo-gers, and he was veryangry, and he sentand made away withall the boys in Bethle-hem and in all thatneighborhood whowere two years old orunder, for that was


  • 7/27/2019 A Harmony of the Synoptics, The Gospel of John, E. J. Goodspeed


    20 The Student's Gospelsthe time lie hadlearned from the as-trologers by his in-

    i? quiries. Then the say-ing was fulfilled whichwas uttered by theprophet Jeremiah,

    is "A cry was heard inRamah !Weeping and great

    lamenting !Rachel weeping forher children,And inconsolablebecause theyweregone."

    19 But when Heroddied, an angel of theLord appeared in adream to Joseph in

    20 Egypt and said,"Wake up! Take thechild and his motherand go to the land ofIsrael, for those whosought the child's life

    21 are dead." Then heawoke, and took thechild and his motherand went to the land

    22 of Israel. But hearingthat Archelaus wasreigning over Judea inplace of his father,Herod, he was afraidto return there; andbeing warned in adream, he took refugein the region of Gali-

    23 lee, and he went andsettled in a towncalled Nazareth, infulfilment of the say-ing of the prophets,"He shall be called aNazarene."

  • 7/27/2019 A Harmony of the Synoptics, The Gospel of John, E. J. Goodspeed


    Jesus before His Public Ministry 2112. THE BOY JESUS

    LUKE 2:40-5040 And the child grewup and became strongand thoughtful, withGod's blessing resting41 on him. His parentsused to go to Jerusa-lem every year at thePassover Festival.12 And when he wastwelve years old, theywent up as usual to

    43 the festival and madetheir customary stay.When they startedback the boy Jesusstayed behind in Je-rusalem without hisparents' knowledge.

    44 They supposed thathe was somewhere inthe party, and trav-eled until the end ofthe first day's journey,and then they lookedeverywhere for himamong their relativesand acquaintances.

    45 As they could not findhim, they went backto Jerusalem in search

    46 of him. And on thethird day they foundhim in the Temple,sitting among theteachers, listening tothem and asking them

    47 questions, and every-one who heard himwas astonished at hisintelligence and at theanswers he made.

    48 When his parents sawhim theywere amazed,and his mother saidto him "My child,why did you treat us

  • 7/27/2019 A Harmony of the Synoptics, The Gospel of John, E. J. Goodspeed


    22 The Student's Gospelslike this? Here yourfather and I have beenlooking for you andhave been very anx-

    49 ious." He said tothem, "How did youcome to look for me?Did you not knowthat I must be at my

    so Father's house?" Butthey did not under-stand what he toldthem.


    si And he went backwith them to Naza-reth and obeyed them.And his mother treas-ured all these things

    52 up in her mind. AsJesus grew older hegained in wisdom andwon the approval ofGod and men.

  • 7/27/2019 A Harmony of the Synoptics, The Gospel of John, E. J. Goodspeed




    3 In those days Johnthe Baptist appeared,and preached in the

    2 desert of Judea. "Re-pent!"hesaid, "fortheKingdom of Heaven

    3 is coming!" It was hewho was spoken of bythe prophet Isaiah,when he said,"Hark! Someone isshouting in thedesert,

    'Get the Lord's wayready !Make his pathsstraight!' "

    i John wore clothingmade of hair cloth,and he had a leatherbelt around his waist,and he lived on driedlocusts and wild hon-

    6 ey. Then Jerusalemand all Judea and thewhole Jordan valleye went out to him, andthey were baptized byhim in the JordanRiver, in acknowledg-ment of their sins.

    7 But when he sawmany of the Phariseesand Sadducees .comingfor baptism, he said tothem, "You brood of

    MARK 1 : 1-81 The beginning of

    the good news of Jesus.2 Christ. As it is writ-ten in the prophetIsaiah,"Here I send my

    messenger on be-fore you;He will prepareyour way;

    3 Hark! Someone isshouting in thedesert,'Get the Lord's wayready,Make his pathsstraight.' "

    4 John the baptizer ap-peared in the desert,and preached repent-ance and baptism inorder to obtain theforgiveness of sins.

    s And all Judea and ev-erybody in Jerusalemwent out to him there,and accepted baptismfrom him in the Jor-dan River, acknowl-edging their sins.

    e John's clothing wasmade of hair cloth,and the belt aroundhis waist was leather,and he lived on driedlocusts and wild hon-


    LUKE 3 : 1-203 In the fifteenth year

    of the reign of the Em-peror Tiberius, whenPontius Pilate wasgovernor of Judea,and Herod governorof Galilee, while hisbrother Philip wasgovernor of the terri-tory of Iturea andTrachonitis, and Ly-sanias was governor

    2 of Abilene, in the highpriesthood of Annasand Caiaphas, a mes-sage from God cameto Zechariah's sonJohn in the desert.

    3 And he went allthrough the JordanValley preaching re-pentance and baptismin order to obtain the

    4 forgiveness of sins, asthe book of the ser-mons of the prophetIsaiah says,"Hark! Someone is

    shouting in thedesert,Get the Lord's wayready !Make his pathsstraight.

    s Every hollow mustbe filled up,

  • 7/27/2019 A Harmony of the Synoptics, The Gospel of John, E. J. Goodspeed


    24 The Student's Gospelssnakes! Who warnedyou to escape fromthe wrath that is com-

    s ing? Then producefruit that will be con-sistent with your pro-fessed repentance !

    9 Do not suppose thatyou can say to your-selves, 'We have Ab-raham for our fore-father,' for I tell youGod can produce de-scendants for Abra-ham right out of these

    10 stones ! But the axis already lying at theroots of the trees.Any tree that fails toproduce good fruit isgoing to be cut downand thrown into the

    11 fire. I am baptizingyou in water in tokenof your repentance,but he who is comingafter me is strongerthan I am, and I amnot fit to carry hisshoes. He will bap-tize you in the holy

    12 Spirit and in fire. Hiswinnowing fork is inhis hand, and he willclean up his threshing-floor, and store hiswheat in his barn, buthe will burn up thechaff with inextin-guishable fire."

    7 ey. And this was hismessage: "After methere is coming onestronger than I am,one whose shoes I amnot fit to stoop downs and untie. I havebaptized you in water,but he will baptizeyou in the holy Spir-it."

    And every moun-tain and hill lev-eled.What is crooked isto be madestraight,And the roughroads are to bemade smooth,

    e And all mankind isto see how Godcan save!"

