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Aer Lingus advertisement deconstuction

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Presentation on an AerLingus Ad Deconstuction. Involves the Frame Work Get-To-By, Objectives, Strategy and Tactics, Maslow’s Hierarchy Insight, Targeting, Mission Statement Effectiveness, and Theme Song.
  • 1. Ad Deconstruction AerLingus Enjoy your FlightConor QuinnLaureen MorrissetteEimear MurphyDavid FoxNiamh DowneyEmer Keenan

2. Aer Lingus - Enjoy Your Flight 3. Agenda Frame Work Get-To-By Objectives Strategy and Tactics Maslows Hierarchy Insight Targeting Mission Statement Effectiveness Theme Song 4. Get To By:GetAirline CustomersTo Switch Airlines Indirectly ComparingBy Brand with Rivals 5. Involvement Advertising Sales Brand CommitmentsImaging EventsSelf Reference InterestAd 6. Aer Lingus Objectives To launch new campaign emphasising brand as a high-quality, low fares airlineQualityAerAerLingus LingusRyanairPrice 7. Aer Lingus Objectives continued To persuade low-cost airline customers tochoose Aer Lingus To integrate brand associations into themarketing mix 8. Strategy and Tactics Show that the low-fares airline experiencecan be an enjoyable one Tactics: The music and imagery in the ad conveysa sense of comfort, relaxation, warmth andfriendliness 9. Strategy and Tacticscontinued Indirectly comparing the Aer Lingus brand tothat of their nearest rivals Tactics: Use of audio quotes Airports that arent miles from anywhere A seat with your name so theres no scramble for the plane Self service check in so you wont have to queue at the airport And above all, a low fares airline you know will look after you 10. Strategy and Tactics continued Exaggerate the negative aspects of rival lowfare airlines: Tactics: Self-referencing shots of unhappysituations 11. Strategy and Tactics continued Accentuate the positive features of the AerLingus flying experience Tactics: Use of a number of different characterswho are stress free and happy 12. Strategy and Tactics continuedBest example of the positive aspects of Aer Lingus being accentuated 13. Strategy and Tacticscontinued Raise awareness of brand associations, i.e.the red dot for Aerlingus.com Tactics: Use a number of different scenes tointegrate the red colour into the Aer LingusBrand 14. Strategy and Tacticscontinued Not mentioning the name of the airline untilthe end of the ad to keep people intrigued Tactics: Use a number of subliminal techniquesto associate the ad with Ireland 15. Maslows Human Needs Air Travel Consumers will want to feel safe, and the ad gives a family feel to the airline in that they will look after you in the way you want 16. Insights Not just an Value airbusComparison Worryabout yourCulturalholiday, NotAspects your flight Insight 17. Targeting Who paid for the ad: Aer Lingus Who is the audience: Airline Customers Characters: Young Couple, Family, Business Man, Leisure Holiday Maker 18. Aer Lingus Mission Statement Aer Lingus is committed to providing a safe,reliable and quality service to our customersthat is underpinned by a policy of low faressustained by a low cost base. We believe it isconsistent to maintain a low cost base,provide a quality service 19. Effectiveness Global online bookings up from 22% of ticket sales to 80% 75% reduction in distribution costs as a result of theAd Not particularly high-cost as TV advertisements go. 5.6% increase in sales in 2008 from 1.284 mill to1.357mill Bookings were up and 95% were online 20. Suggested Theme SongAer Lingus Promotional Song

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