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ABBYY Mobile Solutions

Capture new opportunities use tablets and smartphones to capture information for powering educational processes.

Turn photos and video stream into text!

Create unique products using special OCR modules, image pre-processing features and Real-Time Recognition technologies

Expand your audience & find new niches with mobile solutions for more than 200 world languages, for both Android and Apple iOS

Capture both printed and hand-printed text, checkmarks and barcodes in any documents right on the device or on the server.

Business scenarios1. Education: quick and accurate capture of test results for

different types of exams.

2. Healthcare: instant document capture for electronic health record (EHR) or electronic medical record (EMR).

3. Business Cards apps: automatic import of leads from snapshots into CRM systems.

4. Personal Finance Software: instant capture and submission of receipts.

5. Insurance: fast filing of insurance claims using photos of documents.

6. Loan Process Automation: instant capture of forms and documents for loan processing.

7. Logistics: accurate on-the-road capture of bills of landing.

8. Legal: quick and accurate conversion of legal documents and forms to editable text.

Already with us:


Extracted textand data


Documents, agreements

Barcodes, forms

Business cards

Taking picture

Video stream

Image prepocessing

Searchable and manageable text

and data


cted t


and d


In the era of new mobile technologies when the reality of modern learning techniques implies virtual reality, it is only with new real-time recognition technologies, developed by ABBYY software, that it becomes possible to make this process a worthwhile experience.

Maksim Mikhalev, PhD.

Modern education service is rapidly changing; there is tight collaboration between schools, businesses and educational society aimed at the development of the modern young citizens. ABBYY, as an international vendor of artificial intelligence technologies, is deeply involved in this process.

To learn more about bridging the gap between future and past in mobile, come listen to a short lecture on Real-time recognition technologies at our stand.

Date: 29th April 2016

Time: 15:15-15:30

Venue: Meeting Room 310 (3rd Floor)

Speaker: Maksim Mikhalev, PhD, Business Development Manager, Culture heritage expert

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