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  • A message from The pastor

    St. John Journey

    august 2014

    Things you do not want to miss:

    August 10: Youth and Parent meeting to discuss the possibility of attending the ELCA Youth Gathering in

    Detroit, Mich. July 15-19, 2015. Dinner will be provided and it is important that both parents and youth at-

    tend. Julie Kroll will be with us to tell of her trip to the Gathering in New Orleans. Time: 5:00 PM

    Pastor Scott will be leading “Come and Grow with Us” or “what does it mean to be a Lutheran Christian”

    Classes will begin on Thursday Sept. 11 at 7:00 PM and will end on Thursday, December 4. This is a class

    for new members and for anyone who would like to know more about the Church, the Lutheran Church, Mar-

    tin Luther. If you plan to attend please sign up on the Bulletin Board in the Hallway, so materials can be or-


    Pastor Scott will be leading a Book Study Group, using Pastrix, by Nadia Bolz-Webber. This class will begin

    on Tuesday, Sept. 9 at 7:00 PM and end on Tuesday, November 25. Participants will need to purchase a copy

    of the book. We will discuss the Book and also look into the ministry of Nadia Bolz-Webber. If you plan to

    attend please sign up on the Bulletin Board in the Hallway.

    The Tuesday afternoon Bible study will begin on September 9 at 1:00 PM. We will be studying the Books of

    1 and 2 Corinthians. An informal lunch (bring your own) will begin at noon each Tuesday. This is a weekly


    September 7: Jr. Sr. Youth Cook out and Kick off at 4:00 pm at the home of Pastor Scott and Robin, bring

    your swim suits. We will eat around 5:00 PM. Also bring your favorite water toys, like water guns etc.

    Parents are invited also…..

    Sunday, September 28 you are all invited to ride the Creeper Trail from White Top to Damascus. We will

    gather at Sun Dog Outfitters at 2:00 PM and be shuttled up to the top. Anyone wishing to ride please sign up

    on the sheet on the bulletin board. The cost 25.00 for bike and shuttle, 14.00 for shuttle only. Hopefully we

    will finish the ride by 5:00 PM. We will gather for a picnic in the Damascus Park at 5:00 PM. All are ask to

    bring a covered dish to share. Please sign up on the Bulletin Board if you plan to ride and/or attend the picnic

    on September 28.

    Things are getting started so make your plans now to be a part of the many Ministry opportunities here at St.


    Pastor Scott

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    Page 2 St . John Journey

    St. John’s Financial Summary

    We are still projecting a $6000 deficit for the year. Please give generously and help get St. John’s budget back on track!

    The Finance Team

    Third Annual July 4th Fireworks Celebration For the third straight year St. John welcomed our neighbors to watch the 4th of July fireworks display from our parking lot. This year we were blessed with beautiful weather, and our parking lot was full of people enjoying the annual celebration. As in previous years, the Evangelism Committee and many volunteers welcomed people with free popcorn, popsicles and St. John bottled water. We estimated that over 150 bags of popcorn, 150 popsicles and 150 bottles of water were given out during the event. We also gave out St. John bro-chures and preschool information to those interested and invited our visitors to worship at St. John. All those in attendance had a won-derful evening and enjoyed a great fireworks show. Many St. John members also attended the event, and the Evangelism Committee had great support from the congregation. The committee would like to thank all the volunteers who helped to make this event a huge success. We want to give a special thank you to Michelle Morris for making the colorful signs and posters used to advertise this event. Please go to St. John’s website at www.stjohnabingdon.org to see photos of this event.

    The Evangelism Committee

    Joel Rosen, Cheryl Carrico,

    Carla Proffitt, Don Williams,

    Jim & Sharon Meacham,

    and Pastor Scott


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    Page 3 St . John Journey

    The St. John Quilters are on their summer break. Please be on the look-out for the fall start-up date!

    Tuesday Afternoon Bible Study. Tuesday afternoon Bible Study will resume on Tuesday September 9th at 1PM.

    We will be studying 1st and 2nd Corinthians.

    All are welcome to bring a bag lunch at noon for a fellowship hour preceding

    Bible Study.

    St. John Choirs

    Regular Choir Rehearsals will resume on Wednesday, August 20th: 6:00PM

    for the 11:00 choir, 7:00PM for the 9:00 choir

    Annual Choir Picnic August 16th

    Make your plans now to attend the annual choir picnic on Saturday, August 16th at 5PM—it will be at the

    home of Carole Ann and Joel Rosen. Sign-up sheet is in the choir room.

    St. John Ladies Book Group 2014

    The Gravity of Birds by Tracy Guzeman

    September, Carole Ann Rosen hosting Sunday, September 14th at 4:00PM

    Volunteer to lead the discussions will be needed. Refreshments are potluck—please bring

    a snack to share.

