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  • The EvangelistAugust 18, 2019

    We are ready for you at St. John's! Sunday: Low Mass at 8 a.m. & High Mass at 10 a.m. Monday through Friday: Morning Prayer at 8:30 a.m. & Evening Prayer at 5:30 p.m. Feast Days & Special Services as announced. Confessions by appointment.

    A Letter from Father Humphrey

    Dear People, Neighbors, and Friends of St. John's,

    I am pleased to announce that Cynthia Sinclair, a great friend andsupporter of The Choir School and St. John's, has made a matching grantof $12,500 to us! The dollars for this match must be raised by the end ofthis year, so you have until December 31, 2019 to contribute. The $25,000total will be split evenly between The Choir School and the CapitalCampaign. Cynthia has requested that the matching funds come from as many newdonors as possible, though we don't want to discourage anyone who hasmade modest gifts in the past to increase their commitment! While we aredeeply appreciative of our major donors and the many leadership gifts wehave received, as I mentioned in my Evangelist letter last week, my focus atpresent is on commitment and participation: commitment to the missionof the church and the choir school, commitment to the vision of the capitalcampaign, and participation in these three areas by our people, neighbors,and friends insofar as you all feel called to do so. Those who have beengenerous in the past have given more than their fair share. Now it is timefor the rest of us to contribute. I am grateful for Cynthia's leadership gift


  • and her desire to inspire others to participate and commit to the mission ofthe choir school and the vision of the capital campaign in this way. If you are planning on attending the Organ & Brass Concert here onSeptember 1 at 4 o'clock in the afternoon (see below), you will hear a littlemore about this matching grant. That concert is benefiting the CapitalCampaign, and I am grateful to Peter Berton and the Friends of MusicCommittee for arranging it. Now when you buy a ticket, unless we havealready made our matching goal before September 1, your admission willgo towards the Capital Campaign match! We first came to Cynthia's notice through The Choir School, thanks to herclose friends Tom Hockaday and Bill Martin. She decided to be acompanion on our choir trip to England last August (yesterday marked thefirst anniversary of our return home from that memorable tour). It wassuch a pleasure getting to know Cynthia while we were in Worcester andHereford. I remember sitting next to her early in our time together before aperformance of Brahams' Requiem and being so impressed by Cynthia'swarmth and sense of calm. She took things in stride and was the perfecttravelling companion. I am so grateful that she has continued to be acompanion in the work we are carrying out in Newport. Cynthia is known as a patron of the arts, and I have run into her atNewport Music Festival Events as well as been her guest at a recital ofScott Joplin works at the Newport Art Museum. She comes regularly toour Evensongs, concerts, and organ recitals. I have spotted her enjoyingMusic on the Lawn and at the liturgies of Holy Week and Easter. But what impressed me most about her engagement with this community iswhen she came to the piano recitals and enthusiastically applauded ourpiano program students as they demonstrated their mastery of "Mary Hada Little Lamb" and other classics of the beginner's repertoire. Manypatrons of the arts only pay attention to artists when they are up andcoming or well-established. Cynthia cares about the children who haven't

  • yet done anything particularly impressive, but who may one day be on theconcert circuit with a little encouragement. Even if they don't end up professional musicians, Cynthia knows the valueof musical and choral education as the foundation for a lifetime of learningand the love of music. Cynthia and I were both impressed to learn thatthree choristers had made personal pledges to the capital campaign onPeter Quire Day, testifying to the success of the program in forming livesof character and service. To think that a child would take part of his or herchorister stipend and give it back to the church is really quite impressive. Iam hoping that choristers and their families will be inspired by Cynthia'sgenerosity to make contributions towards this match in thanksgiving for allthey have received from the choir school. Above all, I also hope that the sacred music these children are learning willform a spiritual foundation that will carry them through their joys and theirsorrows and point them in a Godward direction as the Spirit moves anduplifts their souls both today and throughout their lives. On the topic of souls, I ask your prayers for the repose of Dr. PhilNorman, a parishioner from my first curacy in Monkton, Maryland, whowas like a surrogate grandfather to me, and for safe travel as I fly toMaryland today to preach at his funeral on Saturday. I will be back, Godwilling, in time for Mass on Sunday. Thereafter, I am taking a much-needed vacation from August 19-August26. It's the last chance that Anne and I have of having a family vacationwith the kids before they head back to school in September. I will beshutting my phone off again and leaving you to the care of Buck Close andStephanie Shoemaker for pastoral emergencies, and Fr. Bill Locke will beback with us on Sunday, August 25 at both 8 & 10. But remember: Justbecause I'm taking the Sunday off does not entitle you to do so unlessyou're out of town!