    7 So he would say to thecrowds that came outthere to be baptized,by him, "You broodof snakes! Whowarned you to flyfrom the wrath that is

    s coming? Then pro-duce fruit that will beconsistent with yourprofessed repentance!And do not begin tosay to yourselves, 'Wehave Abraham for ourforefather,' for I tellyou, God can producedescendants for Abra-ham right out of these

    9 stones ! But the ax isalready lying at theroots of the trees.Any tree that fails toproduce good fruit isgoing to be cut downand thrown into the

    10 fire." The crowdswould ask him, "Thenwhat ought we to do?"11 And he answered,"The man who hastwo shirts must sharewith the man who hasnone, and the manwho has food must do

    12 the same." Even tax-collectors came to bebaptized, and they

  • 7/27/2019 A Harmony of the Synoptics, The Gospel of John, E. J. Goodspeed


    The Beginning of the Public Ministry of Jesus 25_ said to him, "Master,what ought we to do?"

    is He said to them, "Donot collect any morethan you are author-u ized to." And soldierswould ask him, "Andwhat ought we do?"He said to them, "Donot extort money ormake false chargesagainst people, but besatisfied with your

    is pay." As all thisaroused people's ex-pectations, and theywere all wondering intheir hearts whetherJohn was the Christ,

    is John said to them all,"I am only baptizingyou in water, butsomeone is comingwho is stronger than Iam, whose shoes I amnot fit to untie. Hewill baptize you in theholy Spirit and in fire.

    17 He has his winnowingfork in his hand, toclean up his thresh-ing-floor, and store hiswheat in his barn, buthe will burn up thechaff with inextin-

    is guishable fire." Sowith many varied ex-hortations he wouldpreach the good news

    19 to the people, butHerod the governor,whom he condemnedbecause of Herodias,his brother's wife, andall the wicked thingsHerod had done,

    20 crowned them all byputting John in pris-on.

  • 7/27/2019 A Harmony of the Synoptics, The Gospel of John, E. J. Goodspeed



    MATTHEW 3 : 13-17is Then Jesus camefrom Galilee to theJordan, to John, to be

    14 baptized by him. ButJohn dissuaded him,and said, "I need tobe baptized by you,and do you come tome?"is But Jesus answered,"Let it be so this

    time, for it is right forus to do everythingthat God requires."Then John consented.IB And when Jesus was

    baptized, he wentright up out of thewater, and the heav-ens opened, and hesaw the Spirit of Godcome down like a doveand light upon him,

    17 and a voice from heav-en said, "This is mySon, my Beloved !This is.my Chosen."

    MAKE: 1:9-119 It was in those daysthat Jesus came fromNazareth in Galilee,and was baptized byJohn in the Jordan.

    10 And just as he wascoming up out of thewater he saw theheavens torn open andthe Spirit comingdown like a dove to

    11 enter into him, andout of the heavenscame a voice: "Youare my Son, my Be-loved! You are myChosen!"

    LUKE 3:21-2221 Now when all the

    people were baptizedand when Jesus alsoafter his baptism waspraying, heaven op-

    22 ened and the holySpirit came down up-on him in the materialshape of a dove, andthere came a voicefrom heaven, "Youare my Son, my Be-loved! You are myChosen!"

    16. JESUS ORGANIZES HIS OWN IDEALSMATTHEW 4 : 1-114 Then Jesus was

    guided by the Spiritinto the desert, to betempted by the devil.

    2 And he fasted fortydays and nights, andafter it he was fam-

    3 ished. And the tempt-er came up and said tohim, "If you are God'sson, tell these stonesto turn into bread!"

    4 But he answered,"The Scripture says,

    MARK 1 : 12-1312 The spirit immedi-ately drove him out

    is into the desert. Andhe remainedhi the des-ert for forty days, andSatan tried to tempthim there ; and he wasamong the wild ani-mals; but the angelswaited on him.

    LUKE 4:1-134 Jesus returned fromthe Jordan full of theholy Spirit, and hewas led about in thedesert for forty days

    2 by the Spirit, and wastempted by the devil.In all those days heate nothing, and whenthey were over he was

    3 famished. And thedevil said to him, "Ifyou are God's son, tellthis stone to turn into

  • 7/27/2019 A Harmony of the Synoptics, The Gospel of John, E. J. Goodspeed


  • 7/27/2019 A Harmony of the Synoptics, The Gospel of John, E. J. Goodspeed




    12 But when Jesusheard that John hadbeen arrested, he re-treated to Galilee,

    is And he left Nazarethand went and settledin Capernaum, by thesea, in the district ofZebulon and Naph-

    14 thali, in fulfilment ofwhat was said by theprophet Isaiah,

    is "Zebulon's land, andNaphthali's land,

    Along the road tothe sea, acrossthe Jordan,

    Galilee of the na-tions !

    16 The people thatwere living indarknessHave seen a greatlight,And on those whowere living in theland of the shad-ow of deathA light hasdawned!"

    17 From that time Je-sus began to preachand say, "Repent!for the Kingdom ofHeaven is coming!"

    MARK 1 : 14-1514 After John was ar-

    rested, Jesus went in-to Galilee proclaimingthe good news from

    is God, saying, "Thetime has come and thereign of God is near;repent, and believethis good news."

    LUKE 4 : 14-1514 Under the power of

    the Spirit Jesus re-turned to Galilee, andnews of him went all

    is over that region. Andhe taught in theirsynagogues, and washonored by them all.


  • 7/27/2019 A Harmony of the Synoptics, The Gospel of John, E. J. Goodspeed


    The Beginning of Jesus' Work in Galilee 2918. THE FIRST DISCIPLES

    MATTHEW 4 : 18-22ts As he was walkingby the Sea of Galilee,he saw two brothers,Simon, who was after-ward called Peter, andhis brother, Andrew,casting a net into thesea, for they were fish-

    19 ermen. He said tothem, "Come and fol-low me, and I willmake you fish for

    2 o men ! ' ' They immedi-ately dropped theirnets and went with

    21 him. And he went ona little farther andsaw two other menwho were brothers,James, the son of Zeb-edee, and his broth-er, John, in the boatwith Zebedee, theirfather, putting theirnets in order, and he

    22 called them. Andthey immediately leftthe boat and theirfather and went withhim.

    MAHK 1:16-20is As he was passing

    along the shore of theSea of Galilee, he sawSimon and his brotherAndrew casting then1nets in the sea, forthey were fishermen.

    17 Jesus said to them,"Come, follow me, andI will make you fish

    is for men." They im-mediately abandonedthen1 nets and fol-

    19 lowed him. He wenton a little farther andsaw James, the son ofZebedee, and hisbrother John; theytoo were in their boatputting their nets in

    20 order. He immediate-ly called them. Andthey left their fatherZebedee in the boatwith the hired menand went off . afterhim.

