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Abortus chromosom

Date post:28-Jul-2015
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1. AbortusChromosomal AbnormalitiesDenny Suwanto 2. Chromosome Abnormalities Numerical Euploid---multiple of haploid number (N) Aneuploid---trisomy or monosomy StructuralMilward,K. 2001. Genetics Disease 3. Nondisjunction Meiosis 4. Chromosome Numeric AnomaliesAneuplodyTrisomy 21 5. Euplody 69,XXX Dyandric Dygynic 6. Structural Abnormalities 7. Chromosomal findings in early miscarriages40% apparently normal60% abnormal:Trisomy (47 chromosomes one extra) 30%45,X (45 chromosomes one missing) 10%Triploidy (69 chromosomes three sets) 10%Tetraploidy (92 chromosomes four sets) 5%Other chromosome anomalies 5%(e.g. structural anomalies)National Genetics Education and Development centre, 2009 8. Effect of Chromosomal Abnormalities Preimplantation Implantation Losses Simpson, J, Carson, S, Glob. libr. women's med.,(ISSN: 1756-2228) 2013; DOI 10.3843/GLOWM.10319

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Abortus Chromosomal Abnormalities Denny Suwanto
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