  • Yours in Christ's service,N.J.A. Humphrey+XIV Rector P.S. To be in touch with me at any time, email me at [email protected], or, to make an appointment, please visitrector.youcanbook.me.

    This Weekend

    Choral Evensong at St. Andrew's-By-the-SeaSunday, Aug. 18, 5:00 p.m.

    Please join on us Sunday, August 18, as this delightful chapel (not unlikeSt. John's!) in Hyannis Port hosts the St. John's Adult Choir and theProfessional Choristers, fresh from a week of choir camp in Connecticut,as part of its summer music series at 5:00 p.m.

    Anyone who would like to drive up to join us for the service, and all thosewho happen to be in the neighborhood that day, are welcome to attend!

    St. Andrew's is located at 12 Irving Ave., Hyannis Port, Mass. We hope tosee you there!

    mailto:[email protected]://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001NJUPrAuKXLJ8fKLTLNlRExeEuoZvsSXkEe3f_k7SbgV3xXITd6OYkakYGCkHLMorMjPgm8oPt5e_LxLkxGd1TSbZ1ZbwTCjJ-LI_-o62Asf_O_0g2QFUvRgKutLH_KB5DeDjhzyjmLnh_8MKhyb-rG0UmVNlEtmyc1W7yk8HszA=&c=&ch=http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001NJUPrAuKXLJ8fKLTLNlRExeEuoZvsSXkEe3f_k7SbgV3xXITd6OYkRATi1m2MVqbVp1ZN23zFAI_ov11jl1rEG3RN2evAlodc7MWkz8s90OUQ9dPVnk6h-ajG-4EjnrENWXxuzLQiRa4DWDpJnpr9wI3SAWocg3EDM0Guvy_oKOnw4XYZ07ObLuD2vg56e3l&c=&ch=

  • Next Week

    St. John's is happy to forge a community partnership with Newport Children'sTheatre (bottom, rehearsing on the lawn this week), which will put on threeperformances this week of "The Little Mermaid." Details below!

  • ____________________________________________________________

    Director Rachel Hanauer and cast and crew from "The Little Mermaid"rehearsed on the lawn of St. John's this week, above, for their performancesnext week, while inside, a few props died of excitement for the show!

  • African Heritage Tours

    The Rhode Island Black Heritage Society is offering walking tours ofGod's Little Acre, America's oldest and largest cemetery for enslaved andfree Africans.

    Newport, Rhode Island, was the largest and most active slave port inBritish North America. Many Africans that arrived in Colonial Newportoriginated from the Gold Coast of Africa, today's Ghana. By the end ofthe 18th century, the African community of Newport would organize anearly African Burial Society to ensure every member would have a properfuneral and burial marker. God's Little Acre Burying Ground representsone of the nation's most important historic sites with documentation onhow African heritage people lived, worked, worshiped and eventually diedin early America.

    Recently, God's Little Acre received national recognition through a grantfrom the National Trust for Historic Presentation as one of America'sAfrican Heritage Treasures.

    The last tour date is Aug. 25, at 10:30 a.m. Tickets are $10 for Adults(over 21), $5 for Students (13-21), and free under 13.

    Tickets can be purchased at https://www.eventbrite.com/e/african-heritage-tour-gods-little-acre-tickets-64833691316

    Healing Day National Bell Ringing


  • Sunday, Aug. 25 at 3 p.m.

    St. John's will remember and honor the first enslaved Africans who landedin English North America in 1619 by tolling their bells on Sunday, Aug. 25,at 3:00 p.m.

    This effort is among the Healing Day events being held at Fort MonroeNational Monument to commemorate the 400th anniversary of that landing.

    In August 1619, "20 and odd" African men and women -- as recorded byEnglish colonist John Rolfe -- arrived at Point Comfort, stolen by Englishprivateers from a Spanish slave ship and brought to Point Comfort on aship called the White Lion. Believed to have been traded for food andsupplies, those natives of west central Africa were the first Africans to bebrought to English North America.

