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Date post: 14-Apr-2022
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Andrew ® Integrated Management and Operating System A.I.M.O.S.
A.I.M.O.S. Solution BrochureA.I.M.O.S.
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You needed to build or modernize a wireless network for an airport, university, subway, hospital, bank or stadium. You analyzed all of your options and determined that CommScope was the ideal partner. You purchased, installed and commissioned the necessary network equipment..
The Andrew® Integrated Management and Operating System (A.I.M.O.S.) is CommScope’s
comprehensive monitoring platform for distributed antenna systems (DAS) and repeater
solutions. A.I.M.O.S. is a Windows®-based application that supervises and monitors the
operation of all active elements within off-air Andrew repeater systems and fiber DAS
systems. Whether you’re utilizing CommScope’s ION® Fiber DAS, Node solutions, MRx18
or mini repeaters, the A.I.M.O.S. network management platform ties it all together,
providing automated support with robust fault, configuration and inventory management
While manual supervision is reasonable for a small number of repeaters, if your system
contains more than 50 units, the time and labor associated with manually tracking every
repeater is cost-prohibitive. This is where A.I.M.O.S. shines.
A.I.M.O.S.— the mastermind behind your productive wireless network
What can network
intelligence do for
your network’s
3 A.I.M.O.S. Andrew® Integrated Management and Operating System
EASY 24X7 SUPERVISION: Centralized, remote and convenient. Control and monitor all CommScope repeaters within your network from one central location or multiple local hubs. Troubleshoot and resolve issues, change configuration settings and evaluate system performance—all from a remote location. A SIMPLE, INTUITIVE GUI: CommScope designed A.I.M.O.S. with a simple, customizable hierarchical graphic user interface (GUI). Quickly identify and modify any repeater within your network. Independent tree configurations can be created for each user. With the Web User Interface status information can be viewed in standard HTML5 compatible browsers, even on tablets. ALARM FORWARDING: A.I.M.O.S. can be integrated into a third-party Network Management SW via SNMP interface. For example, communicate with OpenView®
from Hewlett-Packard Co., Netcool® from IBM or NetAct® from Nokia via Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMPv2c, v3). Because A.I.M.O.S. can manage network elements from multiple organizations also individual and independent alarm recipients can be configured for dedicated alarm distribution. AUTOMATED RECURRING TASKS: Use the task scheduler to reduce workload and conduct maintenance during low-traffic times without direct manual oversight. Tasks like alarm polling, RF frequency allocation, network element SW updates and performance data downloads can be executed at specific times or regular intervals. A.I.M.O.S. takes care even in environments with unstable connectivity. COMPREHENSIVE MANAGEMENT CAPABILITIES: The network manager communicates with remote network elements, configures alarms, displays inventory and operational status. Use either the account manager to administrate user accounts or the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) interface. The northbound manager helps you integrate the A.I.M.O.S. SNMP agent into various umbrella management systems. ROBUST ANALYTICS AND STATISTICS: User-defined and predefined charts about alarms, temperature curves, power output over time and downtime help you troubleshoot and evaluate key performance indicators.
EXPANDED VISIBILITY: Integrated OpenStreetMap functionality displays devices on a map for drag-and-drop placement of DAS and repeater systems at building level. Zoom in and out to locate individuals units or filter for example only for faulty units. With the live tracking of mobile repeater it is even possible to see where your inventory is at this very moment. Pin colors indicate the severity of various alarms. Loading of multiple bitmaps per objects (floorplans, coverage simulations,…) with the possibility to group them gives an even more detailed view and allows for a thorough alarm impact analysis.
Features @ a glance
commscope.com Visit our website or contact your local CommScope representative for more information.
© 2019 CommScope, Inc. All rights reserved.
All trademarks identified by ® or ™ are registered trademarks or trademarks, respectively, of CommScope, Inc. This document is for planning purposes only and is not intended to modify or supplement any specifications or warrantie,d in accordance with international standards, including ISO 9001, TL 9000, and ISO 14001. Further information regarding CommScope’s commitment can be found at www.commscope.com/About-Us/Corporate-Responsibility-and-Sustainability.
CommScope (NASDAQ: COMM) helps design, build and manage wired and wireless networks
around the world. As a communications infrastructure leader, we shape the always-on networks of tomorrow.
For more than 40 years, our global team of greater than 20,000 employees, innovators and technologists
has empowered customers in all regions of the world to anticipate what’s next
and push the boundaries of what’s possible. Discover more at commscope.com
BR-107318.4-EN.GB (05/19)
If you need to transfer mission-critical information, export your database to off-the-shelf
software. Use the auto ODBC Export tool to execute queries automatically and write the
results into a CSV file. You can also configure network elements with a thirdparty tool
by exporting or importing configuration data in XML format. With the new SON- SOAP
interface agile switching of ION coverage profiles is offered to SON platforms.
Why leave network oversight to chance, when you can leave it to A.I.M.O.S.? For optimal
compatibility, productivity and efficiency, trust your network management needs to the
same partner who provides your network DAS and repeaters. CommScope helps you
efficiently streamline daily operations and maintenance activities, only with A.I.M.O.S.
We are thinking you should try A.I.M.O.S.
before you buy it. That’s why we offer a 60 days
free trial version that delivers full product func-
tionality for up to 20 devices in your network.
Simply download and install the software with-
out paying anything. When you are convinced
in our software, please contact your Sales repre-
sentative on www.commscope.com. Licensing
pay-as-you-grow with an A.I.M.O.S. subscription
keeps your cost under control.
Make sure that your wireless network runs smoothly