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ABCD's of WAN Optimization

Date post: 12-Nov-2014
Author: edward-gilbert
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This presentation takes a simplistic approach to describing how WAN Optimization impacts key IT initiatives.
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1 ABCD’s of WAN Optimization
  • 1. ABCDs of WAN Optimization

2. Todays workplace reality More Distance More Sites More Data in More Places More Demands on IT 3. Top IT Spending Priorities

  • Cost reduction
  • Disaster Recovery / Business Continuance Planning
  • Server Virtualization
  • Server Consolidation
  • Datacenter Consolidation
  • .
  • .
  • .
  • 10 WAN Optimization / Application Acceleration

Source: Goldman Sachs IT Spending Survey: Downturn takes its toll, US Technology Strategy: Independent Insight, Goldman Sachs, 3/9/2009, exhibit 17. 4. Brief into to Riverbed

  • The pioneer and market leader in WAN Optimization
  • A profitable public company (RVBD)
    • Over $394 million in revenue in 2009
    • Global sales and support operations
  • A trusted IT supplier to over 7000 enterprise customers
    • More than 80,000 appliances shipped around the world
    • >55% of the global 100 have deployed Riverbed
  • The vendor with the best products in the market.
    • Steelhead appliances offer best performance across key applications.
    • They are the most scalable solutions on the market
    • And the easiest to deploy and manage

2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 5. Understanding Riverbeds Value is as Easy as ABCD Bandwidth Optimization

  • Reduce WAN traffic by 65-95%
  • Defer bandwidth upgrades
  • Do more with less


  • Consolidate servers from branch to datacenter
  • Consolidate servers at branch
  • LAN-like performance access

Disaster Recovery

  • Backup (and recover) in less time
  • Little impact to WAN
  • Achieve RTO and RPO objectives

Application Acceleration

  • Dramatically faster response times
  • Improved user productivity
  • Hundreds of apps from Citrix to SharePoint

6. Application Acceleration 7. Key Applications Perform Well on LANs Typical LAN Throughput 100Mbps 1.5Mbps 100ms RTT Hundreds of TCP apps Citrix / RDP SharePoint (HTTP) Exchange (MAPI) MS-Office (CIFS) Application ~25Mbps 5Mbps 70Mbps 25Mbps 40Mbps 8. But Perform Poorly Over WANs Typical LAN Throughput Typical WAN Throughput 100Mbps 1.5Mbps 100ms RTT Hundreds of TCP apps Citrix / RDP SharePoint (HTTP) Exchange (MAPI) MS-Office (CIFS) Application ~25Mbps 5Mbps 70Mbps 25Mbps 40Mbps ~1Mbps 100Kbps 1Mbps 500Kbps 200Kbps 200 times slower! 50 times slower! 70 times slower! 50 times slower! 25 times slower! 9. Riverbeds Industry-leading Performance Riverbeds formula for LAN-like Performance for Key Applications Layer-7 protocol optimization+WAN data deduplication+TCP acceleration CIFS CIFSsigned CIFSprint MacCIFS MAPI MAPI 2K3 MAPI 2K7 MAPI crypto MAPI prepop Lotus Notes HTTP SSL Oracle Forms ICA NFS Riverbed 10. Customer Proof Point Application Acceleration

  • Background
    • A top 200 law firm in the U.S.
    • Need to enable inter-office collaboration
    • Key applications - LexisNexis Interaction CRM, Hummingbird DOCS Open
  • Results
    • Eliminated more than 20 non-billable hours per attorney working in remote offices
    • $980,000 in productivity gains by eliminating long downloads
    • Download of litigation case files -- 22 minutes to 8 seconds
  • Key Benefits
    • Centalized CRM made client information accessible at all times
    • Avoided costly bandwidth upgrades
    • Attorneys more productive and able to collaborate

Riverbed is ahead of the competition in its ability to support all of our critical protocols. This was our winning solution. Frank Gillman, Director of Technology 11. Bandwidth Optimization 12. Reduce Bandwidth Costs with Steelhead Appliances and Mobile

  • Cut bandwidth utilization 60% - 95%
    • Riverbed patented technology
    • Optimize connections from branches and mobile workers
  • Avoid bandwidth upgrades
    • Effectively increase WAN capacity up to 5x

WAN DATA CENTER BRANCH OFFICE MOBILEWORKERS Interceptor(Optional) Steelhead Appliance (Optional out-of-path deployment) Steelhead Appliance (In-path deployment) Steelhead Mobile (Software deployment) 13. Customer Proof Point Reducing Bandwidth Costs

  • Background
    • Global telecom equipment manufacturer
    • 3,000 offices worldwide, 79,000 employees
  • Results
    • IT Administrators managing between 30 - 60 servers each
    • Over 250 sites already deployed, scaling to 700
  • Key benefits
    • $600,000 in annual bandwidth savings
    • $4,500 productivity annual savings per user

14. Consolidation / Cloud 15. Enabling Successful Consolidate IT to the Data Center

  • Branch Office Consolidation
    • Most branches still have many local servers
    • Steelhead products enable consolidation of many of these servers to the data centers / private cloud
    • Enables customers to cut IT costs and save money

WAN FileServers MailServers Web Servers Storage DATA CENTER FileServers MailServers Filers Tape Backup Filers Tape Backup MOBILEWORKERS BRANCH OFFICE 16. Customer Proof Point - Consolidation

  • Background
    • Global insurance company (16,000 employees)
    • Distributed IT environment costly to maintain
    • Deployed 100+ Steelhead appliances around the world
  • Results
    • Consolidated two data centers into one
    • Consolidated 200 major applications and several thousand small applications into one location (including Microsoft Exchange)
    • Removed IT infrastructure from many international offices
  • Key benefits
    • Projected cost savings of $30 million over five years
    • Improved employee access to information globally

An increasing amount of our international offices no longer need local IT professionals or significant local infrastructure. Eoghan Doyle, Director of Infrastructure and Operations 17. Disaster Recovery 18. Backup and DR: Where Riverbed Fits PRIMARYDATA CENTER FileServers MailServers Tape Backup Web Servers Storage DISASTER RECOVERY SITE Steelhead Appliance Disaster Recovery Acceleration High-Speed TCP (Optional) Max-Speed TCP (Optional) Storage BRANCH OFFICE Servers Filers WAN-based Backup

  • 5x - 50x improvement inWAN-based backups
  • Compress backups from24 to 4 hours
  • Behavioral Traffic Recognition for DR
  • Applies to backups, replication, and large-scale data transfer

MOBILE WORKFORCE SteelheadAppliance WAN/VPN Steelhead Appliance 19.

  • Background
    • Enterprise software firm developing business service management solutions
    • Improve data protection by ensuring the shortest possible backup windows over the WAN
  • Results
    • Backup windows reduced from 24 to 6 hours
    • Development cycles cut from 4 days to 1.5 days
    • 90% reduction in bandwidth utilization
  • Key benefits from deploying Riverbed
    • Greater data security in the event of a loss
    • Improved response times for employees in remote offices

Customer Proof Point Disaster Recovery Backup and replication was one of our top priority applications. Backup of remote Filers now takes roughly 6 to 8 hours, instead of 24 hours. Pete Kinkead, Director of IT 20. Summary

  • Understanding the value of WAN Optimization is as easy as ABCD
    • Application Acceleration
    • Bandwidth Optimization
    • Consolidation / Cloud
    • Disaster Recovery
  • Riverbed is the pioneer and market leader in WAN optimization