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A Parents Guide To Instant Messaging and Chat Options 2014

Date post:06-Jul-2015
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With thousands of instant messaging options out there, parents must be aware of the Apps that are bei/ng downloaded by their children. Cyber Guardians Online constantly review Cyber Threats and beleive that this guide will help parents understand the amount of chat options available. Texting is so 2010.
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2. Abbreviated IM, a type of communications service that enables you to create a kind of private chat room with another individual in order to communicate in real time over the Internet Typically, the instant messaging system alerts you whenever somebody on your private list is online. You can then initiate a chat session with that person. Most IM systems currently do not support such security staples as authentication and encryption. Some IMs actually send chats in plaintext, so anyone on the same Wi-Fi network can easily pull your entire conversation - including pictures and videos - straight out of the air. Instant Messaging DefinitionDefinition FeatureFeature SecuritySecurity ThreatsThreats 3. How Many Chat Messenging Services 4. Exist On THE Information SUPER Highway? 5. Hundreds If Not Thousands of Messaging Options 6. All Available On Your Childs Smartphones 7. Well Known Voice Call Apps Include A Chat Option 8. A Small Sample Of 52 Chat Options Source: Wikipedia 2014 9. Have Open Discussions With Your Child Get To Know What Chat Apps They Have Installed Advise All Family Members Of Threats Subscribe To Cyber Guardians Online Blog Share CGOL Updates With Your Children Monitor Activity Be Aware Of Changes In Behaviour Have Blackout Bans After 9pm Or An Agreed Time Out Each Day The Three Dos Communication Education Monitor 10. Chat Alert Update Firechat Firechat is a hyperlocal tool Allows Smartphone's to connect to each other directly Two devices or a bunch of devices must be within a small space to connect via Bluetooth Imagine a large football stadium, all it would possibly take is 100 or so to be spread around the stadium and all persons could engage in an offline chat. Small towns can have predators searching the streets for active chats Operates without Wifi 11. Questions? More Information? Cyber Guardians Online [email protected] @bradleywdeacon bradleywdeacon Cyber Guardians Online

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