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A World Without Hunger - Microsoft World Without Hunger Stop Hunger Now and Rotary Stop Hunger Now...

Date post:20-May-2018
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  • A World Without HungerStop Hunger Now and Rotary

  • Stop Hunger Now

    Our Vision: A world without hunger.

    Our Mission: To end hunger in our lifetime by

    providing food and life-saving aid to the world's most

    vulnerable and by creating a global commitment to

    mobilize the necessary resources.

    This is what we do:


    6/30/2015 Rotary Presentation

  • The Truth About Hunger

    Nearly 800 million people suffer from hunger.

    25,000 people die of hunger-related causes every day.

    1 in 9 people in the world go to bed hungry each night.

    Hunger kills more people than AIDS/HIV, malaria and

    tuberculosis combined.

    66 million primary school-age children attend classes

    hungry across the developing world, with 23 million in Africa


    6/30/2015 Rotary Presentation

  • Stop Hunger Now Meal

    Packaging Program

    6/30/2015 Rotary Presentation

  • 6/30/2015 Rotary Presentation

    Stop Hunger Now Meal

    Packaging Program




  • 6/30/2015 Rotary Presentation

    Stop Hunger Now Meal

    Packaging Program




  • Meal Distribution

    Stop Hunger Now distributes its meals to partner

    organizations in developing countries, who have

    programs designed for personal

    transformational development,


    School Feeding Programs


    Vocational Programs

    Agricultural Programs

    Adult education classes

    Early Childhood Development Programs

    Stop Hunger Now also provides meals in response to

    natural disasters, famine, and other crises.

    6/30/2015 Rotary Presentation

  • 6/30/2015 Rotary Presentation

  • 6/30/2015 Rotary Presentation

    Blessa Chloe Zamora weighed 12 kilograms &

    measured 94.79 centimeters in height upon

    admission at Destinys Promise Home for

    Children in the Philippines. She was

    abandoned by her birthmother at age1 and

    admitted to the center at age 5. Chloe is a

    sweet & loving child who likes giving kisses &

    hugs to the staff.

    After just 5 months, she now weighs 13.00

    kilograms & measures 99.06 centimeters in

    height. Aside from common colds, she is a

    well & healthy. She loves food & can eat

    anything, but vegetables are not her favorite.

    She loves Stop Hunger Now meals, especially

    when the rice is served with meat and soup.

    Stop Hunger Now Meal Impact

  • Measuring Impact

    Its all about the IMPACT proving that we are making a difference

    SHN worked with University of North Carolina School

    of Global Public Health to design Monitoring and

    Evaluation framework

    6/30/2015 Rotary Presentation

    SHN works with distribution partners to


    Educational variables: Enrollment,

    Absenteeism, Graduation rates

    Health variables: Height, Weight,

    Skin/eyes, prevalence of illness

    Reports available on SHN website,


    SHN supplements reporting with in

    person field visits

  • Meal Packaging Program


    6/30/2015 Rotary Presentation

  • Rotary and Stop Hunger NowDistrict 7670

    DG Carol King committed District

    7670 to package 1,000,000 meals

    in 09-10

    Clubs receive District and RI grants

    District partnered with Rotary club

    in Haiti

    District packages 1.1 million meals

    to respond to earthquake in Haiti.

    Meals were distributed through

    local Rotary club and saved

    thousands of lives.

    6/30/2015 Rotary Presentation

  • Rotary Meal Packaging!

    Rotary clubs/districts have packaged over

    15.5 million meals with Stop Hunger Now!

    3 Rotary Districts have completed

    1,000,000 meal


    6/30/2015 Rotary Presentation

  • Rotary District Million

    Meal Projects

    6/30/2015 Rotary Presentation

  • Global Meal Packaging

    Rotarian's have packaged meals with Stop Hunger Now in

    11 countries including Brazil, Philippines, Malaysia,

    Singapore, India, South Africa, Italy, Australia, Mexico,

    Canada and the United States of America.

    6/30/2015 Rotary Presentation

    Rotary events have led to

    opportunities to open

    permanent, local meal

    packaging programs.

    Stop Hunger Now Malaysia

    Stop Hunger Now Philippines

    Stop Hunger Now India (2015)

    Stop Hunger Now Peru (2015)

  • Meal Packaging Around the


    6/30/2015 Rotary Presentation

  • Rotary International Convention

    In 2014, Rotarians

    packaged 30,000

    meals at the Sydney,

    Australia convention.

    In 2015, Rotarians are

    packaging 100,000

    meals at the Sao

    Paulo, Brazil

    convention. Come find our booth!

    Volunteer with Rotarian


    6/30/2015 Rotary Presentation

  • Stop Hunger Now and Water

    In 2012 SHN established

    partnership with Wine to

    Water, an organization focused

    on providing clean water to

    needy people around the world

    6/30/2015 Rotary Presentation

  • Stop Hunger Now and Water

    SHN and Wine to Water develop

    concept of assembling water filters

    at meal packaging events

    Deloitte Event in Texas

    100,000 meals and 100 filters

    Switzerland Event 75,000

    meals and 100 filters

    SHN and Wine to Water partnering

    on disaster relief

    CNN covers Syria efforts:




    6/30/2015 Rotary Presentation

  • Take Aways

    We can change the face of hunger

    We have an effective model

    The model is being replicated

    Rotary is a leader in this effort

    Stop Hunger Now is one of the best public relations and public involvement programs we

    can undertake to raise awareness of what

    Rotary is all about. Bill Rousseau, Apex, NC Rotarian

    6/30/2015 Rotary Presentation

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