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Academic Parent-Teacher Teams ( APTT ) Cultivating Authentic Family-School Partnerships Lake Geneva...

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Academic Parent-Teacher Teams (APTT)

Academic Parent-Teacher Teams (APTT)Cultivating Authentic Family-School Partnerships

Lake Geneva - Wisconsin October 29, 2014Faith Burtamekh

Objectives for TodayLearn and discuss the why, what, and how of school-based family engagement that leads to improved student learning and achievement.

2Why School-Based Family Engagement?

Its a Matter of TimeBased on 6 hours of instruction, 180 days per year, and 8 hours of sleep time.(At school = 1,080 Hours) (Asleep = 2,920 Hours) ( Away from school = 4,760 Hours) (Total Hours in a Year = 8,760)

Have participants take a moment to look at the slide, talk with someone next to them and then ask some participants to share out. 4

Family Engagement Matters for Students and Schools% of schools substantially improving in readingBryk, A.Sebring, P., Allensworth, A., Luppescu, S., & Easton, J. (2010). Organizing Schools for Improvement: Lessons from Chicago. Chicago: University of Chicago Press. Fiveessential supports predicted dramatic school improvement

Combined, supports had greater impact

Weakness over time in any area undermined improvement

5APTT and The Dual Capacity FrameworkCurrent research supports efforts that are:Intentional and strategicLinked to learningSystematic and sustainedDevelopmentalRelational and collaborative

Karen L. Mapp et al, (2013) Partners in Education A Dual Capacity-Building Framework for Family-School Partnerships (A publication of SEDL in collaboration with the USDE)

6Why?Build Efficacy and CapacityTo build family knowledge and confidence that supports student learning at home and in the community.

What is Family Engagement?

Family engagement is parent-teacher collaboration to drive student learning and achievement.

What are you currently doing to engage families at your school? On paper, create a list of all the activities and events that you invite families to attend at your school every year.Activity

Activity: Part 2Go back to the list you created and put a star next to everything you invite families to participate in that has to do with student learning.

Activity: Part 3Review the list again and circle everything you invite families to participate in that is focused on grade-level learning goals.

School-Based Family EngagementParent InvolvementWhat a school does to bring parents onto a school campus.ConferencesFestivals/celebrationsPTA/PTO/PTSAWorkshopsVolunteer opportunitiesFamily EngagementWhat families do to apply what they learn in order to support student learning at home and in the community.13

How do we create meaningful family engagement?

Academic Parent-Teacher Teams (APTT)

Insert Stanton Video? Ask Maria? 15APTT Model

17APTT Shifts the Focus from Accountability to Capacity Buildingand Shared Responsibility

Results From APTT ImplementationAccelerated student academic progressIncreased parent-teacher collaboration focused on student goalsIncreased family capacity to support learningImproved overall school cultureExceed Title I requirementsEfficient and strategic family outreach

How do we make it happen?Build awareness and readiness with school staffProvide professional developmentProvide teachers with supported planning timeHave a strong family outreach planCollect data every step of the wayMake it part of the school/district improvement plan

Thank You!

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Sheet1WeakStrongSchool leadership11%43%Parent involvement10%40%Teacher capacity9%47%Safety and order16%36%Curriculum alignment10%45%

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