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  • 8/7/2019 About Urs



    Vikash Anand


    Deepak Kumar Singh

    ROLL NO. RR 1002B48

    REGD.NO. - 11001833

  • 8/7/2019 About Urs


    About URS

    URS Corporation is a fully integrated engineering, construction and technical

    services organization with the capabilities to support every stage of the project

    life cyclefrom inception through start-up and operation to decommissioningand closure. We offer program management; planning, design and engineering;

    systems engineering and technical assistance; construction and construction

    management; operations and maintenance; and decommissioning and closure


    Through our network of offices across the United States and in more than 40

    countries, we provide services to a broad range of clients around the world,

    including U.S. federal government agencies, national governments of other

    countries, state and local government agencies in the United States and

    internationally, and private sector clients worldwide representing a wide variety

    of industries. Our work is focused in four key market sectors: federal,

    infrastructure, power, and industrial and commercial. Within each of these

    markets, our comprehensive skills and expertise are a valued resource to

    clients around the world.

  • 8/7/2019 About Urs


    Ranking Of URS in the World

    FORTUNE Magazine

    y#252 on FORTUNE's List of America's 500Largest Companies

    ENR The Top 500 Design FirmsRanked #2 Overall and ranked as one of the Top 3 Firms for more than adecade.

    Among the top 20 in:

    y #1 in Highwaysy #1 in Bridgesy

    #2 in Transportationy #2 in Airportsy #2 in General Buildingy #2 in Dams & Resevoirsy #3 in Manufacturingy #4 in Powery #6 in Industrial Processy #8 in Petroleum

    ENR The Top 400 Contractors

    Ranked #23 Overall

    Among the top 20 in:

    y #2 in Manufacturingy #4 in Nuclear Plantsy #5 in Nuclear Wastey #5 in Fossil Fuely #6 in Powery #8 in Hazardous Wastey #12 in Refineries & Petrochemical Plantsy #13 in Industrial Process/Petrochemicaly #14 in Contractors Working Abroad

    ENR's Top 200 Environmental FirmsRanked #3 Overall

    Among the top 20 in:

  • 8/7/2019 About Urs


    y #2 in Environmental Managementy #2 in Air Pollution Control/Energyy #4 in Construction/Remediationy #5 in Nuclear Wastey #6 in Hazardous Waste

    ENR's Top 100 Green Design FirmsRanked #2 Overall

    ENR's Top 150 Global Design FirmsRanked #3 Overall

    ENR The Top 100 Design-BuildRanked #12 Overall

    Among the top 20 in:

    y #3 in Combined Design & ConstructionManagement

    y #6 in Program Managementy #16 in Design-Build

    Building Design & Construction GIANTS 300

    y #8 Engineer /Architects category on BD&CsGIANTS 300 list

    y #19 Construction Managers category onBD&Cs GIANTS 300 list

    Roads & Bridges Go-To List of Top Design Firms

    Among the top 10 in:

    y #1 Top Design-Build Design Firmsy #1 Top Storm-Water Design Firmsy #2 Top Road & Highway Design Firmsy #2 Top Mass-Transit Design Firmsy #2 Top Airport Design Firmsy #3 Top Bridge Design Firms

    Government Executive Top 200 Federal ContractorsRanked #12

    G.I. Jobs Top 50 Military-Friendly EmployersRanked #13

  • 8/7/2019 About Urs


    Small Business/Supplier Diversity

    It is the policy of URS Corporation that Small Business Concerns, includingveteran-owned small business concerns, service-disabled veteran-owned smallbusiness concerns, HUBZone small business concerns, small disadvantagedbusiness concerns, and women-owned small business concerns, shall have themaximum practicable opportunity to compete for the procurement of goods andservices.

    This corporate commitment extends to the procurement of all goods andservices, whether the purchases support (1) Federal, State, or Local

    governments, (2) commercial clients, or (3) in-house needs.

    URS Corporation is committed to an effective supplier diversity program thatdemonstrates measurable improvement from year to year, is consistent withrecognized industry objectives and applications, is consistent with contractualexpectations of our clients, and that maximizes procurement opportunities forsmall business concerns to the fullest extent consistent with efficient contractperformance.

