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Alester Crowley - The Necronomicon by Aleister Crowley

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ALEISTER CROWLEY 1875-1975 Ad Meiomrum Cthulhi Gloriam Dedication On the One Hundredth anniversary of the Nativity of the Poet And, finally, to the Demon PERDURABO, without whose help the presentation of this Book would have been impossible.
  • DedicationOn the One Hundredth anniversary

    of the Nativity of the Poet


    Ad Meiomrum Cthulhi Gloriam


    THE EDITOR would like to thank all of the people whose cooperation and dedication tounspeakable horrors has made this book possible. First, our thanks go to that nameless monkwho presented us with the originals., who has since disappeared. Second, to that ever-changingstaff of translators who performed a most distasteful and oft'times unsatisfying task: to Ms. I.Celms, Ms. N. Papaspyrou, Mr. Peter Levenda, Mr. X. and Mr. Y. Third, to Ms. J. McNally,whose thorough knowledge and understanding of Craft folklore aided the Editor in assuming aproper perspective towards this Work. Fourth, to Mr. J. Birnbaum who aided in some of thepreliminary practical research concerning the powers of the Book, and its dangers. Fifth, to Mr.L. K. Barnes, who dared to tempt the awesome wrath of the Ancient Ones, rising unspeakableeldritch horrors, in supporting the publication of this arcane treatise. Sixth, to all those patientPagans and Friends of the Craft who waited, and waited for the eventual publication of thistome with baited breath . . . and something on the stove. Seventh, and perhaps mostimportantly, to Herman Slater of the Magickal Childe (nee Warlock Shop), whose constantencouragement and eternal kvetching was material to the completion of this Work.

    And, finally, to the Demon PERDURABO, without whose help the presentation of this Bookwould have been impossible.

  • Blessed Be!


    Introductory EssayPrefatory Notes

    Chart of ComparisonsSupplementary Material to 777

    Notes on PronunciationThe Spells (Translated)

    Common Sumerian Words and Phrases in EnglishA word Concerning the Original Manuscript

    BanishingsBibliography & Suggested Reading List


    The Testimony of the Mad ArabOf the Zonei and Their Attributes

    The Book of Entrance, and Of the WalkingThe Incantations of The Gates

    The Conjuration of the Fire GodThe Conjuration of the Watcher

    The MAKLU TextThe Book of Calling

    The Book of Fifty NamesThe MAGAN TextThe URILIA Text

    The Testimony of the Mad Arab, the Second Part

    PREFACE TO THE SECOND EDITIONTHERE ARE THREE major individuals who must share the credit for the astonishingly good reception theNECRONOMICON has enjoyed over the last two years since its publication. L.K. Barnes was lured into theMagickal Childe bookstore in Manhattan one day by an incarnated thoughtform we may only refer to by hisinitials, B.A.K. Both were in search of some casual amusement from the slightly distorted version of thesupernatural intelligence-dissemination that usually took place on those premises. L.K. Barnes, publisher of thistome, has probably come to regret ever setting foot or tentacle inside those clammy precincts, for the crazed

  • proprietor of that institution commenced to wave before him the manuscript copy of this book, thereby securinghis soul forever in the service of the Elder Gods.

    Needless to say, L.K. - a longtime pilgrim in the search for the genuine NECRONOMICON which he knew,since childhood, really existed - was suitably impressed. Shocked, actually. He asked to see the dubiouspersonality who claimed responsibility for the editing and general research work that went into the volume.

    This exotic individual, Simon by name, appeared suddenly one day in the living quarters of L.K. Barnes attiredin a beret, a suit of some dark, fibrous material, and a attache case which contained - besides correspondencefrom various Balkan embassies and a photograph of the F-104 fighter being crated up for shipment toLuxembourg - additional material on the NECRONOMICON which proved his bona fides. Also at that meetingwas the third member of the Unholy Trinity, James Wasserman of Studio 31 who - according to a SouthAmerican cult leader - died during the last year, but who has been able with assistance from the Stone of theWise and certain of the formulae in this book, to go on about his business like unto a living man.

    With Simon's manuscript, Barnes' occult vision and aesthetic scruples, and Wasserman's production experienceand tireless labour, the abhorred NECRONOMICON began to take shape and the first edition smote the standson December 22, 1977 - the ancient pagan feast of Yule, the winter solstice.

    Yet, not without a number of bizarre occurrences that more than once threatened the lives, the sanity, and theastral bodies of the three individuals most deeply involved.