    "The first African people were brought to this continent in harrowing anddehumanizing circumstances. As we remember the 400th anniversary oftheir arrival, I pray that we will do the hard work of reconciliation that Godlongs for us to do," said Susan Goff, bishop suffragan of the EpiscopalDiocese of Virginia.

  • You can view Presiding Bishop Curry's video message here.

    Music on the Lawn

    O u r Music on the Lawn Concert series continues on Thursday,August 29, from 6-8:30 p.m. with Max O'Hara & Friends fromLiverpool.

    Music on the Lawn by Friends of Music at St. John's features greatbands, awesome food trucks, wine & beer, super sponsors, 50/50 raffleand more!

    Check out our other Music on the Lawn dates and summer musicprogramming in our flier, in "Summer Music at St. John's" listing a fewspots below in the Evangelist!

    2019 Season Sponsor: The Point AssociationThank you!


  • Now recruiting for piano lessons

    RISCA Grant awarded; new partnership announced

    The Choir School has received a grant of $3,000 from the Rhode IslandState Council on the Arts to further its piano lesson outreach program.Lessons will be held this fall in a new satellite location in addition to St.John's!

    On Mondays, piano students will take lessons, and have homeworkhelp/activities while waiting for their lessons, at the brand-new CreativeCommunities Collaborative space located in the Florence Gray Center at 1York Street. If you know a child who could benefit from thisopportunity, act now! Word of mouth is by far the best way of reachingnew students, and has brought us the students we now have.

    To participate, contact Nikki Vazquez, Piano Program Coordinator, [email protected] today!

    To download a flier, please click here, or email this link to a friend for anonline registration form.

    A Work in Progress

    http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001NJUPrAuKXLJ8fKLTLNlRExeEuoZvsSXkEe3f_k7SbgV3xXITd6OYkRATi1m2MVqbWvTCSvjNASYT-4XQnx9RXOdrEyctccuHY4VAGxabvph07H-LYrJmxIytQx6jerSwciEscPFFZndwesvzj9gF07QxH7KW11giB08AkaDleTYAvcV314VHzzLVmBmEf8h7YxbA-77FTh80D5FjYnth_S3oKu9wg3FCUeko6pknEJ4=&c=&ch=mailto:[email protected]:[email protected]://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001NJUPrAuKXLJ8fKLTLNlRExeEuoZvsSXkEe3f_k7SbgV3xXITd6OYkRATi1m2MVqb3TTrIjd2Wi8NGXMxpeTNbrkasgiP1jks35zbQqH9xJfWKnjJtGFRdrc89rjP_UFJeRGaAmSLsiOPFQnDQEarov18bn8yoVRIm644pZdDzNjIQazzBvvGgrwHWFT9BV6fxz4uwBHq3F-HJs4xkIu3YIyPdPyNmjs0jkgHY4LCqsVXdRgWF2sSA-zDB3j5Z7SL&c=&ch=http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001NJUPrAuKXLJ8fKLTLNlRExeEuoZvsSXkEe3f_k7SbgV3xXITd6OYkRATi1m2MVqbjqALe5f56dIrHenn4VojqHejqQIWLg0InQfQqGkOYyRicGIjkprA28Uy_-mY8LiUHK51XPlXDTpujRXKSw2c6VAevnpgs11q053DPzT7pZBcj5qpyOVs_S2sfhJoXnBlbL1fdsvJ2DMxCZhK0tb-Ow==&c=&ch=

  • This week at St. John's...

    Above: Gnazzo project foreman Brian V. maneuvers the lift towork on the church's chimney. This week, crewmen alsoinstalled copper flashing beneath capstones to prevent leaks.___________________________________________________

  • In case you missed it, with the exception of the church tower, the blue areabelow is Phase 1A, Roof Restoration, a million-dollar project, which hasbeen fully funded thanks in part to a generous $916,000 grant from theAlletta Morris McBean Charitable Trust and individual donations fromparishioners, neighbors, and friends.

    The yellow area above is Phase 1B, Exterior Stone Repointing, which wewill be undertaking in 2020. We are still raising funds for the part of thechurch tower repointing in blue and for a new organ console. All told, weare still looking to raise at least $250,000 before the end of 2019from individuals both within the parish and in the wider community in orderto keep our five-year plan on track.

