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A year with Larsen & Toubro

Date post: 13-Apr-2017
Author: jaiprakash-patil
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A year with Larsen & Toubro Time Wrap Presentation By Jaiprakash A. Patil ( E&I Execution | Jack Up Rig Sagar Uday ) ( 21 st July 2012 – Present )

A year with Larsen & Toubro

A year with Larsen & Toubro Time Wrap Presentation By Jaiprakash A. Patil ( E&I Execution | Jack Up Rig Sagar Uday )( 21st July 2012 Present )


Larsen & Toubro MFY L.L.CSoharSultanate Of Oman

Sun SignatureJetty ViewYard View

Bachelors in Instrumentation & Control EngineeringBatch-2011From Vishwakarma Institute Of TechnologyPUNE - INDIA

My Journey of Dreams in Larsen & Toubro started on 27th August 2010when I got through the Campus InterviewsJoined L&T Hazira on 21st July 2011

Transferred to L&T Hydrocarbon IC Powai 24th August 2011

On 25th August 2011 I was offered transfer to L&T MFY Oman

Joined L&T MFY Oman on 27th November 2011

Prayag 2011PRAYAG was the best induction training I have been through so far.

It had lot of learnings and fun in package of a month.

We got introduced to all the Independent Companies(IC) that L&T owns.

The very first reaction after knowing span of L&T was I have got handful of Opportunities to groom myself in this Organization.

The Various small trainings which we been through during PRAYAGwere overwhelming our confidence to transform ourselves fromCollege Life to Professional Life and come out of unseen barriers.

The speakers were so enthusiastic about there ICs, which took usinto dilemma of which to choose, cause each IC had there ownlearning's.

The most important thing which PRAYAG gave us is Colleagues which we would have never met.

L&T Powai Hydrocarbon Upstream Core E&I25th Aug 24th NovemberCompleted Advance Excel Training at L&T Training Centre - Madh Inland.Induction in L&T MFF HaziraIntroduction to Modular Fabrication Facility.Overview of work structure followed in MFF.One day HSE training.Talk with operational departments in MFF.E&I QA/QC departmentE&I Execution Piping departmentStructural departmentVisit to ONGC N18 N17 well head platforms, Booster Compressor , Process Platform, Living Quarters PlatformLearnt about various equipments in Platforms.E&I room- Well Head Control Panel, Control/ Power/ Switchboards/ Battery Charger Panel.H2S LEL gas Detectors.Power Units- Wind Turbine, Solar Panels.Multi Phase Flow Meter, Well Selector switch. Pneumatic Operated Valves,Flow/Pressure/Temperature transmitters, indicators. Booster Compressor.Got introduced various OFFSHORE projects Hydrocarbon Upstream have completed.

Personal Effectiveness training at L&T Powai EPC BLOCK.

L&T MFY OMAN26th NovemberInduction for Modular Fabrication YardThree days HSE induction for MFYIntroduction to various Industrial Hazards.Safety Policy of L&T MFY(No Shortcuts).Certificates owned by L&T MFY.ISO 9001-2000ISO 14001-2004 Environment Management SystemOHSAS 18001-2007How to tackle hazards with correct procedure of work.JSA Job Safety Analysis.Scored 23/25 in safety test.Types of fire and Methods to extinguish them.Safety termsJSAWork PermitsSWL- Safe work LoadPOB Token System.PPELifting Equipment's



Scope of the Work Project Specification Systems to be identified Design Basis Memoranda Validation of the Owners data Commissioning after project Completion Inspection and Test Plan Operation and Maintenance Manuals requirements Payment for Procurement Services Materials, Services and Equipment provided by Owner Owners Specified Materials & Subcontractors Requirements for the preparation of a safety management plan Coordination Procedures Specified Substances Milestones Owners Requirements for delivery, storage and handling of Goods on-site Key Personnel Confidentiality, Proprietary Information and Consent Agreement Change Order Functional Completion Notice Final Completion Notice Release and Certificate of Final Payment

PlanningScheduling of project MillstonesPlanning of packagesMaterial follow upSequencing of various tasksCo-ordination with procurement teamSubmitting DPR to ClientCo-ordination with Execution/Production teamPrepare WPR.Calculate Department wise efficiency

Introduction To MFY Operational Departments

Stores & PurchaseProject Material StorageCapital equipments & Consumables procurementPrepare RFQ , prepare Purchase Order.Track on material incoming and outgoing.Prepare delivery note / gate pass for materials.Informing Planning and Execution team of material arrival.Clear customs and duties for Imported material.Prepare GRN.

QA/QC Quality control of material received at yard to match with the requirements.Prepare IMIR for received materials.Inspect materials in presence of Client and 3rd party Inspector.Prepare Test procedures for Projects.Prepare Inspection Test Plan.Quality SystemQS ManualsQS ProceduresQS work instructionQS RecordsDo NDT for structural welding.Ultrasonic TestingMagnetic Particle TestingRadiography

EngineeringSite EngineeringPrepare Lifting PlansPrepare Load out plansModification of DrawingsPrepare As Built DrawingsPipingPrefabrication of piping spools.Prepare spool drawings as per Isometrics.Study P&ID.Prepare for Hydro Testing.Prepare As Built P&IDs.

Yard MaintenanceSupply Power to yard.Yard house Keeping.Yard Management.Repairing of Mechanical &Electrical equipments.

Production/ExecutionReal-time Fabrication of projects.Includes Executive Engineer, Supervisors,Foremen and Workers. Fabrication according to the Drawings.Manage Manpower.Coordination with Planning, Procurement , QC, Engineering, Safety, Client for smooth functioning.Installation Equipments.Increase productivity, efficiency.Testing and Commissioning of Equipment's.Arranging resources on time.Clearing Punch Points.Project Completion On Before Time.