    Jim Wasserman was subjected to what we may vaguely refer to as "poltergeist" activity during the time heworked on production and design aspects of the book. A room which, for certain loathsome purposes, wasalways kept locked was found one day to have been opened - from the inside. In the same building, just belowhis loft, the typesetters were set upon by swarms of rats. The discovery of a small Hindu idol that had been lostsignalled the end to the plague, and the rats disappeared.

    Simon usually lives in fear of his life, for reasons that do not always have to do with the NECRONOMICON.However, he has been subject to constant surveillance by the Ancient Ones as they await one slip, the singlemisstep, that will provide for them the entry they earnestly desire into this world.

    L.K. Barnes, on the other hand, has had no rest whatever from the signals and messages from theextraterrestrial intelligences that were the overseers and the guardians of the book's publication. He has beenplagued by an unremitting chain of numerological events which he cannot ignore. The predominance of thenumbers 13,333,555,666 and others too arcane to bear mentioning have been made his life a demonstration(read, demon-stration) of Jungian synchronicity patterns. Also, his printing of the beautiful, full-colourDenderah Zodiac on the first anniversary of the NECRONOMICON's publication in 1978 precipitated a rash ofUFO sightings in Australia and New Zealand - in which one pilot has disappeared.

    Bizarre occurrences and humorous coincidences aside for the moment, the NECRONOMICON has causedchanges in the conscience of those people most intimately involved with it, as well as many strangers who simplybought the book through the mail or at their bookstore. Judging by the letters we have received in the last twoyears, these changes have been startling. Many have found the books' magick to work, and work extremely well.Others, having once attempted certain of the rituals, felt compelled to retire from the occult "scene" for lengthyperiods of time. The mere fact that the books was generally considered never have existed - and then found toexist after all - is itself a powerful psychic influence. A fantasy come true. A dream realised in waking life. Thequest for a lifetime search come to an end. The ultimate Book of Spells. The Godfather of Grimoires.

    Therefore it is with awe, and with something akin to dread, that I address this second edition to the courageousreader of the NECRONOMICON. The Beast has told us, "I am the warrior Lord of the Forties : the Eightiescower before me, & are abased." (AL, III:46) This edition of the NECRONOMICON is scheduled for earlydelivery in January-February 1980, making it possibly the first occult book of the Eighties. A herald of doom ?Or a harbinger of fate ?

    Since the publication of this book in December, 1977, the ancient forces of erstwhile victory have been bangingand clamouring at the Gates. December 1977 was the middle of the killing spree of the calibre killer, known tothe press as the Son of Sam, who was motivated - according to recent reports - by membership in a satanic cultin Yonkers. Several months after the capture of David Berkowitz in 1978, nearly one thousand people killedthemselves in Guyana at the orders of a crazed religious leader. Several months after that, the leader of a

  • mystical Islamic sect seized power in Iran and - at the time of writing - is calling for a Holy War against theInfidel.

    There is evidence that every New Age witnesses a baptism by fire. Christians and Muslims are turning on eachother and themselves; Israel is once again in serious jeopardy; Buddhism is being eradicated in Southeast Asiaas it was in Tibet. The Ancient Ones, Lords of a time before memory, are being drawn by the smell of confusionand the hysteria and mutual hatred of the primitive life-forms on this planet: human beings. Unless the Gatesare secured against attack, unless humanity awakens to both the real danger and the real potential for evolution. . .

    Well, the vision of the Mad Arab - ancestor of the Muslim princes so much in the news in 1979/1980 - is one,certainly of terror. The discovery of this book, however, like the discovery of the typesetters' idol, may be thekey, the link in our defence against the possible Enemy awaiting us, Outside. Events of the last two years haveshown us that the book is also an amulet, a protective shield, that guards its own from the machinations of evil.Extraterrestrial or primevally elemental, alien beings or subconscious repressions, they are powerless against usif we consider deeply the message of this book, and take the seeming ranting of the Arab at face value for whatthey are: a warning, a weapon, and a wisdom. With these three we enter the New Age of the Crowned andConquering Child, Horus, not in a slouch towards Bethlehem, but born within us at the moment we conquer thelurking fear in our own souls.

    New York, N.Y.December, 1979

  • "Our work is therefore historically authentic; the rediscovery of the Sumerian Tradition." -Aleister Crowley


    IN THE MID - 1920's, roughly two blocks from where the Warlock Shop once stood, in Brooklyn Heights, liveda quiet, reclusive man, an au

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