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Date post: 24-May-2015
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Nokia Youth Engagement Project – Hyderabad Building today for Better Tomorrow – Live Amazing Every Day Presented by Krishna Mohan Rao Adiraju Projects Manager Human Action for Rural Development Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh.
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Nokia Youth Engagement Project – HyderabadBuilding today for Better Tomorrow – Live Amazing Every Day

Presented byKrishna Mohan Rao Adiraju

Projects ManagerHuman Action for Rural Development

Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh.

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Lead Partner – HARD Details

Name of the NGO: Human Action for Rural Development (HARD)

Established: 11 August 1985 (27 Years)

Address for communication: 1-1-199/A/1, Chikkadpally, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh Ph: +91-40-27635264 Cell: +91-9949971971 E-mail:

[email protected]

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Lead Partner – HARD Details

Vision: Empower disadvantaged groups in the society to ensure rights among children, women, aged and other needy by social capital building

Mission: HARD is working towards empowering the disadvantaged people to realize their rights to health, education, livelihood, safe environment and facilitate to protect themselves from exploitation, abuse, trafficking and gender discrimination through holistic integrated development approaches

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Lead Partner – HARD Details

Areas of operation: Hyderabad, Medak and Khammam

Target Population: 10 Wards, 125 Villages and 90 Tribal Hamlets. Approx 300,000 population

Staff: 29 full time staff members and 120


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Lead Partner – HARD Details

Current Projects

Rajeev Vidya Mission – Government of Andhra Pradesh

Livelihood Programs for Older persons - Help Age India &Help The Aged, London

Child Trafficking and HIV/AIDS Prevention Project in Andhra Pradesh – Plan India

Dommara Community Project – 64 settlements - 5 districts of Andhra Pradesh - Education Sponsorship Programs – Anand Charity US

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Lead Partner – HARD Details

Current Projects

65 SHGs (with 25 by SCAs) - 50,00,000 INR - 97% recovery rate. HARD develops linkage between the SHGs and the local banks

Promoting Networks of CLHIVs , PLHIVs and Families affected by HIV/AIDS

Promoting Livelihood Programs

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Lead Partner – HARD Details

Current Projects - Hyderabad

Implementing HIV/AIDS projects in Hyderabad – APSACS / NACO

Implementing development projects for CSR units of various companies like Oracle, Toshiba and Capital IQ – Providing School Infrastructure Development

Water Hyderabad

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Lead Partner – HARD Details

Experience & Expertise

In past 26 years HARD had implemented more 40 INGO projects that includes Plan International, Help The Aged – London, KFO – Austria, Misereor –

Germany, Mennonite Central Committee – USA/Canada, Save the Children Fund of British Columbia – Canada , Swedish Dutch and Canadian High Commissions of India etc., besides CAPART, Ministry of Women Development and Child Welfare and other resource organizations. HARD annual budgets are generally ranging between 4 to 6 Million INR per annum

The SHG models promoted by HARD are model concepts and are used by prestigious government institutes like NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF RURAL DEVELOPMENT, NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF MICRO SMALL AND MEDIUM ENTERPRISES and others as success stories. The same institutes organize exposure visits to the SHGs for trainee IAS officer, International Delegates and other Development Workers from government and non government sectors

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Team Lead – Krishna Mohan

Participated in post disaster projects during Tsunami relief work.

Domestic Child Labour

Education : BSW , MSW

With HARD since : 7 Years CTHAPTAP project Samisthi SAGP

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The Start ! Work with Child Labour projects Started an youth lead organization called Students for Child Rights (SCR)

to eradicate domestic child labour Through SCR, we did rescue operations to help the children at risk The organization got good response, with wide publicity and open support

by a national media (ndtv) and a local channel (Tv9), many youth volunteers started to join the campaign. In less than a year, we had more than 2000 volunteers joining the campaign

As the required amendment was made .i.e. including domestic child labour into the 1986 child labour prohibition and regulation act, the campaign slowly has become dormant

The campaign was culminated in 2007 by organizing a National Conference on Domestic Child Labour. The conference was organized with support of Oxfam India, Hyderabad office. Around 200 students from 40 reputed institutions had attended the conference. The conference emphasized the utilization of the amendments and the key stake holders responsible for its successful implementation.

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After gaining confidence through many successful campaigns I did, I started involving with smaller groups of young people and facilitated them to work on key issues . I was closely associated with 6 youth organizations / NGOs.

One of the youth organizations, I was associated was Vridhi Foundation, a group of young people motivated to work for the environment development but were confused on the specific issues to take up. Here I was instrumental in helping the group choose to work on Water Harvesting.

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Water Hyderabad

Water Hyderabad is a initiative by a group of youth organizations to promote water harvesting in the city of Hyderabad.

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Participation at Global Level Besides my active participation at local level, I actively involved with

several youth movements and organizations globally I am one of the founding member and lone participant from India to

attend the founding congress of Global Young Greens. The global young greens is a green network having members working on key issues of grassroot democracy

OIYP – Mentor and Motivator – Organized courses on Organizing campaigns, People Participation

Core Committee member Asia Europe Youth Network for Sustainable Development – instrumental in defining MDGs and Young People

UNEP - Marrakech Process – 10 YFP 2010 – 2020 on Sustainable Lifestyles

NAEYV – Korea. Sweden & Network. Taiwan – Centennial Celebrations – Youth and NGO movements Senegal Training on Women Cooperatives Upcoming – Training in SriLanka

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GlocalOIYP – IndiaWater HyderabadYEP Project

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