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Ahern LENR theories

Date post:02-Jun-2015
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Brian Ahern's presentation for CITI5
  • 1. Energy Localization The key to Understanding Energy in Nanotechnology & Nature

2. Nature assembles ordered structures out of chaos without a temperature gradient or energy input. Systems generally go from ordered to chaotic. How does nature go from the chaotic to ordered? 3. Atoms in most solids vibrate at high frequency andlow amplitude Atoms nuclei generally reside in parabolic potential wells. The nuclei undergo simple harmonic motion as if they were connected by springs. 4. Some Materials have non-parabolic potential wells They produce nonlinear vibrational modes Large Amplitude, Low Frequency Vibrational modes 5. superconductors have very large amplitude vibrational modes Levitating magnet 6. Ideal Springs obey Hookes LawF= -k 1 X M 1 M 2 M n Equipartition of Energy Every mass has the same vibrational energy Enrico Fermi, 1954 Los AlamosMAINIAC I 7. Non ideal Springs

  • F = -k 1 X +k 2 X 2
  • Energy is not equally Shared
  • Energy is Localized

Vibrationally cold 8. Fermi & Ulam found that Energy is Localized when there is:

  • Acountable numberof elements
  • Nonlinear couplingbetween the elements

9. Energy Localized vibrational modes are so large that they can break and reform bonds. Locally, the vibrations act like very hot regions with active chemistry. 10. Nanoparticles in the3 - 12 nmsize regime have both properties: 1.A countable number of atoms A large fraction of the atoms are near the surface and reside in shallow, non-parabolic potential wells 2. Nonlinear Coupling 11. Energy localization at the nanoscale circumvents the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics Nature evolved to take advantage of these energy exchange mechanisms available only at this size scale. Ordered structures can be assembled from Chaos 12. Light Emitters Solar Cells Enzyme operational control

  • Nanomagnetism

Energy Localization Controls the Efficiency Critical features for any nanodevice should be processed in the 3 - 12nm size regime. 13. Yashiaki Arata 2006 Japans most decorated scientist Order of Cultural Merit Deuterium gas added to 5-10nm palladium powdersspontaneously produces heat via nuclear reactions. George Miley No energy input is required. Limitless clean energy is now a realistic possibility. 14. Takahashi reported no excess heat with 20-100nm powder

  • Energy Localization was explained
  • PdD - PdH is a superconductor
  • H /D in palladium is anharmonic
  • Hydrogen in nano Pd is chaotic
  • Kitamura and Takahashi succeed at 5-10nm

15. Rossi and Piantelli

  • Both describe nanoscale nickel particles with hydrogen to produce heat
  • Piantelli says the nickel must be free of any NiO coating and the feature size must be below 70nm
  • Rossi & Piantelli report self sustained operation
  • George Miley reported similar action last week

16. Nano-magnetism

  • Ferromagnetism is a cooperative phenomenon
  • Ferrites processed at 3 12nm have cooperative oscillations
  • Magnetic vortices arise at that dimension
  • Vortex interactions extract energy via energy localization
  • Ferrites run cold as a result
  • Energy source is undetermined
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Energy Localization The key to Understanding Energy in Nanotechnology & Nature
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