    LTJKE 5:1-115 Once as the crowdwas pressing abouthim to hear God'smessage, he happenedto be standing by theLake of Gennesaret,

    2 and he saw two boatson the shore of thelake, for the fishermenhad gotten out ofthem and were wash-

    3 ing their nets. Andhe got into one of theboats, which belongedto Simon, and askedhim to push out alittle from the shore.Then he sat down andtaught the crowds ofpeople from the boat.

    4 When he stoppedspeaking, he said toSimon, "Push out in-to deep water, andthen put down your

    s nets for a haul." Si-mon answered, "Mas-ter, we worked allnight and caughtnothing, but as youtell me to do it, I willput down the nets."e So they did so, and in-closed such a shoal offish that their nets be-

    7 gan to break. Andthey signaled to theircomrades in the otherboat to come andhelp them. And theycame, and they filledboth boats so full thatthey began to sink.

    s When Simon Petersaw it, he fell down atJesus' feet and said,

  • 7/27/2019 A Harmony of the Synoptics, The Gospel of John, E. J. Goodspeed


    30 The Student's Gospels"Leave me, Master,for I am a sinful

    9 man." For he and allthe men with himwere perfectlyamazed at the haul offish that they had

    10 made, and so wereZebedee's sons, Jamesand John, who wereSimon's partners. Je-sus said to Simon,"Do not be afraid.From now on you are

    11 to catch men!" Andthey brought theboats to land and lefteverything and fol-lowed him.


    14 Jesus went intoPeter's house, andthere he found Peter'smother-in-law sick in

    is bed with fever. Andhe touched her handand the fever left herand she got up and

    in waited on him. In theevening they broughtto him many whowere possessed by de-mons, and he drovethe spirits out with aword, and cured all

    17 who were sick, in ful-filment of the wordsof the prophet Isaiah,"He took our sicknessand carried away ourdiseases."

    MARK 1:21-3421 They proceeded toCapernaum, and onthevery first Sabbath hewent to the synagogue

    22 and taught. And theywere amazed at histeaching, for he taughtthem like one who hadauthority, and not

    23 like the scribes. Justthen there was in theirsynagogue a man un-der the control of afoul spirit, and he

    24 cried out, "What doyou want of us, Jesus,you Nazarene? Haveyou come to destroyus? I know who youare, you are God's

    25 Holy One!" Jesus re-proved him, and said,"Silence! Get out of

    26 him!" The foul spiritconvulsed the manand gave a loud cry

    LUKE 4: 31-4131 And he came down

    to Capernaum, a townin Galilee. And hetaught them on the

    32 Sabbath, and theywere amazed at histeaching, for he spoke

    33 with authority. Therewas a man in thesynagogue who waspossessed by the spir-it of a foul demon andhe cried out loudly,

    34 "Ha! What do youwant of us, Jesus, youNazarene? Have youcome to destroy us?I know who you are!You are God's Holy

    35 One!" Jesus reprovedhim and said, "Si-lence! Get out ofhim!" And the de-mon threw the mandown in the midst ofthem, and came out

  • 7/27/2019 A Harmony of the Synoptics, The Gospel of John, E. J. Goodspeed


    The Beginning of Jesus' Work in Galilee 31and went out of him.

    27 And they were all soamazed that they dis-cussed it with one an-other, and said,"What does thismean? It is a newteaching ! He givesorders with authorityeven to the foul spir-its, and they obey

    zs him!" And his fameimmediately spread inall directions throughthe whole neighbor-29 hood of Galilee. Assoon as they left thesynagogue, they wentwith James and Johnto the house of Simon

    so and Andrew. Simon'smother-in-law was inbed, sick with a fever,and they immediatelytold him about her.

    31 And he went up toher, and grasping herhand, he made herrise. And the feverleft her, and she wait-

    as ed on them. In theevening, after sunset,they brought to himall who were sick orpossessed by demons,

    33 and the whole townwas gathered at the34 door. And he curedmany who were sickwith various diseases,and drove out many

    demons, and he wouldnot let the demonsspeak, because theyknew that he wasChrist.

    of him, without doing36 him any harm. And

    they were all amazedand said to one an-other, "What is themeaning of this teach-ing? For he gives or-ders authoritativelyand effectually to thefoul spirits, and they

    37 come out." And newsof him spread to everyplace in that region.

    ss When he got up andleft the synagogue, hewent to Simon'shouse. And Simon'smother-in-law wassuffering with a severeattack of fever, andthey asked him about

    39 her. And he stoodover her and reprovedthe fever and it lefther, and she got upand waited on them.

    40 As the sun went downall who had friendssick with various dis-eases brought them tohim, and he laid hishands on every one ofthem and cured them.

    41 And demons came outof many people, cry-ing out, "You are theSon of God!" But hereprovedthem and for-bade them to speak,because they knew hewas the Christ.

  • 7/27/2019 A Harmony of the Synoptics, The Gospel of John, E. J. Goodspeed


  • 7/27/2019 A Harmony of the Synoptics, The Gospel of John, E. J. Goodspeed


    The Beginning of Jesus' Work in Galilee 33of your cure make theofferings for your puri-fication which Moses

    is prescribed." But hewent off and began totalk so much about it,and to spread thestory so widely, thatJesus could no longergo into a town open-ly, but stayed out inunfrequented places,and people came tohim from every direc-tion.


    hear him and to becured of their dis-eases. But Jesus him-self would retire intothe desert and pray.

    MATTHEW 9 : 1-89 So he got into theboat and crossed the

    sea, and returned to2 his own city. Somepeople came bringingto him on a bed a manwho was paralyzed.Seeing their faith, Je-sus said to the man,"Courage, my son!Your sins are forgiv-

    3 en." Some of thescribes said to them-selves, "This man istalking blasphemy !"4 Jesus knew what theywere thinking, and hesaid, "Why do youhave such wickedthoughts in your

    5 hearts? For which iseasier, to say 'Yoursins are forgiven/ orto say, 'Get up and6 walk'? But I wouldhave you know thatthe Son of Man hasauthority to forgivesins on earth." Thenhe said to the para-

    MAHK2:1-122 Some days later hecame back to Caper-naum, and peopleheard that he was at

    2 home, and such acrowd gathered thatafter a while there wasno room even aroundthe door, and he wastelling them his mes-

    3 sage. And some peo-ple came bringing tohim a man who wasparalyzed, four ofthem carrying him.4 As they could not gethim near Jesus on ac-count of the crowd,they broke open theroof just over hishead, and through theopening they loweredthe mat with the para-lytic lying on it.5 When Jesus saw theirfaith, he said to theparalytic, "My son,your sins are forgiv-

    6 en." There were somescribes sitting there

    LUKE 5: 17-2617 One day as he was

    teaching, there weresome Pharisees andexperts in the Lawsitting near by, whohad come from everyvillage in Galilee andJudea and from Jeru-salem. The power ofthe Lord was there, sothat he might cure

    18 people. Some mencame up carrying on abed a man who wasparalyzed, and theytried to get him in andlay him before Jesus.

