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Advertising Ethics

Definition of Advertising Primary function of Advertisings Commercial Advertising and its features

Advertisements can succeed in 2 ways:1) by creating desire for the seller s product in consumers 2) by creating a belief in consumers

Various features of ethical aspects of advertising Social Effects of Advertising Psychological Effects of Advertising Advertising and waste Advertising and Market Power Advertising and the creation of Consumer Desires

Advertising and its Effects on Consumer Beliefs

All communication involves three terms: the author(s) the medium the audience

Ethical issues in Marketing CommunicationsEthics in our context involves matters of right and wrong, or moral, conduct pertaining to any aspect of marketing communications


The Ethics of Targeting Ethical debate practice of targeting products and communications efforts to segments that, for various psychosocial and economic reasons, are vulnerable to marketing communications.


Targeting to Children and Teens Products targeted to kids are unnecessary and the communications involved are exploitative Use of posters, book covers, free magazines, advertising, and other so-called learning tools Placing products in movies with tie-in merchandise programs


Targeting to Children and Teens Targeting adult products to preadults Miller Brewing Company bolder beer Use of unacceptable images cartoons greatest recent controversy is Joe Camel and Camel cigarettes Marketing of adult-oriented entertainment products to children and teens: Violent films, video games, and music


Is Targeting Unethical or Just Good Marketing?Two arguments: Targeting benefits rather than harms consumers provide consumer with products best suited to their particular needs and wants Concerned not with fulfilling consumers needs and wants, but rather with exploiting consumer vulnerabilities


Ethical Issues in Packaging and BrandingFour Aspects: 1) Label information 2) Packaging graphics 3) Packaging safety 4) Environmental implications


Ethical Issues in Online Marketing Overlap with ethics on advertising and promotions Privacy is the most important ethical issue with online marketing Invade individual s privacy rights by selling information to other sources without the consumer s consent


Fostering Ethical Marketing CommunicationsThe Golden Rule The Professional EthicsAct in a way that you would want others to act toward you Take only actions that would be viewed as proper by an objective panel of your professional colleagues Would l feel comfortable explaining this action on television to the general public?13

The TV test

Elements of Deception Misleading. Reasonable consumer. Material.


Information RegulationCorrective advertising A firm that misleads consumers should have to use future advertisements to rectify any deceptive impressions it has created in consumers minds


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