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    St. John Journey Page 4

    Food Pantry

    St. John will be serving at the Food Pantry

    the week of August 31st through Septem-

    ber 5th. There will be a sign-up sheet on the

    bulletin board—please give as much time as

    you are able on any of the available days.

    Thank You from Healthy Families/Family Farms

    Dear Friends at St. John Lutheran,

    Thank you so much for the $180.44 donated to Healthy Families/Family Farms

    from the June 22 “noisy offering”.

    We enjoyed being at the services and are grateful that you share in the mission

    of HFFF in supporting local farmers and providing free fresh vegetables to those

    in need.

    Marty Huber and JoAnn Detta


    Start saving all of your loose change to bring on Sunday

    august 31st for the noisy offering to ben-

    efit faith in action. Paper money and

    checks also cheerfully accepted!!!

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    Lectionary Readings for the Month

    August 3

    Isaiah 55:1-5

    Romans 9:1-5

    Matthew 14:13-21

    August 17 Isaiah 56:1,6-8

    Romans 11:1-2a,29-


    Matthew 15:10-28

    August 24 Isaiah 51:1-6

    Romans 12:1-8

    Matthew 16:13-20

    If you cannot serve on your scheduled day, please make arrangements with another

    St. John Journey

    August 31

    Jeremiah 15:15-21

    Romans 12:9-21

    Matthew 16:21-28

    August 10

    1 Kings 19:9-18

    Romans 10:5-15

    Matthew 14:22-33

    Page 5

    August 3 August 10 August 17 August 24 August 31


    Minister Ray Whitner Steve Kluttz Ray Whitner Steve Kluttz no

    Lector Steve Kluttz Joel Rosen Dave Morris Debbie Kluttz 9:00

    Usher Bob Wolfe Bob Wolfe worship

    Altar Guild Carole Ann



    Suhrbier Kelly Read Louise Sansing today

    9:00AM service

    11:00AM service

    August 3 August 10 August 17 August 24 August 31



    Minister Ken Croghan Joan Shaver Lisa Depew Ed Davis Edie Hiltebeitel

    Lector Bill Spencer John Gifford Edie Hiltebeitel David Bonham Linda Brumleve

    Acolyte Chris Dixon Reagan Honaker Chris Dixon Reagan

    Honaker Chris Dixon

    Reception The Keens The Bonhams Edie Hiltebeitel The Spencers Joan Shaver

    Counters David Bonham

    Helen French

    Gary Halverson

    Parker Keen

    Jim Kroll

    Tammie Kroll

    David Bonham

    Parker Keen

    Gary Halverson

    Helen French

    Ushers The Meachams The Giffords The Keens The Spencers The Honakers

    Altar Guild Helen Findley Carol Halverson Edie Hiltebeitel Helen French Helen Findley

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    St. John Journey






    8 9

    10 Pentecost 9

    9:00 AM Worship

    11:00AM Worship

    5:00PM Jr./Sr. Youth

    and parents dinner &







    5:00 PM

    Choir Picnic


    17 Pentecost 10

    9:00 AM Worship

    11:00AM Worship





    Worship &


    19 20 6:00PM 11:00 choir 7:00PM 9:00 choir

    21 7:00PM Council



    24 Pentecost 11

    9:00AM Worship

    11:00AM Worship



    27 6:00PM 11:00 choir 7:00PM 9:00 choir




    31 Pentecost 12

    10:00AM Worship

    Food Pantry, follow-

    ing worship

    Noisy Offering


    August 2014

    12 6:00PM Theology on Tap

    Page 6

    3 Pentecost 8

    9:00 AM Worship

    11:00AM Worship

    4:00PM Highlands

    Conf. Corn Roast

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    St. John Lutheran Church

    807 E. Main St.

    Abingdon, VA 24210

    Phone: 276-628-6215


    [email protected]


    We are a community of believers, gathered by the Spirit, washed in Baptism, marked with the cross of Christ, nourished by Word and Sacrament, called to respond to God's gifts of grace, and set apart as disciples of Jesus Christ for a life of learning, witness, and service.

    St. John Lutheran Church

    807 E. Main St.

    Abingdon, VA 24210

    Address Service Requested


    G. Scott Homesley

    [email protected]

    Home Phone: 276-739-7740

    Cell Phone: 276-525-5801

    Joan Shaver, Parish Secretary

    [email protected]

    Office hours 9-12 Tuesday-Friday

    Wrenda Fuller, Music Director


    Bill Spencer Charlie Garnett Marshall Hatfield

    Debbie Kluttz Jim Lovett Helen French

    Cheryl Carrico Ed Honaker Robin Homesley

    Linda Brumleve, Financial Secretary

    Steve Kluttz, Treasurer

    St. John Lutheran is a congregation of the Virginia Synod

    of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.

    The Rev. Elizabeth Eaton, Presiding Bishop, ELCA

    The Rev. James Mauney, Bishop, Virginia Synod

    Phone: 276-628-6215


    [email protected]



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