    If you are interested in finding out more about the capital campaign for St.John's, or want to volunteer to help, please be in touch with Fr. Humphreya t [email protected] or 401-500-0042. And check out ourProgress page at http://saintjohns-newport.org/progress/.

    Make Your Mark!

    Prayer Tiles

    mailto:[email protected]://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001NJUPrAuKXLJ8fKLTLNlRExeEuoZvsSXkEe3f_k7SbgV3xXITd6OYkRRNkZwr5oXdn6IMi1j17eItbGwSNBHCFkYWu1QmWItbezX85Z_00bUpLHfrlHcn_zBeG1SBAN3FUGfi2eVM1VKkdXH55JtbyI3jbkHZf0UtmTLI-CVg8P0fGuvc1FXeHf29gg_UbXW0&c=&ch=

  • The attendees of the Peter Quire Day Celebration brunch were each givenan original tile from our 125-year-old roof, one of the very tiles that PeterQuire saw go up. These tiles, in fact, are destined to go back on that roof,perhaps for another 125 years. Ludowici, the company that made thesetiles, is still in business, making the same high-quality tiles. Only 25-30% ofthe tiles on the roof will be new ones. Fr. Humphrey invited the attendees to write with a Sharpie on the tilesabout what or who they were grateful for, or to write their hopes anddreams for St. John's, or a prayer for themselves or a loved one, living ordeparted. The tiles will be placed back on the roof and these messages willbe discovered the next time we have to undertake a project like this, whichmay not be until the year 2144, when we turn 250! Here are a few of the lovely tiles that people inscribed:

    In this way, the people who celebrated Peter Quire Day and their intentionshave become a part of St. John's history. Would you like to write a message on a tile? Be in touch with Fr.Humphrey at [email protected] and make history today!

    mailto:[email protected]

  • Towing Enforcement

    Our newly restricted, smaller parking lot size because of the construction ishaving us pay more attention to who parks in the lot and how we can bestaccommodate everyone's needs. Unfortunately, we are looking atenforcing towing.

    Right now we are prioritizing parishioners, tenants, staff and choir families.If you are a friend of St. John's who does not belong to one thesecategories and who would like to park in the lot, please stay on campuswhile your vehicle is here, or be in touch with the parish office at (401)848-2561 to let us know who you are. Otherwise, you may get towed.

    Quarter Till Organ Recitals

  • Quarter Till Organ Recitals return! See Peter Stoltzfus Berton in actionon Sundays and other select days at our Quarter Till Organ Recitals, nowthrough Aug. 25. Programs (all the same on a given weekend) are 15-20minutes and feature Bach and other composers, with live video feedprojected onto a screen showing the organist and a close-up view of theorgan's inner workings during the music. This year, composers beingfeatured include Louis Vierne and Marcel Dupré, the two great mastercomposers associated with Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris, the 12th-centurysanctuary extensively damaged by fire this spring. Admission is still just a"quarter" (or more), but this year we challenge you to see how manyquarters - or paper "notes" - you can bring as we embark on an officialrestoration campaign for our historic 1894 Hook & Hastings organ. Theeffort is in two phases, first focusing on a new console and control systemin 2019-2020, and then on a complete mechanical renovation in 2021-2022,restoring the organ to like-1894 condition tonally. For more on our organ,please visit saintjohns-newport.org/music/st-johns-hook-and-hastings-organ-1894.


  • Special Labor Day Program! Sunday, Sept. 1, at 4 p.m.: Brass &Organ, classical and pops, with the Worcester Brass Consort! Admission$15/$10, with proceeds to benefit the St. John's Capital Campaign.

    Low Masses

    There will be a low Mass in the Chapel of the Blessed Sacramentimmediately following Evening Prayer at 5:30 p.m. on the following dates:

  • Friday, Aug. 23: The Eve of St.Bartholomew the Apostle

    Candle Dedications

    If you would like to dedicate a candle in honor or in memory of a loved

  • one, please be in touch with the Parish Office to make sure the date is free.The suggested donation for a candle dedication is $25, although a donationis any amount is welcome. If you would simply like to dedicate any of theabove candles on the next available date, write which candle and itsdedication in the memo line of your check and put it in the offering plate.Questions? Contact [email protected]

    For Adults & Older YouthRector's Tuesday Book Study

    The Rector's Book Study is on hiatus this weekbecause Fr. Humphrey is on vacation, and willnext meet on Tuesday, August 27, at 9:00 a.m. inthe Rector's Study in the Guild Hall, wherediscussion will continue on Man is Not Alone: APhilosophy of Religion by Rabbi AbrahamJoshua Heschel. See you then!