    19 And as they could findno way to get him in,on account of thecrowd, they went upon the roof and lethim down with hismat through the tiles,among the people in20 front of Jesus. Whenhe saw their faith, hesaid, "Friend, yoursins are forgiven!"

    21 And the scribes and

  • 7/27/2019 A Harmony of the Synoptics, The Gospel of John, E. J. Goodspeed


    34 The Student's Gospelslytic, "Get up, pickup your bed and goThome!" And he gotup and went home.

    s And when the crowdsaw it, they were filledwith awe, and praisedGod for giving suchpower to men.

    pondering and saying7 to themselves, "Whydoes this man talk so?This is blasphemy.Who can forgive sins

    s but God alone?" Je-sus, at once perceiv-ing by his spirit thatthey were ponderingover this, said tothem, "Why do youponder over this in

    9 your minds? Which iseasier, to say to thisparalytic, 'Your sinsare forgiven,' or to sayto him, 'Get up andpick up your mat and

    10 walk'? But to let youknow that the Son ofMan has authority toforgive sins on earth,"turning to the para-

    11 lytic he said, "I tellyou, get up, pick upyour mat,' and go

    12 home!" And he gotup, and immediatelypicked up his mat andwent out before themall, so that they wereall astonished andacknowledged thepower of God, saying,"We never saw any-thing like this before."

    the Pharisees beganto debate and say,"Who is this man whotalks blasphemy?Who can forgive sins

    22 but God alone?" ButJesus saw what theywere discussing, andsaid to them, "Whatare you ponderingover in your minds?

    23 Which is easier, tosay, 'Your sins are for-given,' or to say, 'Get

    24 up and walk'? But tolet you know that theSon of Man has au-thority to forgive sinson earth" turning tothe man who wasparalyzed he said tohim "I tell you, getup, pick up your mat,

    25 and go home!" Andhe got up at once be-fore them all, andpicked up what he hadbeen lying on, andwent home, praising

    26 God. They were allseized with astonish-ment, and praisedGod, and filled withawe they said, "Wehave seen somethingwonderful today!"


    a Afterward, as Jesuswas passing along, hesaw a man calledMatthew sitting atthe tollhouse, and hesaid to him, "Followme!" And he got upand followed him.

    10 While Jesus was at

    MAKE 2 : 13-17is He went out of thetown again and alongthe shore, and all thepeople came to himand he taught them.

    14 And as he was passingalong he saw Levi, theson of Alpheus, sittingat the tollhouse, and

    LTJKE 5:27-3227 After this he went

    out, and he saw a tax-collector named Levisitting at the toll-house, and he said tohim, "Follow me."

    28 And he left everythingand got up and fol-29 lowed him. Then Levi

  • 7/27/2019 A Harmony of the Synoptics, The Gospel of John, E. J. Goodspeed


    The Beginning of Jesus' Work in Galilee 35he said to him, "Fol-low me." And he gotup and followed him.

    is He was at table inhis house, with manytax-collectors and ir-religious people whowere at table withhim and his disciples,for there were many ofthem among his fol-

    16 lowers. And whenthe scribes who wereof the Pharisees' partysaw that he was eatingwith irreligious peopleand tax-collectors,they said to his dis-ciples, "Why does heeat with tax-collectorsand irreligious peo-

    17 pie?" Jesus heard it,and said to them, "Itis not well people butthe sick who have tohave the doctor. I didnot come to invite thepious but the irreli-gious."


    home at table, a num-ber of tax-collectorsand irreligious peoplecame in and joinedJesus and his disciples

    11 at table. And thePharisees observed it,and they said to hisdisciples, "Why doesyour master eat withtax-collectors and ir-religious people?"

    12 But he heard it, andsaid, "It is not wellpeople but the sickwho have to have the

    13 doctor! You must goand learn what thesaying means, 'It ismercy, not sacrifice,that I care for.' I didnot come to invite thepious but the irreli-gious."

    gave a great enter-tainment for him inhis house, and therewas a great throng oftax-collectors andothers who were at

    so table with them. Andthe Pharisees andtheir scribes grumbledabout it to his dis-ciples, and said, "Whydo you eat and drinkwith tax-collectorsand irreligious peo-

    31 pie?" Jesus answeredthem, "It is not wellpeople but the sickwho have to have the

    32 doctor. I have notcome to invite thepious but the irreli-gious to repentance!"

    MATTHEW 9 : 14-1714 Then the disciples

    of John came up tohim and said, "Why isit that we and thePharisees are keepingthe fast, while yourdisciples are not keep-

    is ing it?" Jesus said tothem, "Can weddingguests mourn as longas the bridegroom iswith them? But atune will come whenthe bridegroom willbe taken from them,and they will fast

    MARK 2: 18-22is Now John's dis-

    ciples and the Phari-sees were keeping afast. And peoplecame and asked him,"Why is it that whenJohn's disciples andthe disciples of thePharisees are keepingthe fast, yours are not

    19 keeping it?" Jesussaid to them, "Canwedding guests fastwhile the bridegroomis with them? As longas they have the

    LUKE 5:33-3933 They said to him,"John's disciples ob-

    serve frequent fastsand offer prayers, andso do the disciples ofthe Pharisees, butyour disciples eat and

    34 drink." Jesus said tothem, "Can you makewedding guests fastwhile the bridegroom35 is with them? Butother days will come,and when the bride-groom is taken awayfrom them, in those

  • 7/27/2019 A Harmony of the Synoptics, The Gospel of John, E. J. Goodspeed


    36 The Student's Gospels16 then. But no one

    sews a patch of un-shrunken cloth on anold coat, for the patchwill tear away fromthe coat, and makethe hole worse than

    17 ever. And people donot put new wine intoold wine-skins, or ifthey do, the skinsburst, and the wineruns out and theskins are spoiled. Butpeople put new wineinto fresh wine-skins,and so both aresaved."

    bridegroom with them20 they cannot fast. Buta time will come when

    the bridegroom willbe taken from them,and when that daycomes, they will fast.

