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Agenda Planning for Web Conferencing

Date post:30-Jul-2015
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1. Agenda planning for web conferencing 2. Its all about the doc! An agenda for smarter web conferencing 3. Teleconferencing is great. 4. Video conferencing is brilliant. 5. And web conferencing is AMAZING. 6. But its also DIFFERENT. Here are some rules for successful web conferencing. 7. Rule 1: Think documents 8. Web conferencing lets people COLLABORATE as well as TALK. 9. Imagine people huddled around a DOCUMENT, not a table. With their pens out. What rights do they have? Who should approve them? Who can add notes? 10. Make sure everyone knows what theyre allowed to do... in ADVANCE. 11. Rule 2: Friendly format 12. Web conferencing lets you share many types of document. Spreadsheets, text docs, slides. Is your document right for the collaborative task? Is everybody familiar with the layout youre using? 13. Simple and clear trumps clever but complex EVERY TIME. 14. Rule 3: Judge bandwidth 15. There are several levels of web conferencing. Browser-based over the web works great for simple documents and presentations. But complex technical collaborations may need more oomph. And think about security, with private networks. 16. If its casual, stay simple. If its mission-critical, look beyond. 17. Rule 4: Clear out confusion 18. Just as meetings can be hijacked by the loudest person in the room. Web conferences can be dominated by the wrong people. 19. Have a goal and agenda points for your web collaboration, EVEN IF its just one document. As you would in any meeting. 20. Rule 5: Keep it interactive 21. Even non- contributing team members like to feel involved. Use polls, questions, and choices to guide your web conference in a way thats useful to everyone. 22. Rule 6: Give feedback 23. To keep everyone at ease, recreate that feeling of being round a table. Indicate whos presenting, display lists of attendees, show links to resources. Theyll feel less like an audience, more like a team. 24. Rule 7: Keep notes 25. A good web conferencing session is its own Contact Report. Circulate links to the presentation or session to everyone, with a brief summary of what happened and what was decided. 26. And the big one... 27. Ignore the rules! 28. Web conferencing can combine voice, text, and visuals. Which means its full of possibilities. Some even we havent thought of. 29. So if you find a way of using that works for you keep doing it! A great partner for making these choices is Arkadin. 30. Takeaways Remember: its a document, not a roundtable Have goals and an agenda, like any other meeting ...and remember to enable who does what! 31. Enjoy collaboration, enjoy sharing Enjoy simplicity

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