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ACER CONFIDENTIAL Acer XG Series Gaming beyond borders.

Date post: 01-Jan-2016
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ACER CONFIDENTIAL Acer XG Series Gaming beyond borders


Acer XG SeriesGaming beyond borders


Gaming beyond borders

Selling Points


Brilliance without boarders

• Up-scaling resolution of WQHD

• Zeroframe Design

• Flicker-less technology can eliminate annoying screen flicker

• Blue light filter reduces blue light exposure to eliminate eyestrains

• Low dimming technology can adjust screen’s dim in dark ambient environment

• ComfyView display can reduce reflection from light source

Great eye protection

• Acer EcoDisplay

• A mercury-free LED display

• ENERGY STAR® 6.0 qualified


Ultra-smooth action sequences in great

detail • FreeSync technology

• 144Hz rapid refresh rate

• 1ms (GTG) fast response time

• Multiple connectivity including HDMI 2.0. DVI, Displayport 1.2


World’s first FreeSync gaming monitor with a frameless design

The Zero-frame design maximizes its viewing area and provides a more seamless viewing experience for multi-monitor setups.

for seamless viewing


This XG270HU monitor’s DisplayPort port supports DisplayPort Adaptive-Sync. That means this monitor can work with a FreeSync-supporting graphics card and driver software* to eliminate screen tearing, while minimizing lag and latency. With FreeSync, the monitor’s frames are synced with the graphics card’s frames, which eliminates screen tearing and delivers very smooth gaming experiences.

FreeSync eliminates ‘tearing’

1. Enabling smooth gameplay 2. Eliminating screen tearing 3. Minimizing lag and latency

*Requirements to enable FreeSync dynamic frame-refresh syncing:l OS: Windows® 7 or Windows® 8.1 l Graphics card: AMD Radeon™ R9 290 Series or AMD Radeon™ R7 260 Series l Driver: AMD Catalyst™ beta driver l Display interface: DisplayPort™ or eDP l Monitor: Must support DisplayPort Adaptive-Sync


With FreeSync, the game’s frame rate is determined by your graphics card, not the fixed refresh rate of the monitor. This means the monitor’s frames are synced with the graphics card’s frames, which eliminates screen tearing and delivers very smooth gaming experiences. Moreover, the FreeSync system is much more affordable than similar frame-syncing systems, and it delivers the same smooth, fluid, and responsive game-play visuals.

For smooth gameplay with decreased lag and no tearing

FreeSync™ technology


The 144Hz refresh rate speeds up the frames per second to deliver an ultra-smooth 2D motion scenes. With a rapid refresh rate of 144Hz, Acer XG Series shorten the time it takes for frame rendering, lower input lag and provide gamers an excellent in-game experience.

144Hz Refresh RateOutstanding fluidity of images




Fast response time of 1ms GTG (Gray to Gray) enhanced gamers’ in-game experience. No matter the fast-moving action or any dramatic transitions will be all rendered smoothly without the annoying effects of smearing or ghosting through Acer XG Series.

1 ms Response TimeFast and clear imaginary


A constant image’s refresh rate may flicker up to 60 times a second, although human’s eyes hardly recognize the circumstance. The flicker screen is less visible, but makes eyestrain, even damage eye health, especially for those heavy monitor users, like programmers, writers, students or graphic designers.

Acer Flicker-less monitors can eliminate annoying screen flicker, and provide comfortable viewing experienceFlicker-less imageFlicker image

Flicker-less TechnologyEliminates stressful screen flickering


Blue Light Filter

Turn ‘Blue Light Filter’ on via OSD setting

Acer Blue Light FilterUsers can adjust the percentage of blue light exposure via the OSD (onscreen display) settings to ensure comfortable viewing over long periods of time.

Potential Blue Light Health Risks Blue light may cause oxidative damage to the eye, and may play an integral role in causing age-related macular degeneration, leading to significant vision loss. Research has determined that the lens inside the eye, and the pigment in the back of the eye, offer some protection against blue light. But this protective mechanism only lasts for a short period of exposure to intense blue light, and only during daylight hours.*

*Source: vision.about.com/od/sportsvision/a/Blue-Light-Exposure.htm

Filters out harmful blue light by adjusting OSD settings


Monitor’s backlight is defined between 30% and 100% brightness. Acer’s monitor can be dimmed down to only 15% of brightness when viewing in dark environments.

In bright ambient environment, monitor screen can remain optimal


To eliminate eyestrains, monitor screen can be adjusted dim in

dark ambient environment

The dim is associated with the brightness when users adjust settings on OSD.

Low dimming technologyLower down brightness to 10% to fit different ambient environments


•Reduce reflection from light source for comfortable viewing experience•Less eyestrain after watching monitors for long hours•Meet the ergonomic workstation requirement

ComfyView Display

ComfyView displayGlare display

Reduces annoying background reflection


Product Views

OSD buttons

DVI-in*DisplayPort 1.2HDMI 2.0®*


X-shaped bases