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ACER CONFIDENTIAL - Product Brief - Acer X1385WH.

Date post: 17-Jan-2018
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ACER CONFIDENTIAL Contents Product segment Value proposition Key selling points Product views Specification

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ACER CONFIDENTIAL - Product Brief - Acer X1385WH ACER CONFIDENTIAL Revision Log Revision Date VersionNameDescription 2015/1/131.0BM Jess WuFirst release ACER CONFIDENTIAL Contents Product segment Value proposition Key selling points Product views Specification ACER CONFIDENTIAL Product segment Portable LED Carry your ideas in your pocket to share wherever you go. Large Venue Project crystal clear images with sufficient brightness at banquet halls or large conference rooms. Essentia l Best value projectors for work and play. Educatio n Perfect for teaching and learning. HomeLarger, brighter cinematic experience. ACER CONFIDENTIAL Expressive projection Enhanced usability Installation flexibility Eco-friendly functionality Acer X1385WH projector features high brightness and contrast ratio for showcasing vividly detailed text and images. DLP 3D Ready and HDMI 3D, capability makes work presentations more convincing, and home entertainment more exciting. To top it off, Acer X1385WH projector is readily affordable. Value proposition *Specifications vary depending on model Captivating projection with sharp visuals Captivating projection with sharp visuals ACER CONFIDENTIAL Key selling points Captivating projection with sharp visuals Expressive projection WXGA resolution presents sharp details and lets you select the level of display detail required for your particular usage scenario 3200 ANSI higher brightness and contrast ratios project crystal-clear, vibrant images from a long distance on a large screen. Various Acer color technology With HDMI 3D ready, the projector enables the display of a Blu-ray 1080p 3D content Enhanced usability Wireless projection capability let you break free from the limitation of cables Instant resume/ Smart adjustment / Reliable security / Full support Installation flexibility Acer top loading lamp even when the projector is ceiling-mounted, the user can easily replace the lamp module without detaching the projector from the ceiling. Auto keystone corrections automatically corrects vertical distortions Auto ceiling-mount correction can automatically detect and instantly rotates the images by 180 to ensure the correct orientation. Eco-friendly functionality With the world leading ExtremeEco technology, the power consumption of the projector can be reduced up to 75% and the lamp life can be extended as well Up to 10,000 hours lamp life (ExtremeEco mode) ACER CONFIDENTIAL 6 3,200 ANSI lumens brightness 3,200 lumens high brightness shows clear images even from a long distance and performance isnt degraded by ambient light. You can enjoy videos during the day without drawing the curtains! Expressive Projection ACER CONFIDENTIAL 7 ColorBoost3D is an advanced technology which improved optical color performance with all kinds of contents based on chip DLP, 6-segment color wheel design, and lamp control capabilities. Now, Acer presents ColorBoost3D that provides true-to- life images even while displaying 3D or 2D-3D contents. Expressive Projection With ColorBoost3D Technology Wide Color Gamut Without ColorBoost3D Technology Lamp control technique TI DLP chip 6-segment color wheel Acer ColorBoost3D ACER CONFIDENTIAL Acer dynamic RGB gain control Greenish picture (Normal DLP projectors) Image with corrected color fidelity ( DLP projectors with ColorSafe II) Expressive Projection Acer projectors featuring ColorSafe II technology is virtually immune to color decay, such as yellow or green tint on images. It uses dynamic RGB gain control to secure color fidelity, even after prolonged use, which lower the total cost of ownership and translate to big savings. 8 Acer ColorSafe II ACER CONFIDENTIAL 9 DynamicBlack improves image contrast by analyzing onscreen content frame-by-frame and then dynamically adjusting lamp power to optimize black levels. Expressive Projection It delivers the most vivid image that the black is extremely black and white is brilliant white. The high contrast ratio is up to whopping 20,000:1. Enjoy all amazing details even the dark scene. Acer DynamicBlack 20,000:1 ACER CONFIDENTIAL Expressive Projection DLP 3D Ready for theater-like 3D experience DLP Link 3D glasses NTSC DVD player + HQFS DVD or Blu-ray 3D player + Blu-ray 3D disk PC supporting 120 Hz output plus 3D SW player installed Acer X1385WH projector Acer X1385WH projector supporting 3D output delivers a flicker- free 3D experience. With DLP 3D ready, user can view any 120 Hz 3D frame sequential content from a PC with appropriate 120 Hz graphic card and 3D stereoscopic player, any Blu-ray Disc title from a Blu-ray disc (BD) player or HQFS 3D DVD title from an NTSC DVD player. One Button 3D With One Button 3D function, user can simply press the 3D button to toggle among various 3D functions, including 3D On/Off and 3D L/R Invert. ACER CONFIDENTIAL Mirroring Display 3 Direct screen projection via Android 4.2 or Windows 8.1 devices Enhanced Usability 1.Wireless projection are only available via Acer wireless adapter 2.Mirroring Display=Miracast. 