    21 No one sews a patchof unshrunken clothon an old coat; or ifhe does, the patchtears away, the newfrom the old, andmakes the hole worse

    22 than ever. And noone pours new wineinto old wine-skins ;or if he does, the winebursts the skins, andthe wine is lost, andthe skins too. Newwine has to be put in-to fresh skins."

    days they will fast."se He used this figure al-

    so in speaking tothem: "No one tearsa piece from a newcoat and sews it on anold one, or if he does,he will both tear thenew one and the piecefrom the new one willnot match the old one.

    37 And nobody puts newwine into old wine-skins, or if he does, thenew wine will burstthe skins and run out,and the skins will be

    ss spoiled. New wine hasto be put into fresh

    39 skins. No one afterdrinking old winewants new, for hesays, 'The old is bet-ter!' "


    12 At that same timeJesus walked one Sab-bath through thewheat fields, and hisdisciples became hun-gry and began topick the heads ofwheat and eat them.

    2 But the Pharisees sawit and said to him,"Look! Your dis-ciples are doing some-thing which it isagainst the Law to do

    3 on the Sabbath !" Buthe said to them, "Didyou never read whatDavid did, when heand his companions

    4 were hungry? How is

    MARK 2: 23-2823 He happened to be

    passing through thewheat fields on theSabbath, and his dis-ciples began to pickthe heads of wheat asthey made their way

    24 through. And thePharisees said to him,"Look! Why are theydoing what it isagainst the Law to do

    25 on the Sabbath?" Hesaid to them, "Didyou never read whatDavid did, whenhe was in need andhungry, he and his

    26 men? How is it thathe went into the house

    LUKE 6:1-56 One Sabbath hehappened to be pass-ing through the wheatfields and his discipleswere picking theheads of wheat, andeating them, rubbingthem in their hands.

    2 And some of the Phar-isees said, "Why doyou do what it isagainst the Law to do

    3 on the Sabbath?" Je-sus answered, "Haveyou not read evenwhat David did, whenhe and his companions

    4 were hungry? How hewent into the house ofGod and took the

  • 7/27/2019 A Harmony of the Synoptics, The Gospel of John, E. J. Goodspeed


    The Beginning of Jesus' Work in Galilee 37of God when Abiatharwas high priest, andate the PresentationLoaves, which it isagainst the Law foranyone but the prieststo eat, and gave someto his companions

    27 too?" And he said tothem, "The Sabbathwas made for man,not man for the Sab-

    28 bath, and so the Sonof Man is mastereven of the Sabbath."

    Presentation Loaves,which it was againstthe Law for anyonebut the priests to eat,and ate them with hiss companions?" Andhe said to them, "TheSon of Man is masterof the Sabbath."

    it that he went intothe House of God andthat they ate thePresentation Loaveswhich it was againstthe Law for him andhis companions to eat,or for anyone except

    s the priests? Or didyou never read in theLaw how the priestsin the Temple are notguilty when theybreak the Sabbath?

    e But I tell you, there issomething greaterthan the Temple here !7 But if you knew whatthe saying means, 'Itis mercy, not sacrifice,that I care for,' youwould not have con-demned men who are

    s not guilty. For theSon of Man is masterof the Sabbath."


    o And he left theplace and went intotheir synagogue.10 There was a manthere with one handwithered. And in or-der to get a charge tobring against him,they asked him, "Is itright to cure people on

    11 the Sabbath?" Buthe said to them, "Whoamong you if he haseven a single sheepand it falls into a holeon the Sabbath, willnot take hold of it and

    12 lift it out? And how

    MAEK3:l-63 He went again to a

    synagogue, and therewas a man there withone hand withered.2 And they were watch-ing him closely, to seewhether he would curehim on the Sabbath,in order to get acharge to bring

    3 against him. He saidto the man with thewithered hand, "Getup and come for-

    4 ward." And he saidto them, "Is it allow-able to do peoplegood on the Sabbath,

    LUKE 6:6-11e On another Sab-bath he happened togo to the synagogueand teach. There wasa man there whoseright hand was with-

    7 ered. And the scribesand thePharisees wereon the watch to seewhether he would curepeople on the Sab-bath, in order to finda charge to brings against him. But heknew what they werethinking, and he saidto the man with thewithered hand, "Get

  • 7/27/2019 A Harmony of the Synoptics, The Gospel of John, E. J. Goodspeed


    38 The Student's Gospelsmuch more a man isworth than a sheep!Therefore, it is rightto do people good on

    13 the Sabbath." Thenhe said to the man,"Hold out yourhand!" And he heldit out, and it was re-stored and becameas well as the other.

    14 But the Pharisees leftthe synagogue andconsulted about him,with a view to putting

    is him to death. But Je-sus knew of this, andhe left that place.And numbers of peo-ple followed himabout, and he cured

    it them all, and warnedthem not to say any-17 thing about him infulfilment of what was

    said by the prophetIsaiah,

    is "Here is my servantwhom I have se-lected,My beloved, whodelights myheart !

    1 will endow himwith my Spirit,And he will an-nounce a judg-ment to theheathen.

    19 He will not wrangleor make an out-cry,And no one willhear his voice inthe streets;

    21) He will not breakoff a bent reed,And he will not put

    or to do them harm?To save life or tokill?" But they made

    s no answer. And helooked around atthem with anger, hurtby their obstinacy,and he said to theman, "Hold out yourhand!" And he heldit out, and his hand

    e was cured. Then thePharisees left the syn-agogues and immedi-ately consulted withthe Herodians aboutJesus, with a view toputting him to death.

    up and stand infront." And he got up

    9 and stood there. Jesussaid to them, "I wantto ask you, Is it allow-able on the Sabbathto do people good orto do them harm? Tosave life or destroy

    10 it?" And he lookedaround at them alland said to the man,"Hold out yourhand!" And he didso, and his hand was11 restored. But theywere perfectly furious,and discussed withone another what theycould do to Jesus.

  • 7/27/2019 A Harmony of the Synoptics, The Gospel of John, E. J. Goodspeed


    The Beginning of Jesus' Work in Galilee 39


    out a smolderingwick,

    Until he carries hisjudgment to suc-cess.The heathen willrest their hopeson his name!"

