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Alisha’Siegel’ Final’Paper’ My’internship’at’BCBG’was ... · Alisha’Siegel’...

Date post:28-Jul-2020
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  • Alisha  Siegel  Final  Paper    

    My  internship  at  BCBG  was  truly  an  amazing  experience.  I  worked  in  the  

    public  relations  department  in  New  York  City.    I  received  an  email  about  this  

    internship  last  September  from  the  AESHM  department,  since  I  am  a  double  major.  

    The  email  said  that  a  recruiter  from  BCBG  would  be  coming  to  Iowa  State  to  look  for  

    interns.  I  knew  they  were  looking  for  public  relations  interns  so  I  thought  I’d  give  it  

    a  shot.  Even  if  I  didn’t  get  the  internship,  I  thought  the  interview  process  would  be  a  

    good  experience.    I  went  to  the  interview  nervous  and  excited  at  the  same  time.  The  

    interview  went  well.  She  explained  the  tasks  that  I  would  be  doing  on  a  day-‐to-‐day  

    basis  and  it  sounded  like  my  dream  internship.  

    BCBGMAXAZRIAGROUP  is  a  global  fashion  house  with  a  portfolio  including  

    more  than  20  brands.  Max  Azria  is  the  CEO,  chairman  and  head  designer  alongside  

    his  wife,  Lubov  Azria,  who  acts  as  chief  creative  officer.  The  company  was  started  in  

    1989.  From  1989  until  now,  the  company  has  launched  many  different  labels  such  

    as  Max  Azria,  Max  Azria  Atelier,  BCBGeneration,  and  their  most  recent  and  most  

    successful  launch,  Herve  Leger.   In  Fall  2008,  Max  Azria  presented  BCBGMAXAZRIA  

    Runway,  Max  Azria  and  Hervé  Léger  by  Max  Azria  at  New  York  Fashion  Week;  which  

    is  the  first  time  an  American  designer  produced  three  major  fashion  shows  during  

    one  New  York  Fashion  Week. Although  their  headquarters  are  in  LA,  the  sales  team  

    and  public  relations  team  is  located  in  New  York.    

    After  receiving  the  call  that  I  got  the  PR  internship,  I  headed  to  New  York  in  

    January.    It  took  me  a  couple  of  weeks  to  get  the  hang  of  things.  There  was  one  other  

    intern  in  the  PR  department  when  I  started  that  helped  me  the  first  couple  of  weeks,  

  • until  she  left.  From  then  on,  I  had  to  teach  myself.    After  a  couple  weeks  of  being  by  

    myself,  I  had  gotten  the  hang  of  things  and  by  the  end  of  January,  two  more  interns  

    started.  I  was  the  only  intern  there  Monday  through  Friday  because  the  other  girls  

    had  class.      

    I  helped  with  sample  trafficking,  which  is  when  a  sample  garment,  like  a  

    dress  or  a  top,  goes  to  a  magazine  shoot  or  to  an  event.  The  sample  trafficking  

    process  is  called  write-‐ups.  We  write  down  on  a  paper  what  specific  garment  goes  to  

    what  magazine.  We  write  down  the  style  number,  the  color,  and  a  description.  We  

    also  will  take  pictures  of  the  garments  to  put  on  the  write-‐ups  to  make  it  easier  to  

    check  them  back  in.      

    Other  tasks  at  BCBG  consisted  of  helping  out  the  PR  staff  whenever  needed,  

    keeping  both  the  showroom  and  the  back  closet  organized,  and  putting  together  the  

    articles  of  interest.  The  articles  of  interest  are  many  different  articles  from  different  

    publications  such  as  the  New  York  Times,  Wall  Street  Journal,  and  Women’s  Wear  

    Daily.  Myself  and  the  other  interns  would  gather  different  business  related  fashion  

    articles  and  put  them  into  a  word  document.  The  word  document  was  sent  out  to  

    many  of  the  BCBG  staff.  The  articles  of  interest  are  attached,  along  with  the  excel  

    spreadsheet  that  I  did.    

    I  took  all  of  the  write-‐ups  for  the  month  and  divided  them  into  different  

    categories  based  on  brand,  and  accessories  and  put  them  into  an  excel  spreadsheet.  

    I  would  put  these  together  for  the  PR  department  each  month  so  they  could  keep  

    track  of  what  garment  samples  were  going  to  what  publication  and  ultimately  so  

  • they  can  see  how  much  press  they  are  getting.    The  spreadsheet  consisted  of  the  

    brand,  the  publication,  each  specific  item,  and  a  description  of  each  item.    