3.Download eDisplayPro app for smart device and eDisplay management for PC Ease of Use Setup as easy as 1, 2, 3 Switch Launch Project eDisplayPro 2 Handy Applications Split quad screen Camera projection Web browser Sketch Connect Dropbox Easy project, free from cable eDisplayPro app Multimedia Compatibility Photo/ Music/ Video Office/ PDF reader Dropbox Windows/iOS/Android compatible ACER CONFIDENTIAL 12 Picture that youre in a meeting, and four of your colleagues can simultaneously display four different reports from four devices to one screen. How convenient! Acer eDisplayPro allows a maximum of four users to display their contents on screen at the same time, which is mighty powerful especially for business meeting or education. Enhanced Usability Quad View: Split screen for multitasking ACER CONFIDENTIAL 1 Miracast 2 Support Android 4.2 / Windows 8.1 and later. e.g. Acer S1, Google Nexus 4, Samsung S4, HTC New One, etc. Mirroring Display Enhanced Usability Mirroring Display 1 compatible devices 2 allow direct screen projection. You can show exactly what you want with no limitation. Mirroring a fun video or travel photos with friends and family without having to crowd around a small display anymore. ACER CONFIDENTIAL 14 WirelessHD: Projection with 1080P 1 Full HD stunning quality Enhanced Usability 1080P 1 3D Transmission Perfect Image Quality Latentless- 28Gbit/s bandwidth Lossless- uncompressed data Interference less- 60GHz band Plug & Play- ZERO setting Plug in video devices with HDMI cables and start to play A/V without further paring setting with projector. Game Console HD DVD Player Blu-ray Player HDMI Cable WiHD Transmitter WiHD Dongle 2 Optional accessory and Plug Play WirelessHD Paring with WiHD A/V Kit 2, X1385WH offers wireless projection with the best quality. 1 WiHD is capable for 1080P Full HD data transmission, but X1385WH native resolution is WXGA. ACER CONFIDENTIAL Quick response Reliable security Smart adjustment Full support Instant resume / Instant pack Instant resume: allows the projector to resume projection right after it has been turned off (available after projector being turned on for at least 4 minutes). Instant pack: Allows the user to unplug and pack the projector right after it has been turned off without resulting damage. Acer SmartFormat technology Conveniently supports comprehensive wide- format PC signals. Users no longer need to worry about annoying "Signal not supported" issues, nor must they change the resolution of their wide-format notebook. Enhanced Usability 3W Built in Speaker ACER CONFIDENTIAL Acer Projector P1340W Installation Flexibility Acer top-loading lamp The lamp module is now top-loaded, as opposed to the conventional bottom-loading design. Hence, even when the projector is ceiling-mounted, maintainer can easily replace the lamp module without detaching the projector from the ceiling Auto Celling-mount Gravity sensor automatically detects that the projector is ceiling mounted, and instantly rotates projected images by 180 to ensure the correct orientation. Auto Keystone Correction Activating the Auto Keystone Correction feature and it will automatically correct vertical distortions, so the audience sees a rectangular image rather than one with a wider top/bottom, even if the projector is placed above or below the screen. ACER CONFIDENTIAL Eco-friendly Functionality Acer EcoProjection technology Reduces standby power consumption dramatically. With the world leading Acer ExtremeEco technology, the power consumption of the projector can be reduced up to 75% and the lamp life can be extended as well Up to 10,000 hours lamp life Standard mode 4000 hours ECO mode 6000 hours ExtremeEco mode 10,000 hours Saves lamp replacement costs and ensures long-term, dependable projector use More Eco-friendly features ACER CONFIDENTIAL Product Views X1385WH Control pad Zoom controller Len s Remote control receiver ACER CONFIDENTIAL Product Views X1385WH Audio out Audio in S-Video Composite video DC 5V output Mini USB HDM I (MHL) VGA in VGA out RS232 AC-in jack Kensington lock port ACER CONFIDENTIAL Specifications Thank you