  • 7/27/2019 A Harmony of the Synoptics, The Gospel of John, E. J. Goodspeed




    MATTHEW 4:23-2523 Then he went all

    over Galilee, teachingin their synagoguesand proclaiming thegood news of thekingdom, and curingany disease or sick-ness among the peo-

    24 pie. Word went allthrough Syria abouthim, and peoplebrought to him allwho were sufferingwith any kind of dis-ease, or who were ingreat pain demo-niacs, epileptics, andparalytics and he

    25 cured them. Greatcrowds followed himabout, from Galileeand the Ten Townsand Jerusalem andJudea and from theother side of the Jor-dan.

    MAKE 3: 7-127 So Jesus retiredwith his disciples tothe seashore, and agreat many peoplefrom Galilee followedhim, and from Judea

    s and Jerusalem andIdumea and from theother side of the Jor-dan and from theneighborhood of Tyreand Sidon a greatmany who had heardof the things he wasdoing came to him.

    9 He told his disciplesto have a boat alwaysready for his use, toprevent his beingcrushed by the crowd.

    10 For he cured so manypeople that all whohad any ailmentspressed up to him to

    11 touch him. Andwhenever the foulspirits saw him, theyfell down before himand screamed out,"You are the Son of

    12 God!" And hewarned them repeat-edly not to tell who hewas.


    LUKE 6:17-1917 And he came down

    with them and tookhis stand on a levelplace with a greatthrong of his disciples,and a large number ofpeople from all overJudea and from Jeru-salem and the sea-coast district of Tyreand Sidon, who hadcome to hear him andto be cured of their

    is diseases. And thosewho were troubledwith foul spirits were

    19 cured. And all thepeople tried to touchhim, because powerwent forth from himand cured them all.

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    A Period of Conflict in Galilee 4127. THE SELECTION OF THE TWELVE

    MATTHEW 10:1-410 Then he called his

    twelve disciples tohim and gave thempower over the foulspirits so that theycould drive them out,and so that they couldheal any disease or ill-

    2 ness. These are thenames of the twelveapostles: first, Simon,who was called Pe-ter, and his brotherAndrew, and Jamesthe son of Zebedeeand his brother John,

    a Philip and Bartholo-mew, Thomas andMatthew the tax-col-lector, James the sonof Alpheus and Thad-

    4 deus, Simon the Zeal-ot and Judas Iscariotwho afterward be-trayed him.

    MAKE 3 : 13-19a13 And he went up the

    hillside and sum-moned to him thosewhom he wanted, and

    14 they went to him. Heappointed twelve ofthem, whom he calledapostles, to be withhim and to be sent

    is out to preach, withpower to drive out the

    IB demons. These werethe twelve he appoint-ed: Peter, which wasthe name he gave to

    17 Simon, James the sonof Zebedee, and John,James's brother (he.named them Boa-nerges, that is Sons of

    is Thunder), Andrew,Philip, Bartholomew,Matthew, Thomas,James the son of Al-pheus, Thaddeus, Si-mon the Zealot, andJudas Iscariot, whobetrayed him.

    LUKE 6 : 12-1612 It was in those daysthat he went up on

    the mountain to pray,and passed the wholenight in prayer to

    13 God. When daycame, he called hisdisciples to him, andchose twelve of themwhom he named apos-

    14 ties: Simon, whomhe named Peter, hisbrother Andrew,James, John, Philip,

    is Bartholomew, Mat-thew, Thomas, James,the son of Alpheus, Si-mon, who was called

    IB the Zealot, Judas, theson of James, andJudas Iscariot, whoturned out a traitor.

    28. THE SERMON ON THE MOUNTMATTHEW 5 : 1 8 : 15 When he saw thecrowds of people hewent up on the moun-tain. There he seatedhimself, and when hisdisciples had come up

    2 to him, he opened hislips to teach them.

    3 And he said, "Blessedare those who feeltheir spiritual need,for the Kingdom ofHeaven belongs to

    4 them ! Blessed are the

    LUKE 6:20-4920 Then he fixed hiseyes on his disciples,and said, "Blessed areyou who are poor, forthe Kingdom of God

    21 is yours! Blessed areyou who are hungrynow, for you will besatisfied! Blessed areyou who weep now,for you will laugh!

    22 Blessed are you whenpeople hate you andexclude you and de-

  • 7/27/2019 A Harmony of the Synoptics, The Gospel of John, E. J. Goodspeed


    42 The Student's Gospelsmourners, for theywill be consoled !

    s Blessed are the hum-ble-minded, for theywill possess the land!

    e Blessed are those whoare hungry and thirstyfor uprightness, forthey will be satisfied!

    7 Blessed are the merci-ful, for they will beshown mercy!

    s Blessed are the purein heart, for they will

    9 see God! Blessed arethe peacemakers, forthey will be called

    10 God's sons! Blessedare those who haveendured persecutionfor then- uprightness,for the Kingdom ofHeaven belongs to

    11 them! Blessed areyou when peopleabuse you, and perse-cute you, and falselysay everything bad ofyou, on my account.

    12 Be glad and exultover it, for you will berichly rewarded inheaven, for that is theway they persecutedthe prophets whois went before you ! Youare the salt of theearth! But if salt losesits strength, how canit be made salt again?It is good for nothingbut to be thrownaway and trodden

    14 underfoot. You arethe light of the world !A city that is builtupon a hill cannot be

    is hidden. People do notlight a lamp and put it

    nounce you and spurnthe name you bear asevil, on account of the

    23 Son of Man. Be gladwhen that happens,and leap for joy, foryou will be richly re-warded in heaven, forthat is the way theirforefathers treated the

    24 prophets. But alas foryou who are rich, foryou have had your2s comfort ! Alas for youwho have plenty to

    eat now, for you willbe hungry! Alas foryou who laugh now,for you will mourn

    26 and weep ! Alas foryou when everyonespeaks well of you, forthat is the way theirforefathers treated the

    27 false prophets! ButI tell you who hearme, love your ene-mies, treat those who

    28 hate you well, blessthose who curse you,pray for those who

    29 abuse you. To theman that strikes youon the cheek, offer theother also, and fromthe man who takesaway your coat, donot keep back your

    30 shirt either. Give toeveryone that asks ofyou, and if anyonetakes away what isyours, do not demand

    31 it back. And treatmen just as you wishthem to treat you.

    32 If you love only thosewho love you, whatmerit is there in that?

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  • 7/27/2019 A Harmony of the Synoptics, The Gospel of John, E. J. Goodspeed


    44 The Student's Gospelsto answer to the

    22 court.' But I tellyou that anyone whogets angry with hisbrother will have toanswer to the court,and anyone whospeaks contemptuous-ly to his brother willhave to answer to thegreat council, andanyone who says tohis brother 'Youcursed fool !' will haveto answer for it in the

    23 fiery pit ! So when youare presenting yourgift at the altar, ifyou remember thatyour brother has anygrievance against you,

    24 leave your gift rightthere before the altarand go and make upwith your brother ;then come back and

    25 present your gift. Bequick and come toterms with your op-ponent while you areon the way to courtwith him, or he mayhand you over to thejudge, and the judgemay hand you over tothe officer, and youwill be thrown into

    26 prison. I tell you, youwill never get outagain until you havepaid the last penny!