    Safe Church Training

    The Diocese announces two opportunities for Safe Church training this fallfor lay people.

    mailto:[email protected]

  • In addition, there is Lay Eucharistic Visitor (LEV) Training scheduleddirectly after the Safe church training on September 28th. Please completethe application for a LEV license and email it to Mary Ann Mello [email protected] by September 23rd. Space is limited on bothdays of training sessions, so please register your trainees as soon aspossible. Safe Church Training: Registration now open Safeguarding God's People in-person training for lay leaders and churchstaff is being offered this fall in southern and northern Rhode Island. Forboth days, please bring a bagged lunch; drinks, coffee and snacks will beprovided. Lay Eucharistic Visitor training is being offered for one sessiononly on September 28, at 2 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. Southern Rhode Island: Safe Church Training 8:30 a.m. to 2 p.m.Saturday, September 7, at Holy Trinity, Tiverton.

    To register, click here. Northern Rhode Island: Safe Church training 8:30 a.m. to 2 p.m., and LayEucharistic Visitor* (LEV) training from 2 to 3:30 p.m. Saturday,September 28, at Emmanuel, Cumberland. To register for safe church training or Safe Church training and LayEucharistic Visitor training: Click here. Please email Mary Ann at [email protected] with any questions.

    Service Details

    Sunday, August 18The Tenth Sunday after Pentecost

    Proper 15

    mailto:[email protected]://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001NJUPrAuKXLJ8fKLTLNlRExeEuoZvsSXkEe3f_k7SbgV3xXITd6OYkTvOoz3DgakBPEArumaqZqF3JHBfi1I6LYb9MuotHawhv0IeKkjF5nhvUA4icSL4-ZDlYrUXiVNps5WBuW-ihqzySEvSWiomFiGOFv7nSz-GSSficlgV0F4Sfab4UZ4J0oHOrL2HDRw1tKUQpso5F3UV4dEi1tX7Oydtb6F_D9jiO58gG9uadkFO6z9tY4ikJjMzl5d6FCyDy-bMoN2TNKT-MQpQo7tv9Q==&c=&ch=http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001NJUPrAuKXLJ8fKLTLNlRExeEuoZvsSXkEe3f_k7SbgV3xXITd6OYkTvOoz3DgakBZO8u09b1dXy9gzQCdHtNvFP5DAcG52FIYizrOHoz_3bfugSmxVktuT9VuUfdQX_Dly116oUxqWL4nzI9yQ1NlobAxNpOQ_8Svjtb67KDM21mLyfcq2ncpiPZyrC1Tz1ly5EqMM9DR3QfGRRBQo-NPtfhsFbLF8ANti7EvykXYQ2Ei99iTaR_zXAKGAC-WVLyobMrguc611oTP_wDflRDuLiyfF45pwlK9A3RIP0LGE8=&c=&ch=mailto:[email protected]

  • Low Mass at 8 a.m. Celebrant: Fr. Humphrey

    High Mass at 10 a.m.Celebrant: Fr. Humphrey

    Preacher & Deacon: Deacon Close Click here for this week's bulletin.

    Acolyte positions available:

    Just come to the Sacristy and we'll be glad for your help!

    Many thanks to all our altar servers! You, too, can volunteer toserve

    as an acolyte. It's easy; just email Fr. Humphrey at:[email protected]

    Supporting St. John's

    Would you like to support St. John's?

    It's never to late to pledge your support, or to make a donation, in anyamount.

    If you would like to pledge your support for St. John's, please visit ouronline pledge card here. For other ways to support St. John's, please visitour website here, or our Facebook pageat facebook.com/SaintJohnsNewport.

    To give a one-time gift online with or without an account, please click here.

