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Adams State College alumni magazine
  • summer 2011serving hispanic students alumni awards hall of fame

    AAStaterfor alumni & friends of

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    Trujillo 07pushes herpotential

  • AAStaterSeveral years ago I received a phone call from a His-

    panic gentleman living on the Front Range. He was con-cerned about the term Hispanic Serving Institution thatappeared in a news release about Adams States award of aTitle V Grant from the U.S. Department of Education. Ashe put it, ASC should serve all students, not just Hispanicstudents. Of course he was correct, but his concerndemonstrates the on-going confusion that sometimes sur-rounds the term Hispanic Serving.The term, coined fairly recently in 1992, is a federal

    definition which identifies certain post-secondary institu-tions as being Hispanic Serving if 25 percent of their undergraduate studentsidentify their ethnicity as Hispanic. The Title V grants ASC has received overthe years have been successful because we have identified areas and services atASC that additional federal funds could help to strengthen so all ASC studentscan be better served. (See page 12.) No federal (or state) funds can ever be usedto give one group of students an advantage over anotherrather, the thinkingis that a rising tide raises all boats. If we can provide services we do not cur-rently have or improve existing services to all students, we are not only servingHispanic students, but all students in an improved way.Hispanic Serving Institutions like ASC tend to share traits which result from

    being under-resourced institutions. Adams States students are generally low in-come, and we have historically kept our tuition and fees low to allow for theiraccess. In the past, we may have received a somewhat higher state reimburse-ment per student than other urban institutions, but this is increasingly not thecase because of state budget reductions. Moreover, Hispanic Serving Institu-tions receive only 60 on the federal dollar, compared to large research institu-tions. This includes Pell Grant awards that accompany low income studentswho come to regional and rural Hispanic Serving Institutions. The irony is thatstudents who need the most help often attend institutions with the least re-sources.To be a Hispanic Serving Institution is to provide a pathway for our His-

    panic students and all of our students. When an institution can give all of itsstudents an equal hope and chance that they can succeed, then it is truly serv-ing its students.

    VOL. 51, NO. 2 SUMMER 2011

    Published by Adams State College

    adams state college alamosa, co 81102719.587.7011 800.824.6494

    www.adams.edu e-mail: [email protected] edition:




    Arnold Salazar 75 Vice ChairGigi Darricades Mary Griffin

    Liane Buffie McFadyen 91, 93 Ann RiceCharles Scoggin, M.D. Tim Walters 73Dr. Carol Guerrero-Murphy Faculty Trustee

    Kenneth Scally Student Trustee


    Executive Secretary/Director of Alumni RelationsToney Cantu 70 President

    Kasey Russell 03 Vice PresidentKaren Rubidoux Miller 94 Secretary

    D. Mike Garcia 73, 77 Holly Felmlee 76 Lynn Michalke 77Robert Oringdulph 71 Sandy Ortega 74 Chris Page 02, 03Jeremy Ratliff 96 Brian Rossbert 02 Rich Scanga 75

    Liz Tabeling-Garcia 96, 06 Delzia Worley 97

    ASC FOUNDATION BOARDDuane Bussey 82 President

    Dr. John McDaniel Vice PresidentJohn A. Marvel 70 Secretary/Treasurer

    Russell Achatz 85 Keith Cerny Genevieve CooperDale Hettinger 64 Charles Chuck Houser 62 Jeni Jack 85Cindy Palmer Rich Scanga 75 Chris Sittler 04 Ray Skeff

    Izora Southway 66 Eldo Wall Michael Ware 69

    FOUNDATION HONORARY BOARD MEMBERSStephen Bokat 68 Marguerite Salazar 75, 76

    FOUNDATION EMERITUS BOARD MEMBERSSharon Carter Richard Jacobs Harold Kelloff

    Ralph Outcalt John ReasonJ. Byron Uhrich R. Paul Wagner


    Tammy Lopez 91, 00 Executive Director of the FoundationSteve Valdez 87 Trustee Liaison

    GRIZZLY CLUB BOARD OF DIRECTORSKeith Cerny Chair Dave Barrows Vice Chair

    Dennis Ortiz 79 Ric Cline 71Ericha Loosbrock Jeni Jack 85 Joe Martinez 99Jay Meyer Dennis Shioshita 77 Steve Valdez 87

    ADAMS STATE COLLEGE MISSION STATEMENTAdams State College dedicates its resources to provide opportunityand access for all students. The College is an innovative leader thatrecognizes the inherent educational value of diversity. It is a catalystfor the educational, cultural, and economic interests of rural Col-

    orado, the surrounding region, and the global community.

