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Aleister Crowley-The Complete Astrological Writtings

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The Complete Astrological Writtings
  • Aleister Crowley, The Complete Astrological WritingsTitle PageCopyright, ContentsEditors' Introduction

    A Treatise on Astrology: Liber 536PrefaceThe Essential Dignities of the PlanetsThe Triple Trinity of the Planets

    I. The General Principles of AstrologyThe Master Key to AstrologyThe Technical Elements of AstrologyThe Twelve Houses of HeavenThe Aspects of the PlanetsHow to Set up a Figure of the HeavensThe General Principles of Judging a FigureThe General Signification of the Planets, Signs and HousesMan and the Universe

    II. NeptuneNeptune in the Zodiacal SignsNeptune and the Other PlanetsNeptune in the Twelve Houses of Heaven

    III. UranusUranus in the Zodiacal SignsUranus in the Twelve Houses of Heaven

    How Horoscopes Are FakedBatrachophrenoboocosmomachiaINDEX

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