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ABOUT INTERCONTINENTAL HANOI WESTLAKE CHALLENGE Opened in 2007, the InterContinental Hanoi Westlake...

Date post:10-Mar-2020
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    Opened in 2007, the InterContinental Hanoi Westlake (ICHW) provides luxurious

    accommodations with 318 spacious guestrooms, five restaurants and bars, an open-

    air pool, fitness center, meeting center and exclusive lounge. Situated on the shores of

    beautiful West Lake in Hanoi, Vietnam, the ICHW is in close proximity to the city’s Old Quarter

    – and caters to business and leisure travelers alike. The property is managed by InterContinental

    Hotels Group (IHG).


    “Thanks to the Nomadix gateway,

    we have not only increased the quality

    of our guest internet access but can now

    offer a range of features with minimal effort

    from our IT staff. The new gateway has

    increased our staff’s productivity and

    led to greater guest satisfaction.”

    – Thanh Nguyen Quang, IT Manager,

    InterContinental Hanoi Westlake


    ICHW had been using an outdated gateway to manage guest Wi-Fi access – this led to a number of issues. First and

    foremost, the outdated gateway was not reliable, frequently resulting in a slow connection or even a complete drop in

    service. Attempts by ICHW staff to rectify these issues were met with poor customer service by the existing gateway

    manufacturer and lengthy delays.

    The old gateway also lacked functionality – for instance, it’s inability to customize the log-in process for different categories

    of guests or different locations within the hotel. ICHW needed an upgraded access gateway to improve reliability and offer

    additional features – with the overall goal of creating a better internet experience for its guests.

  • SOLUTION ICHW sought a gateway that would easily integrate with its existing technology systems – including its PMS, OPERA,

    and the AAA (authentication, authorization and accounting) software from local internet service provider NetNam. ICHW

    selected the Nomadix gateway, which seamlessly connected with both OPERA and NetNam’s software. The new gateway

    enabled ICHW to customize the internet log-in process for its guests as well as collect and manage data such as guest

    name, room number, amount of time spent on the Wi-Fi network, and location within the hotel. These insights gave the

    hotel’s IT staff the tools they needed to better support guests.

    The Nomadix gateway also provided ICHW with the ability to segment internet access into two types: free, with guests

    needing just one click for two hours of access – and log-in, with guests required to enter information such as name,

    room number or password to gain access. ICHW could further categorize bandwidth allocation and usage based on guest

    classification, with VIP guests receiving the most options, followed by IHG Reward Club members then standard guests.

    The system was also able to automatically customize the internet access options if a guest changed status, for example, if

    a guest became an IHG Rewards member.

    Strong monitoring and bandwidth allocation features were enabled to track the usage, record log-in history and manage

    account creation.


    IMPROVED RELIABILITY AND CUSTOMER SATISFACTION - With the Nomadix gateway in place, ICHW saw vast improvement in

    the reliability of its guest internet service, including a stable connection and faster speeds. This improvement in quality led to an

    increase in the overall satisfaction of guests during their stay at the hotel.

    A CUSTOMIZED EXPERIENCE - The functionality inherent in the Nomadix gateway gave ICHW the ability to customize the log-in

    and payment process, providing guests with various options based on loyalty status, number of days, speed of bandwidth, and

    so on. This customized experience enabled guests to choose an internet access option that best fit their needs during their stay.

    RETURN ON INVESTMENT - With bandwidth management features built in to the Nomadix gateway, ICHW could optimize its

    existing bandwidth usage without having to purchase additional bandwidth. The hotel’s IT department was able to easily manage

    the network with very little effort and time. And the easy payment feature provided ICHW with an additional stream of revenue.

    MOVING FORWARD - The results have been so positive with the Nomadix gateway that ICHW plans to upgrade to the newest Nomadix

    gateway, in the future. Nomadix will offer an even greater level of bandwidth control at even faster speeds than its predecessors,

    which will enable ICHW to continue to provide the highest quality of internet access possible to its guests.

    ABOUT NOMADIX Nomadix’s commitment to high-speed internet access and bandwidth management technologies is exemplified by its

    family of internet access gateways and deep-packet inspection appliances. The company’s internet gateways can support

    the deployment of networks with up to 8,000 simultaneous mobile devices. Its Alloc8 – X Series can support up to 10GB

    of data throughput. With Nomadix, properties can effectively allocate bandwidth and optimally manage and monetize its

    network access to provide a world-class internet experience for its guests. For more information, visit www.nomadix.com.

    30851 Agoura Road, Suite 102, Agoura Hills, CA 91301 USA | +1 800 NOMADIX | nomadix.com

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