    27 You have heard thatmen were told'You shall not com-

    2s mit adultery." But Itell you that anyonewho looks at a womanwith desire has al-ready committed

    other? Will they notboth fall into a hole?40 A pupil is not betterthan his teacher, but

    every pupil when he isfully trained will be

    41 like his teacher. Whydo you keep lookingat the speck in yourbrother's eye, and payno attention to thebeam that is in your

    42 own? How can yousay to your brother,'Brother, just let meget that speck out ofyour eye,' when youcannot see the beamin your own eye? Youhypocrite ! First getthe beam out of yourown eye, and then youcan see to get thespeck in your broth-

    43 er's eye. For soundtrees do not bear badfruit, nor bad trees

    44 sound fruit. Everytree is known by itsfruit. They do notpick figs off thorns, orgather grapes from

    45 brambles. A goodman, out of the goodhe has accumulated inhis heart, producesgood, and a bad man,out of what he hasaccumulated that isbad, produces whatis bad. For his mouthsays only what his

    46 heart is full of. Whydo you call me: 'Lord !Lord!' and not do

    47 what I tell you? Ifanyone comes to meand listens to thisteaching of mine and

  • 7/27/2019 A Harmony of the Synoptics, The Gospel of John, E. J. Goodspeed


    A Period of Conflict in Galilee 45adultery with her in

    29 his heart. But if yourright eye makes youfall, tear it out andthrow it away, foryou might better loseone part of your bodythan have it allthrown into the pit!

    30 If your right handmakes you fall, cut itoff and throw it away,for you might betterlose one part of yourbody than have it allgo down to the pit!

    si They were told, 'Any-one who divorces hiswife must give her acertificate of divorce."

    32 But I tell you thatanyone who divorceshis wife on anyground, except un-faithfulness, makesher commit adultery,and anyone who mar-ries her after she isdivorced commits

    33 adultery. Again, youhave heard that themen of old were told,'You shall not swearfalsely, but you mustfulfil your oaths to

    34 the Lord.' But I tellyou not to swear atall, either by heaven,for it is God's throne,

    as or by the earth, for itis his footstool, or byJerusalem, for it is thecity of the great king.

    sa You must not swearby your own head, foryou cannot make onesingle hair white or

    37 black. But your wayof speaking must be

    acts upon it, I willshow you whom he is48 like. He is like a manwho was building a

    house, who dug deepand laid his founda-tion upon the rock,and when there was aflood the torrent burstupon that house andcould not shake it, be-cause it was well built.

    49 But the man who lis-tens to it, and doesnot act upon it, is likea man who built ahouse on the groundwithout any founda-tion. The torrent burstupon it, and it col-lapsed at once, andthe wreck of thathouse was complete."

  • 7/27/2019 A Harmony of the Synoptics, The Gospel of John, E. J. Goodspeed


    46 The Student's Gospels'Yes' or 'No.' Any-thing that goes be-yond that comes from

    as the evil one. Youhave heard that theywere told, 'An eye foran eye and a tooth for

    39 a tooth.' But I tellyou not to resist in-jury, but if anyonestrikes you on yourright cheek, turn the

    40 other to him too; andif anyone wants to suefor your shirt, let himhave your coat too.

    41 And if anyone forcesyou to go one mile, gotwo miles with him.42 If anyone begs from

    you, give to him, andwhen anyone wantsto borrow from you,do not turn away.

    43 You have heard thatthey were told, 'Youmust love your neigh-bor and hate your44 enemy.' But I tell

    you, love your enemiesand pray for your per-45 secutors, so that youmay show yourselves

    true sons of yourFather in heaven, forhe makes his sun riseon bad and goodalike, and makes therain fall on the up-right and the wrong-

    46 doers. For if you loveonly those who loveyou, what reward canyou expect? Do notthe very tax-collectors

    47 do that? And if youare polite to yourbrothers and no oneelse, what is there re-

  • 7/27/2019 A Harmony of the Synoptics, The Gospel of John, E. J. Goodspeed


    A Period of Conflict in Galilee 47markable in that? Donot the very heathen

    48 do that? So you areto be perfect, as yourheavenly Father is.6 "But take care notto do your good deedsin public for people tosee, for, if you do, youwill get no rewardfrom your Father in

    2 heaven. So when youare going to give tocharity, do not blowa trumpet beforeyourself, as the hypo-crites do, in the syna-gogues and the streets,to make people praisethem. I tell you, thatis all the reward they

    3 will get! But whenyou give to charity,your own left handmust not know whatyour right hand is

    4 doing, so that yourcharity may be secret,and your Father whosees what is secret will

    5 reward you. Whenyou pray, you mustnot be like the hypo-crites, for they like topray standing in thesynagogues and in thecorners of the squares,to let people see them.I tell you, that is theonly reward they will

    e get! But when youpray, go into yourown room, and shutthe door, and pray toyour Father who isunseen, and -your Fa-ther who sees whatis secret will reward

    7 you. And when you

  • 7/27/2019 A Harmony of the Synoptics, The Gospel of John, E. J. Goodspeed


    48 The Student's Gospelspray, do not repeatempty phrases as theheathen do, for theyimagine that theirprayers will be heardif they use words

    s enough. You mustnot be like them. ForGod, who is j'ourFather, knows whatyou need before you

    a ask him. This, there-fore, is the way youare to pray:'Our Father in heav-en,Your name be re-

    vered !10 Your kingdomcome!Your will be done

    on earth as it isdone in heaven !a Give us today breadfor the day,

    12 And forgive us ourdebts, as we haveforgiven our debt-ors.

    is And do not subjectus to temptation,But save us fromthe evil one.'H For if you forgive

    others when they of-fend you, your heav-enly Father will for-

    is give you too. But ifyou do not forgiveothers when theyoffend you, your heav-enly Father will notforgive you for j^our

    IB offenses. When youfast, do not put on agloomy look, like thehypocrites, for theyneglect their personalappearance to let peo-

  • 7/27/2019 A Harmony of the Synoptics, The Gospel of John, E. J. Goodspeed


    A Period of Conflict in Galilee 49pie see that they arefasting. I tell you,that is all the rewardn they will get. Butwhen you fast, per-fume your hair and

    is wash your face, so thatno one may see thatyou are fasting, exceptyour Father who isunseen, and your Fa-ther who sees what issecret, will reward

    is you. Do not store upyour riches on earth,where moths and rustdestroy them, andwhere thieves breakin and steal them,

    20 but store up yourriches in heaven,where moths and rustcannot destroy them,and where thievescannot break in and

    21 steal them. For wher-ever your treasure is,your heart will be al-

    22 so. The eye is thelamp of the body. Ifthen your eye issound, your wholebody will be light,

    23 but if your eye is un-sound, your wholebody will be dark. If,therefore, your verylight is darkness, howdeep the darkness will

    24 be! No slave can be-long to two masters,for he will either hateone and love theother, or stand by oneand make light of theother. You cannotserve God and money.

