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Most people are worried about the Recession but there is a bigger threat! Former U.S. Surgeon General Richard Carmona said, “The Greatest Threat To Our National Security Is Pediatric Obesity.” Today there are over 22 Million obese children in the U.S. alone and this is the FIRST GENERATION WHERE PARENTS MAY OUTLIVE THEIR CHILDREN… Heard About It On Slideshare.Net

2. By 2030, 86% of the U.S. will be Overweight DID YOU KNOW: By 2048, ALL of the U.S. adults will be at least mildly Overweight 3. Direct Costs of Obesity are over $127 Billion DID YOU KNOW: 85% of Health Care costs are from Behaviors that can be prevented 4. Only 22% Meet Basic Activity Levels DID YOU KNOW: The Recommended Level of Physical Activity is 150 Minutes/Week 5. Why Are People So Lazy?DID YOU KNOW: People are spend nearly 3Xs less time with family due to Technology 6. Technology = Sedentary Lifestyle DID YOU KNOW: Technology is by Far Considered the Most Sedentary Activity 7. How Do We Address This Problem? DID YOU KNOW:62% of parents say video games have no effect on their child 8. Is Playing Outside The Solution? DID YOU KNOW:The Disappearance of Kids Playtime is the most pressing issue today 9. Is The Health Club The Solution? DID YOU KNOW:Only 16% of the U.S. Population Belong to a Health Club/Gym 10. DID YOU KNOW:The Top Reason People Discontinue Working Out Is BoredomConventional Cant Be The Only Option Empty Boring 11. So What Do We Do Now? INSANITY: is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results 12. Could The Solution Be Technology? DID YOU KNOW: There are over 1 Billion Personal Computers Worldwide: It is our Life 13. Technology Magnetizes People! DID YOU KNOW:The Average Consumption of Screen Time Is Over 40 Hours/Week 14. What About Using Video Games?DID YOU KNOW:81% of Adults 18 29 and Over Half of the U.S. Play Video Games 15. The Video Game Industry is $54 BillionDID YOU KNOW:Its Larger then Movies and Has Over 200 Million Monthly Gamers 16. 97% of Teens Play Video GamesDID YOU KNOW:Influential Spending Power Is Over $2 Trillion In Sales Worldwide 17. So Lets Use Games To Be Active DID YOU KNOW:Nintendo Wii is the Best Seller ever with over 50 Million Units sold 18. Active Gaming Makes Fitness Fun DID YOU KNOW:86.2% of Teens state Fun as the most important element in their life 19. ACTIVE GAMING IS A SOLUTION THE FUTURE IS YOUR CHOICE For More Information On Facts & References, Contact[email_address]or 303.371.5800 Copyright 2009

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