    Government Affairs

    Our Government Affairs office is located in Arlington, Virginia. The officerepresents URS Corporation before federal, state, local and internationalgovernments and commercial customers to achieve strategic and financialgoals.

    Office Location:2345 Crystal DriveSuite 708Arlington, VA 22202+1.703.236.2700

    +1.703.236.1931 fax

    LocationsAs one of the largest engineering design services firms worldwide, and a leadingU.S. federal government contractor, URS has an extensive network of officesacross the U.S. and in more than 40 countries.

  • 8/7/2019 About Urs


    Use the tools in the left column to locate your desired office by region or findthe office closest to you.


    The global demand for energy is at an all-time high. To meet this need, URSdesigns, constructs and maintains virtually every type of power plant andprovides single-source management services for greenfield, retrofit andexpansion projects across the entire power-generation industry.

    We have engineered more than 250,000 megawatts of electricity worldwidemore than any other contractor and equivalent to almost one-fourth of thecurrent generating capacity in the United States.

    Whether its retrofitting a nuclear power plant to extend its useful life,installing flue gas desulfurization scrubbers that reduce emissions harmful to

    the environment or constructing a hydropower generating facility that bringselectricity to millions, URS provides the complete life cycle of services to clientsin the power industry.


    URS is helping to create a new generation of public infrastructure. Whether itsa major reservoir in New Zealand, a freeway expansion in California, a schoolmodernization program in New York City or an airport upgrade in China, weare a leader in efforts to design, build, expand and modernize critical


    As one of the largest fully integrated engineering, construction and technicalservices firms, URS has served as planner, architect, engineer, generalcontractor, and program and construction manager for thousands ofinfrastructure projects worldwide. With public agencies increasinglyoutsourcing work, we also provide operations and maintenance support when aproject has been completed. URS is at the forefront of providing the full lifecycle of services to help clients address complex infrastructure challengesanywhere in the world.

    Industrial & Commercial

    URS provides complete life cycle services for FORTUNE 500 industrial andcommercial companies and other multinational corporations. From front-endstudies, environmental management, and engineering and process design to

  • 8/7/2019 About Urs


    procurement, construction, and facility management and maintenance, URShelps clients process resources and deliver them to the world. We also providesite decommissioning and closure services for facilities no longer in use.

    Whether the project involves expanding facilities, installing new utility systems,

    selecting the optimal process for producing finished products, reconfiguringprocesses to improve operational efficiency or providing long-term managementservices, URS has the resources to meet the needs of industrial andcommercial clients worldwide.

    With particular expertise in the oil, gas and chemical industries, we helpclients design and construct multibillion dollar production facilities, processingplants, refineries, and storage and transportation infrastructure.


    As a major U.S. federal contractor, URS provides critical support to theDepartments of Defense and Homeland Security, the Intelligence Community,the Department of Energy, NASA, and other federal agencies. Our servicesrange from planning and design through construction and operations andmaintenance to decommissioning and closure.

    For example, as part of our operations and maintenance services for specializedgovernment installations, URS provides mission-focused institutional supportto the research and daily operations of NASAs facilities at Kennedy Space

    Center and Marshall Space Flight Center. We also manage operations at theDODs National Radar Cross-Section Test Facility.

    URS modernizes weapons systems, refurbishes military vehicles and aircraft,trains pilots and manages military and government facilities.In addition, we plan, design and construct hangars, and government buildings,provide logistics support for military operations and help decommission formerbases for redevelopment.

    The Company also is a leader in global threat reduction programs, whicheliminate nuclear, chemical, biological and conventional weapons around the

    world. We have helped clean up more of the Cold Wars chemical andradioactive legacy than any other company.

    For the Department of Energy, we manage complex programs and facilitiesincluding national laboratoriesand our specialized expertise in all aspects ofnuclear safety provides operational, consulting and project support services togovernment and business clients around the world.

  • 8/7/2019 About Urs


    In Europe, we manage one of the worlds most complex nuclear waste cleanupsfor the United Kingdom Nuclear Decommissioning Authority, in Australia weprovide environmental services to the Department of Defence as well

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