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Date post: 21-Jan-2016
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AEG Foundation. Name Title. The AEG Foundation. Advancing the Science, Scholarship and Education in Environmental and Engineering Geology for the Benefit of All. Foundation benefits to the YOUR Section. Why are you so passionate about this profession?. Scholarships Beardsley-Kuper Lemke - PowerPoint PPT Presentation
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AEG Foundation AEG Foundation Name Title
Page 1: AEG Foundation

AEG FoundationAEG Foundation



Page 2: AEG Foundation

The AEG FoundationThe AEG Foundation

Advancing the Science, Scholarship and Education in Environmental and Engineering Geology for the Benefit of All

Page 3: AEG Foundation

Foundation benefits to Foundation benefits to the YOUR Sectionthe YOUR Section

Page 4: AEG Foundation

Why are you so passionate Why are you so passionate about this profession?about this profession?

Page 5: AEG Foundation

AEG Foundation FundsAEG Foundation Funds

Scholarships– Beardsley-Kuper– Lemke– Mathewson– Marliave– Stout– Tilford


Speakers/ Publications/ Conferences– Jahns– Legget– Shlemon Specialty

and Con’t Education

Other– Greatest Needs/

Memorial– Johnston

Page 6: AEG Foundation

Beardsley-Kuper FundBeardsley-Kuper Fund

Grants from the AEG Foundation Beardsley-Kuper Geology Field Camp Scholarship Fund are intended to support geology field camp costs with applied environmental and engineering geology.


Page 7: AEG Foundation

Scholarships – Lemke FundScholarships – Lemke Fund

The Lemke Fund assists students with funding to present at national meetings.

Page 8: AEG Foundation

Scholarships – Marliave FundScholarships – Marliave Fund

Marliave Scholars demonstrate outstanding ability, scholarship, potential for contributions to the profession, character, and activities in student/professional societies.

Page 9: AEG Foundation

Scholarships - StoutScholarships - Stout

If it wasn’t for the generosity of the AEG [Foundation], I would not have been able to attend field camp and this would have certainly set me back. I would have spent my summer sitting at home… instead of enjoying geology for half the summer.

- Sherry McGee2007 Stout Scholar

2011 Stout Scholars

Page 10: AEG Foundation

Scholarships – MathewsonScholarships – Mathewson

The Mathewson Scholarship Funds supports geologic studies by students at the undergraduate and graduate levels at Texas colleges and universities.

Page 11: AEG Foundation

Scholarships – Tilford Field StudiesScholarships – Tilford Field Studies

Receiving the Tilford Scholarship not only gave me the opportunity to live many a geologist’s dream of witnessing a volcanic eruption, it allowed me to gain practical experience in volcanology, the field that I plan to continue my education in.

- Stephanie Mrozek, 2005 Tilford Scholar

Page 12: AEG Foundation


The 1The 1stst Recipient: Recipient:

William C. Haneberg William C. Haneberg

Reconnaissance Reconnaissance

engineering geology of engineering geology of the Laprak landslide, the Laprak landslide, Gorkha District, Gorkha District, western Nepalwestern Nepal

Page 13: AEG Foundation

Speakers - JahnsSpeakers - Jahns

Imagine traveling around the country for one year speaking to geoscience students about the exciting opportunities this profession provides.

Now imagine doing this with just $10,000 of support.

2012 Jahns Lecturer – Scott Burns

Page 14: AEG Foundation

Publications - LeggetPublications - Legget

The Legget Fund is currently developing the Geoscience Library of Applied Technology. A free resource of literature and information.

Page 15: AEG Foundation

Conferences - ShlemonConferences - Shlemon

Shlemon Advanced Specialty Conferences bring together researchers and applied geologists in fields of environmental and engineering geology that are experiencing rapid progress and/or controversy.

Page 16: AEG Foundation

Other FundsOther Funds

Greatest Needs / Memorial– AEG Foundation Board allocates to

areas of greatest needJohnston

– Directly supports AEG Foundation business operations

Page 17: AEG Foundation

You DO make a differenceYou DO make a difference











AEG Foundation's Relative Metrics

Net Assets ($) Donation Income ($)

Scholarship Recipients (#)













Page 18: AEG Foundation

Remember your passionRemember your passion

You can make an impact!

DonateFundraiseVolunteerPlanned Giving

Page 19: AEG Foundation


The AEG Foundation thanks you for supporting your profession!