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About APS Technology - MWD, LWD, Downhole Drilling · PDF fileoilfield service companies,...

Date post: 08-Mar-2018
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About APS Technology www.aps-tech.com

About APS Technologywww.aps-tech.com

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Company Profile

APS's ServicesEngineering Solutions for Harsh Environments®

Drilling Test Facility� Customer training� Design qualification testing & continuous improvement

Design Engineering Services� Conceptual & feasibilitystudies

� Product development� Product improvement & optimization

� Project management� Test equipment & facilities

Analysis Services� Finite element analysis: static, vibration, magnetic, & thermal

� Kinematic analysis

Manufacturing Services� Complete in-house CNC machine shop

� Turnkey design & production� Component & system-levelproduction

� Contract electromechanical& electronic assembly

Support Services� Quality inspection & testing

APS Technology delivers fieldperformance and design confidenceworldwide for all your oilfield andharsh environment needs. From theminds of our highly experiencedengineers, technicians, toolmakers and machinists come the world’s most reliableand advanced electromechanical, instrumentation and sensor designs for the oilfieldand other harsh environments.

Make APS Technology your trusted source for products and designs purpose-built tooperate under high shock, vibration, temperature, pressure, fluid flow and harmfulgas conditions.

APS's ProductsMWD/LWD Sensors, Telemetry & Surface Systems

SureShot™ MWD SystemSureShot MWD Gamma SensorSureShot Wave Propagation Resistivity Sub (WPR™)

SureShot Pressure While Drilling (PWD) SensorSureShot Vibration Memory Module (VMM™)

SureShot Surface Systems & ComponentsSureShot Control Center (SSCC™) Software

APSPlot™ Log Plotting SoftwareRotary PulserTurbine Alternator

LogXD Geosteering Software

Drilling & OptimizationRotary Steerable Motor (RSM®)

Drilling Dynamics Monitor (DDM™)

Vibration Prediction, Measurement & Control Active Vibration Damper (AVD™) Vibration Memory Sub (VMS™)

MWD Vibration IsolatorsWellDrill™ Analytical Software for Downhole Drilling Equipment

Answer ProductsGeosteering ServiceSureDrill™ ServiceFE Log Analysis Service

Other ProductsToolJoint™ Rotary Connection Sizing & Analysis SoftwareVacOil™ Hydraulic Oil De-airing & Filling SystemNon-metallic Modular Test OvensPetroMax™ Downhole Fluid Monitoring SensorSub Handling Cart Performance Metallic SealsCustom Thermoelectric Cooling Systems


APS’s Headquarters in Wallingford, Connecticut

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Customer ListOur customer roster includes:

Multi-national Baker Hughes BICO Drilling ToolsChevron Energy TechnologyGE Energy / TensorGyrodataHalliburtonNOV / Reed HycalogReliance EnergySmith International / PathfinderWeatherford

China China National Petroleum Corporation / CPLCOSLShengli Drilling Research Technology Institute (SDRI)Urumqi Gulf Victory Petroleum Technology

Russia CatobneftInterlog / CJSCR&B Industrial Supply / Geo TrendTehGeoBurTPG

North America Cathedral Energy ServicesCrescent Directional DrillingCudd Drilling and MeasurementDirectional Drilling CompanyExcel Directional TechnologiesLEAM Drilling SystemsNevis Energy ServicesPhoenix Technology Services

Central / South America Integradora de Perforaciones y ServiciosINVAP Ingeniera SAOptidrillPetrobrasSan Antonio InternationalZapata Energy

Middle East / North Africa Cougar Drilling Solutions GeotrakMidwestOilSERVReliance Petroleum ServicesTriple L

Asia Pacific CoretrackEastern Drilling ServicesJindal Drilling IndustriesSwick Dynamics

“The addition of APS MWD system kitsto our fleet allowed IntegratedDirectional Resources (IDR), anestablished independent directionaldrilling company, to become self-sufficient in MWD, removing ourprevious dependency on third-partyMWD service companies. The downholesystem is robust and easy to make upat the wellsite, and the surface systemis intuitive and easy to operate. Thesefeatures allowed us to use cross-trained Directional Drilling/MWDpersonnel to perform both functions,resulting in considerable savings forboth our company (IDR) and the clientoil company. The overall systemreliability was also beneficial in thatwe were able to run with a “lean” fleet,covering 4 jobs with basically 9 MWDstrings, thus saving significant capitalexpense. All in all, the MWDprofitability resulting from use of theAPS systems contributed to making IDRan attractive acquisition.”