    25 Therefore, I tell you,do not worry about

  • 7/27/2019 A Harmony of the Synoptics, The Gospel of John, E. J. Goodspeed


    50 The Student's Gospelslife, wondering whatyou will have to eator drink, or aboutyour body, wonderingwhat you will have towear. Is not life moreimportant than food,and the body than

    26 clothes? Look at thewild birds. They donot sow or reap, orstore their food inbarns, and yet yourheavenly Father feedsthem. Are you not ofmore account than

    27 they? But which ofyou with all his worrycan add a single hour28 to his life? Why

    should you worryabout clothing? Seehow the wild flowersgrow. They do not

    29 toil or spin, and yet Itell you, even Solo-mon in all his splen-dor was never dressed

    so like one of them. Butif God so beautifullydresses the wild grass,which is alive todayand is thrown into thefurnace tomorrow,will he not much moresurely clothe you, youwho have so little

    31 faith? So do notworry and say, 'Whatshall we have to eat?'or 'What shall wehave to drink?' or'What shall we have

    32 to wear?' For theseare all things theheathen are in pur-suit of, and yourheavenly Fatherknows well that you i

  • 7/27/2019 A Harmony of the Synoptics, The Gospel of John, E. J. Goodspeed


    A Period of Conflict in Galilee 5133 need all this. Butyou must make hiskingdom, and up-rightness before him,your greatest care,and you will have allthese other things be-

    34 sides. So do not wor-ry about tomorrow,for tomorrow willhave worries of itsown. Let each day becontent with its ownills.

    7 "Pass no morejudgments upon otherpeople, so that youmay not have judg-ment passed upon

    2 you. For you will bejudged by the stand-ard you judge by, andmen will pay youback with the samemeasure you have

    3 used with them. Whydo you keep lookingat the speck in yourbrother's eye, andpay no attention tothe beam that is in

    4 your own? How canyou say to your broth-er, 'Just let me getthat speck out of youreye,' when all thetime there is a beam

    s in your own? Youhypocrite ! First getthe beam out of yourown eye, and then youcan see to get thespeck out of your

    e brother's eye. Do notgive what is sacred todogs, and do notthrow your pearls be-fore pigs, or they willtrample them under

  • 7/27/2019 A Harmony of the Synoptics, The Gospel of John, E. J. Goodspeed


    52 The Student's Gospelstheir feet and turnand tear you in pieces.

    7 Ask, and what youask will be given you.Search, and you willfind what you searchfor. Knock, and thedoor will open to you.

    s For it is always theone who asks who re-ceives, and the onewho searches whofinds, and the one whoknocks to whom the

    9 door opens. Which ofyou men when his sonasks him for somebread will give him a

    10 stone? Or if he asksfor a fish, will he give

    11 him a snake? So ifyou, bad as you are,know enough to giveyour children what isgood, how much moresurely will your Fa-ther in heaven givewhat is good to thosewho ask him for it!

    12 Therefore, you mustalways .treat otherpeople as you wouldlike to have themtreat you, for thissums up the Law and

    is the Prophets. Go inat the narrow gate.For the road thatleads to destructionis broad and spacious,arid there are many

    i4 who go in by it. Butthe gate is narrow andthe road is hard thatleads to life, and thereare few that find it.

    is Beware of the falseprophets, who cometo you disguised as

  • 7/27/2019 A Harmony of the Synoptics, The Gospel of John, E. J. Goodspeed


    A Period of Conflict in Galilee 53sheep but are raven-ous wolves under-

    16 neath. You can tellthem by their fruit.Do people pick grapesoff thorns, or figs off

    IT thistles? Just so anysound tree bears goodfruit, but a poor tree

    is bears bad fruit. Nosound tree can bearbad fruit, and no poortree can bear good

    19 fruit. Any tree thatdoes not bear goodfruit is cut down and

    20 burned. So you cantell them by their

    21 fruit. It is not every-one who says to me'Lord! Lord!' whowill get into the King-dom of Heaven, butonly those who do thewill of my Father in

    22 heaven. Many willsay to me on thatDay, 'Lord ! Lord !Was it not in yourname that we prophe-sied, and by yourname that we didmany mighty acts?'

    23 Then I will say tothem plainly, 'I neverknew you! Go awayfrom me, you who do24 wrong!" Everyone,

    therefore, who listensto this teaching ofmine and acts uponit, will be like a sensi-ble man who built his

    25 house on rock. Andthe rain fell, and therivers rose, and thewinds blew, .and beatabout that house, andit did not go down,

  • 7/27/2019 A Harmony of the Synoptics, The Gospel of John, E. J. Goodspeed


    The Student's Gospelsfor its foundations

    26 were on rock. Andanyone who listens tothis teaching of mineand does not act uponit, will be like a foolishman who built his

    27 house on sand. Andthe rain fell and therivers rose, and thewinds blew and beatabout that house, andit went down, and itsdownfall was com-

    28 plete." When Jesushad finished this dis-course, the crowdswere astounded at his

    29 teaching, for hetaught them like onewho had authorityand not like their

    8 scribes. When Jesuscame down from themountain, greatcrowds of people fol-lowed him.


    s When he got backto Capernaum, a Ro-man captain came upand appealed to him,

    e saying, "My servant,sir, is lying sick withparalysis at my house,

    7 in great distress." Hesaid to him, "I willcome and cure him."

    s But the captain an-swered, "I am not asuitable person, sir, tohave you come undermy roof, but simplysay the word, and myservant will be cured.

    9 For I am myself under

    LTJKE 7 : 1-107 When he had fin-

    ished saying all this inthe hearing of the peo-ple, he went to Caper-

    2 naum. A Roman cap-tain had a slave whomhe thought a greatdeal of