    To give by text message:

    http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001NJUPrAuKXLJ8fKLTLNlRExeEuoZvsSXkEe3f_k7SbgV3xXITd6OYkTvOoz3DgakBVnRMsTyChFHBsNm-Nf9HtxGFPllF56wxcVf6J_cd36uyqhMVqWXGMsdWT0aBLOCpu6eANqJ9gcZAKIvPesHTy-mZPO3mVBr_6xDCqBUG8LkH7gvSSRgQz_GH5SFVAIHG6HH4Mma_CkDZx5bW2X_u_eo3iGjMHzxF2Gfo2Y94rGaK_Kd_uDKU74mR13BSX4Uh&c=&ch=mailto:[email protected]://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001NJUPrAuKXLJ8fKLTLNlRExeEuoZvsSXkEe3f_k7SbgV3xXITd6OYkf82sPSgqjqdcZQiBR2UgJn-cOodOP_wQ5gH8LYaCzJ-iOL87Hkvke4_EDyLWRlXaQ0n-NAGIR8eCeSkl8VURCCH7jiqXhHQWciP5qTBmYXPnbXkjmcdxCHWFdVZHcQp6Q58-_fbyUBZ6B9z1xAdz-OpKCqN60yNfA==&c=&ch=http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001NJUPrAuKXLJ8fKLTLNlRExeEuoZvsSXkEe3f_k7SbgV3xXITd6OYkWZGlMj7xUq6egC3HDU4LhikVblVrhiFpuIppsNMXwRp-3EJS6doWzcyT7hyRO-l9l-QoHqmZySKk3qN3B_ph5E_lh4j-MB1b-sXdUTfETUnfxoP-dBg_p2SCg35B6Lhp3bVEa2FNMxxVp2qoU_R6hA=&c=&ch=http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001NJUPrAuKXLJ8fKLTLNlRExeEuoZvsSXkEe3f_k7SbgV3xXITd6OYketwPHCoXL1NfxBOLMwVBK0Mi8s7B2Lr3ebRoDy62M2y8TVIU1C2b1zem4FgXJwpizlVzepPVNkSt_XnMNTQ06J47VJRc4TgogT-i4yKp4IblO2rFtEAT5qkVlmv4Q5vmASfYsR0BJqYPFpoDon-Fv8=&c=&ch=http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001NJUPrAuKXLJ8fKLTLNlRExeEuoZvsSXkEe3f_k7SbgV3xXITd6OYkbDxBY_re3hSzWAKqO4RjR9SvYbNBj0vBMI7emH0pY19j0sKkv6SiPHhsDWuc4odVBIwVtphmRKb_vu7W3crlKsVRaN61KDzoycXBmEIKvoyVmSpMwdiQ2o6y-3ua32UvrQmYEkBldYlOIHVHHfzMZc=&c=&ch=

  • And always, thank you for your generous support!

    Stewardship is a year-round commitment, and we thank you for yourinvestment in our present and in our future, but above all, thank youfor simply showing up and being who you are, for supporting us inprayer when you are unable to be with us, and for the love that yougive in so many ways, of which St. John's is merely one recipient andconduit among many.

    To make a pledge: Click here or below:


  • * To give a one-time gift online without an account, click here. * To set up recurring online payments through our secure parishdatabase, Realm, you can register for a new account here.

    * To log in to an account you have already set up in Realm,click here.

    * Automated Payments: Check with your local financial institution'sbillpay services to set up automated payments to St. John's. * PayPal online gift: To make a donation through PayPal, click here.

    __________________PLEASE NOTE: TO A "T"

    We've fixed our Realm link by adding a "t" to it, so the address is nowStJohnEvangelist (rather than StJohnEvangelis).

    Old link: (no longer working): onrealm.org/StJohnEvangelis/Register New link: https://onrealm.org/StJohnEvangelist/Register

    Or, if you've already registered, go to:https://onrealm.org/StJohnEvangelist.

    So please update your web browser bookmarks accordingly! Thankyou!

    Now Hear This

    St. John's is equipped with a loop system for hearing aids. A loop systemprovides a magnetic, wireless signal that is picked up by your hearing aidand which greatly reduces background noise, competing sounds,reverberation and other acoustic distortions. To activate, simply set yourhearing aid to "T" for T-coil (telecoil).


  • The Zabriskie Memorial Church of Saint John the Evangelist

    The Choir School of Newport County


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