Electrical & Instrumentation HydroCarbon Upstream

Installation & Erection Of Electrical Systems.Fabrication of supports for Panels.Cable tray routing, Fabrication and Installation.Cable Laying, Glanding and Termination.Installation of Control PanelsOverhauling of Motors.Testing of Equipments.Commissioning of systems installed.

Joined the E&I Execution Department on 6th January 2012

Current Project Refurbishment Of ONGC Jack Up Rig SAGAR UDAY Sagar Uday is a ONGCs Oil Drilling Jack Up Rig.

Project was won by L&T FSBU.

L&T MFY OMAN was handed over this project for the construction.

Its was Built by Mazgaon Dock in 1990 in Mangalore Yard.

On 2nd July 2011 Sagar Uday was Docked at L&T MFY Jetty.

Jack Up Rig is in all an Offshore Huge drilling equipment which drills through the depths of ocean to explore OIL & GAS reserves.

E&I WORKPanel Installation- Cable Tray- Cable dressing - Termination Protective coating for cablesFIRE SECURITY- VENDOR

SCR Panel Up gradationH2S LEL sensor testingProtective Coating for Old CablesGroup Starter Panel Up gradationFeeder panel Up gradationCurrent Injection Kit for Breaker TestingContactors Up gradation New Loads

Engine Power CableJacking Control Console5th Generator PanelNOVEngine Battery ChargersWater Maker Control Panel

ICCP Anodes


Terasaki Job Scope Servicing and Overhauling of Lighting Panels. SCR Room : Servicing and Overhauling of Breakers, Relays, Magnetic Contactors and Measuring instruments.Supply and Installation Indication Lamps.Emergency Shutdown SystemNew Battery Charger Panel InstallationJob ScopeCo-ordination with Vendor TERASAKI Singapore for executing the JOB

Meggering and Contact resistance test was done for MCBsTotal MCB 257 Servicing and Overhauling of Lighting PanelsEmergency Shutdown System(ESD)Existing ESD system have to upgraded as one New Generator and other two equipments were installed which were to be linked with ESD.

ESD System was upgraded accordingly with CLIENT approvaland as built drawing was prepared by Vendor.

Functional Test of ESD was witnessed by ONGC.

SCR Room : Servicing and Overhauling of Breakers, Relays, Magnetic Contactors & Measuring instruments.Bus Bar tightening check was done for 480VAC in SCR and EDG RoomFunctional Test of all the Group Starter Panels in SCR and EDG Room Current Injection Test was done for Thermal Overload Relays. Meggering and Contact resistance test for Magnetic Contactor.Ammeter CalibrationVoltmeter CalibrationMegger Ohmmeter Calibration

Primary & Secondary Current Injection Test MCCB/ACB Test relay protection systems and their current transformers together.

Current level maintained though test circuit resistance may rise due to heating.

Built-in timer to record protection relay operation.

This Primary Current Injection Test Set is rugged, self-contained and designed for operation by one person, due to its portability.

The test set has a separate hand-held controller connected by an expandable cable. This allows the operator to work close to a protective relay while controlling a test. The maximum output current is 5000A - AC at line frequency. By changing the range switch, half the rated output can be obtained at twice the voltage.

Additionally, a separate auxiliary voltage output of 300 V, 2 A - AC or 125 V, 2 A - AC is available for testing voltage operated relay coils or checking the magnetization characteristics of current transformers. All outputs are fully variable and each test set has a nominal duty cycle when delivering full current and voltage. Continuous operation is possible at 40% of maximum current.

Testing of Old & New H2S & LEL gas detection sensors. Prepared JSA for using H2S LEL GAS Calibration cylinders on board for testing.Calibration of Sensor transmitting cards. Testing of Flashers & Hooters. Cables health check for H2S-LEL Detectors Panel to JB and JB to individual sensor & Hooter-Flasher.H2S LEL control card testing.Functional check of Detector & Alarm Panel.Tritech Vendor for H2S & LEL GAS DETECTION SYSTEM

AOTC Visit14 No's of Jacking Motors & 4 No's of Anchor Winch motors Were sent to AOTC MUSCAT for overhauling.These motors were witnessed by Vendor ISPL and L&TFollowing Test were witnessed.


Cantilever Skidding OperationMicro switch are used for Brake Fail indication for Skidding MotorsThese switches were calibrated and functionally tested, as no failure indication should be raised while skidding operations.

Shutdown Valves7 numbers of new pneumatically operated shutdown valves are to be installed on salt water line.2 numbers of old shutdown valves were to be reused whichAre sent to AOTC MUSCAT for OverhaulingThese Shutdown valves are to be remotely operated from Tool Pusher & Control Room.

Existing Control Panels were to be reused for operation,For which old termination drawings were not available.Termination drawings for these drawings were prepared by myself.

Compressed air tapping's for operation of valves were identifiedAnd notified to piping department.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19

220 VAC- ~ ~ +24V




1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19



3C 14 AWG

3C 14 AWG

3C 14 AWG

Fire Main Solenoid Cabinet21SV2SV1

Panel mounted Solenoids


Shorted Inside the Panel Using TB

3C 14 AWG

Unused core

I am very much grateful to LARSEN & TOUBRO for trusting me andGiving such a overwhelming opportunityWhich will build my knowledge as an Engineer.

I promise to prove myself as a competent Employ to this OrganizationFor the upcoming years.

I am also thankful to my department colleagues for being supportive at every point of time


Thank You