    EDITOR & DESIGNERJulie Waechter

    ASSOCIATE EDITORLinda Relyea 96

    CONTRIBUTING WRITERS & PHOTOGRAPHERSNancy Blevins 11 Chris Day Eric Flores

    Priscilla Gardea 06 Gaylene Horning 94 Scott KretzmannCon Marshall James Trujillo 02 Blake Wood

    presidents letter:

    HSIs meet needs of all students

    the coverNursing graduate Denise Trujillo 07 has made the most of her education. She willbe honored at Homecoming 2011 as the Exceptional New Alumna (see story page26). She exemplifies the success many Hispanic students achieve thanks to AdamsState. The colleges mission as a Hispanic Serving Institution is detailed on page 12.

    David Svaldi

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    New Datennoorrtthh ccaammppuuss ttrraannssffoorrmmaattiioonn

    ggrraanndd ooppeenniinnggThursday, Aug. 25

    4 - 7 p.m.Tours Luau Dinner Entertainment

    Residences at Rexon the ASC Campus GreenFirst St. & Stadium

    7 p.m. Free Stadium Concert by Martini Shot



    updateRites of Spring 4Can love rescue what hate threatens? 6New ASC tuition structure encourages earlier degree completion 7Rogers explores ethics for a small planet 8Sustainable energy projects get green light 8Whats so great about Adams State? 9Retirees graduate to next phase 9

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  • the college awarded 639degrees May 14, the most inmany years, including ASCs firstMBA degrees. Colorado Commis-sioner of Agriculture John Salazar81 addressed the Masters De-gree Ceremony (right).

    Psychology graduate and AS&FPresident Lisa Chirieleison toldher fellow graduates: College isdifficult; if it wasnt, everyonewould do it. We got through thisthanks to the support from allthose in this room. Now it is up tous to continue to learn as stu-dents of life.

    4 | update

    Rites of Spring

    ascs 2011 presidential teacherawards were presented to (from left)Dr. Richard Goddard, associate profes-sor of anthropology; Dr. Renee Beeton,assistant professor of chemistry; Ar-mando Valdez, assistant professor ofmanagement and health care adminis-tration; and Dr. Carol Guerrero-Murphy,professor of English.

    A group of exceptional students identi-fied professors that demonstrated out-standing undergraduate teaching,advising, and mentoring.

    the service alternative Seven students participated in the ASC Campus Ministrys alternative springbreak, during which they performed service for the Navajo Nation in Tuba City, Ariz., in cooperation withAmizade International. The week included home stays with local families, cultural experiences such as asweat lodge, and service at the Boys & Girls Club.

    finding ones fit An undergraduate(right) examines the puzzle piece fromState Senator Gail Schwartz that sym-bolized her commencement addresstheme of finding one's fit in the biggerpicture of life.

  • Rites of Spring

    Summer 2011 | A-Stater | 5

    rural poverty in developing countries was the subject of this yearsModel United Nations Conference, held in Rome. ASCs team was awardedpartial scholarships from RomeMUN to offset their costs. Micah Keller andAlex Robinson received the Distinguished Delegation Award for their workrepresenting Turkey.

    Above from left: Micah Keller, Laurel Heimstra, Alex Robinson, JosephChavez, advisor Dr. Mari Centeno, Melissa Kam, and Alfonso Casias.

    more than 1,500 high school studentsand advisors were on campus for the 2011 Col-orado State FFA Convention in June. ASC was theonly college sponsor on the Camaro (below) theorganization raffled off to earn over $54,000.President Svaldi and Dr. Zena Buser (from leftbelow), director of ASCs agribusiness program,are shown with state FFA officers. The group willreturn to ASC for their 2014 convention.

    FFA then ceded Plachy Hall to nearly 300 highschool athletes and coaches for the Colorado HighSchool Coaches Association All-State Games.

    songs from the heart ASCs Concert andChamber choirs (above) wrapped up the semesterwith a concert at the Sacred Heart Church in Alam-osa, always a venue with great acoustics.

    everything from salsa to soil analysis was addressed atAprils Student Scholar Days. Twenty-eight students from a diversity ofdepartments presented their research. Kayla Lanoue and Vicente Rios(below), along with Pualani Jeffries, explored Why Do You Dance? TheGrowth of a Salsa Family.

  • can love rescue what hate threatens? Thats the

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