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adopting paperless office, the facts

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adopting paperless office, the facts
  • 1. adopting paperless office (green office) , the facts

2. paper is a temporary medium for information it may be efficient only in small quantitiesexpensive, inefficient & fraught with risk in large 3. paper facts in an average organization stores 10,000 to 12,000 documents in a four-drawer file cabinet uses 9 square feet of floor space per four-drawer file cabinet spends $1,500 per year per four-drawer cabinet spends $20 in labor filing each document employs one person per every 12 filing cabinets to keep and maintain the same spends 18 minutes searching for a document spends $125 in labor searching for every misfiled document spends $350-$700 searching and replacing lostdocuments spends 400 hours per year searching for lost files spends 25 hours recreating lost documents misplaces/loses and average of 1 out of every 10documents copies 19 times every document paper requirement growth is 22% per year (paperwork doubles within 3.3 years) 70% of today's businesses will fail in a period of three weeks after a catastrophic loss of paper records 4. reality in most of organizations the volume of paper records is still increasing steadily in 56% of organizations half of organizations are scanning newly received papers and filing them electronically rather than manually third of businesses are looking to go to all-electronic records-keeping the other half are manually filing inbound paper documents 40% of organizations routinely printing newly generated documents and emails to file them as paper records electronic records are more than twice as likely to be described as unmanaged than paper records 5. real facts for paperless office annual reduction of 58,880 pages (118 reams) for approximate of $1000 annual reduction of toner and ink costs for approximate of $3,230 annual energy reduction costs of $5,600 average annual cost benefit of $21,555 reduced machine count reduced machines aftersales consumables procuring more efficient hardware lower shipping and transportation costs increased employees productivity faster access to information, offer better customer service and improved customer satisfaction improved efficiencies in basic business processes (e.g., invoice processing) freeing up workers for more strategic tasks facts based on 100 employee organization 6. benefits of paperless environment eliminate office storage space consumed by filing cabinets eliminate delays in sharing content between knowledge and information workers increase content security by relying on systems security reduce environmental impact by becoming eco-friendly saves an average of $101 a week per worker by making documents digitallyaccessible save $10,000 a year in time and materials per employee by eliminating copying, distribution, fax, and storage costs of papers average employee can save $60 to $250 by using (OCR) to convert paper to digital documents rather than recreating them 7. top 5 tips for a digital office12345enable fast and easy scanning for everyone in the office with devices you already owncreate automated document routing solutions to speed information exchangeprint to PDF instead of printing to paper and share documents digitallytransform paper forms to PDF or InfoPath forms and automate themput digital documents editing and conversion tools on every desktop

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