David Lee, V.P. Operations, IntegratedDirectional Resources, Inc.– APS MWD customer since 2006

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www.aps-tech.comRev. 151116-vC.07

Specifications subject to change without notice.© APS Technology, Inc. 2015

Company HistoryHistoryAPS Technology, Inc. was founded in 1993 by William E. Turner to provide contractengineering services to markets operating in harsh environments. Over time, APSbrought in many people who have spent much of their careers in the MWD / LWDindustry; particularly former employees of Teleco Oilfield Services, the firstcommercial MWD company.

APS Technology has since grown into a leading provider of off-the-shelf and customMWD / LWD, drilling performance and vibration management products for oil andgas drilling. Our customers now include all of the major integrated multinationaloilfield service companies, independent directional drilling companies, MWD servicecompanies and oilfield companies engaged in non-drilling related services.

We have been cited by Deloitte as a national Technology Fast 500™ growingtechnology company seven times. Our company has additionally been acknowledged as a recipient of the Connecticut Tech Top 40 (or its predecessor, the Deloitte Fast 50)for 11 consecutive years dating back to 2003. With corporate headquarters inWallingford, CT and offices in Houston, TX, APS Technology has established a diverseinternational portfolio of clients that includes several Fortune 500 companies.

2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2006, 2005

“Once again the APS Pulser performedflawlessly in difficult conditions. Drillingboth the curve and horizontal sections inthe Marcellus Shale, the tool workedwith absolutely no problems throughoutseveral bit runs. Although the solidscounts were very high throughout thelength of the drilling program, thepulser just kept going strong. With over410 hours of uninterrupted drillingtime, our clients, as well as ourselves,were more than pleased.”

Pete AldrichLead TechnicianBlack Viper Energy Services LP

“The mud weight ranged from 13.6 to 16 ppg water base mud, it was 65-70viscosity, and as high as 32% solids. Wereplaced a competitor that was running[a well-known, competing MWD system]and they had 5 failures at least. We ranin the hole and completed more thanhalf of the lateral in 188 hours totaltime on the MWD and mud motor.”

Randall TaylorPresidentBlack Viper Energy Services LP

Confidentiality PolicyAPS Technology recognizes that one of the main concerns of our clients is the protection of companysecrets, proprietary processes and financial information. Our company has voluntarily adopted theprofessional ethical requirement to protect and keep confidential all information received from our clients.More than simply protecting trade secrets, this means that we will not divulge any information about anyproject with your company to anyone else, without your permission. We vow to hold confidential allproprietary information or trade secrets in trust and confidence and agree that they shall be used only forthe contemplated purposes, shall not be used for any other purpose, or disclosed to any third party. APSTechnology requires all its vendors to sign a secrecy agreement, which obligates them to hold all sharedinformation in the strictest confidence.

Headquarters � Wallingford � USA7 Laser Lane, Wallingford, CT 06492 USAPhone: 860.613.4450 � Fax: 203.284.7428 � [email protected]

Houston � USA15415 International Plaza Dr., Suite #150, Houston, TX 77032 USA � Phone: 281.847.3700

Chengdu � China

Section 2, Fuzhou Road, Guanghan City, Sichuan, P.R. China 618300 � Phone: +86.838.5103.658 � Fax: +86.838.5517.099

Moscow � Russia

29/16, Sivcev Vrazhek Lane, Suite 410, Moscow 119002, RussiaPhone: +7 (499) 241.6638 or 241.7410 � Fax: +7 (499) 241.2166 � [email protected]

Dubai � Middle EastB43, Oilfield Supply Center, Jebel Ali, Dubai, UAE � Phone: +971.4.883.7231 � Fax: +971.4 883.7234