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Abundant U.S. shale gas supplies revitalizing chemical manufacturing

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Abundant U.S. shale gas supplies revitalizing chemical manufacturing. National Lieutenant Governors Association July 19, 2013 Dwight Tozer Vice President, ExxonMobil Chemical Company. Chemical Industry Vital to U.S. Economy. 25. $39 billion. 800,000. $770 billion. 12. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Abundant U.S. shale gas supplies revitalizing chemical manufacturingNational Lieutenant Governors AssociationJuly 19, 2013Dwight TozerVice President, ExxonMobil Chemical CompanyThis presentation includes forward-looking statements. Actual future conditions (including economic conditions, energy demand, and energy supply) could differ materially due to changes in technology, the development of new supply sources, political events, demographic changes, and other factors discussed herein (and in Item 1 of ExxonMobils latest report on Form 10-K). This material is not to be reproduced without the permission of Exxon Mobil Corporation.1Chemical Industry Vital to U.S. Economy$770 billion12800,00025Source: American Chemistry Council, June 2013Annual sales one of Americas largest industriesPercent of U.S. exportsAnnual capital investmentIndustry employees$39 billionPercent of U.S. GDP supported#2Chemicals Demand Sees Significant Growth

250200150100500Quadrillion BTUsChemicalsHeavy IndustryOther2000202020402013Energy Demand by Industrial SectorEnergy IndustryExxonMobil 2013 Outlook for Energy#3

Natural Gas Abundant, WidespreadNorth AmericaLatinAmericaMiddleEastRussia /CaspianAsia PacificAfricaEurope


Source: IEAExxonMobil 2013 Outlook for Energy

North AmericaLatinAmericaMiddleEastRussia /CaspianAsia PacificAfricaEurope

Source: IEAExxonMobil 2013 Outlook for EnergyUnconventional AmericaLatinAmericaMiddleEastRussia /CaspianAsia PacificWorld Total - 27.9Global NaturalGas Resource3.1Africa1.6Europe


Thousand trillion cubic feetConventionalUnconventionalSource: IEA#4

Major Change in U.S. FeedstocksMajor shift in energy market in mid-2000s

Crude driven by emerging market growth / global events

Shale gas supply drives the shift in relative economics

Increased gas production provides advantaged ethylene feedstocksSource: ExxonMobil Estimates$/TBrent Crude Oil$/bblGas/CrudeBTU RatioUS Gas:CrudeCrude Oil / Gas Pricing#5Shale Gas Fuels Manufacturing Expansion

#66Economic, Jobs Growth from Shale ExxonMobil TX Project10,000 construction jobs3,800 other jobs$870 million annually to regional economy$90 million annual added tax revenues100 U.S. Industry Projects$72 billion investment1.2 million construction jobs 540,000 other jobs$14 billion added annual tax revenue

Texas Project Estimates: ExxonMobilIndustry Project Estimates: American Chemistry Council#77Opportunities to Realize PotentialObjective: Balanced approach to support economic & job growth Policies to facilitate development:Access: gas reserves on state and private landState Regulations: Fit for purpose environmental frameworkPermitting: Streamlined and consistent for investments Trade: Support free markets for U.S. goodsAn energy revolution at the doorstep#

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