    Another  task  that  I  would  often  do  would  be  to  scan  many  different  

    publications  for  any  press  that  we  might  have.  I  would  scan  through  newspapers  

    such  as  the  New  York  Times,  the  Wall  Street  Journal,  the  Washington  Post,  and  many  

    more.  I  would  also  scan  magazines  for  any  BCBG,  BCBGeneration,  or  Herve  Leger  

    clothing  or  accessories  samples  that  might  be  in  them.  If  I  found  anything  in  any  of  

    the  publications,  I  would  make  a  copy  of  both  the  sample  and  the  publication  that  it  

    came  from.  The  press  clippings  were  then  scanned  and  sent  to  the  PR  assistant,  

    where  she  would  manage  them  from  there.  After  they  were  scanned  and  sent,  I  put  

    them  into  a  binder,  where  we  would  keep  them  alphabetically  and  chronologically.  

    Other  than  sample  trafficking,  maintaining  the  showroom,  and  press  clippings,  I  

    would  assist  the  PR  office  with  any  other  administrative  tasks.    

    I  accomplished  many  things  throughout  my  time  at  BCBG.  Like  I  said  before,  

    after  the  first  intern  had  left,  I  had  to  teach  myself  many  things.  It  was  difficult  at  

    times,  especially  in  the  beginning,  where  I  would  mess  up  a  write  up,  or  some  other  

    task  that  I  was  assigned.  I  was  always  so  hard  on  myself  when  I  would  mess  up  a  

    task,  but  the  PR  girls  that  I  worked  with  always  helped  me  by  showing  me  what  I  did  

    wrong  and  how  I  could  fix  it.  I  learned  quickly  though  and  I  got  the  hang  of  things.  It  

    was  such  an  accomplishment  because  by  the  time  the  other  two  interns  started,  I  

    was  able  to  teach  them  and  if  they  had  any  questions,  I  could  answer  them  and  

    explain  the  process.    

  • The  PR  office  at  BCBG  was  very  small;  it  consisted  of  a  vice  president,  a  

    manager,  two  coordinators,  and  an  assistant.  Everyone  in  the  office  was  always  so  

    nice  and  would  smile  and  say  hello.  That  also  helped  make  my  internship  such  an  

    amazing  experience.      

    Another  accomplishment  was  working  fashion  week.  It  was  such  an  

    accomplishment  because  I  was  already  working  full  time,  and  that  week  I  was  asked  

    to  stay  late  and  come  in  early.  I  have  never  worked  full  time  in  my  life  and  working  

    full  time  plus  some  hours  was  very  tiring  and  exhausting  for  me.  I  wanted  to  be  at  

    BCBG  all  the  time  that  I  could  because  I  wanted  to  get  the  full  fashion  week  

    experience.  I  knew  it  was  going  to  be  exhausting,  but  I  also  knew  it  was  going  to  be  

    worth  it.  I  got  to  see  both  shows  during  fashion  week  and  also  help  out  at  the  after  

    party.  I  am  glad  I  pushed  myself  through  that  week  because  those  memories  are  

    memories  that  I  am  going  to  have  for  the  rest  of  my  life.    

    There  were  many  connections  made  between  the  workplace  and  the  

    classroom.  I  learned  many  things  about  magazine  journalism  throughout  my  time  at  

    BCBG.  I  learned  what  it  takes  to  go  into  public  relations.  I  also  learned  what  the  ad  

    value  is  in  a  publication.  For  example,  if  BCBG  garment  piece  was  shot  on  the  cover  

    of  a  magazine,  the  ad  value  would  be  about  $200,000  plus,  depending  on  the  


    There  were  many  things  I  learned  that  could  not  be  taught  in  the  classroom.  

    Time  management  and  multitasking  are  just  a  few.  Although  these  can  be  applied  to  

    school,  they  are  much  different  concepts  in  a  working  environment.  First  of  all,  the  

    fashion  industry  and  public  relations  industry  are  very  fast  paced.  I  had  to  decide  

  • what  task  needed  to  be  done  first  and  what  task  could  wait  a  few  hours.  I  

    multitasked  when  things  needed  to  be  done.  For  example,  I  would  be  making  phone  

    calls  and  doing  write-‐ups  at  the  same  time.  From  all  the  simple  tasks  that  I  did,  I  also  

    got  to  see  what  the  PR  girls  did.  They  would  all  do  a  lot  of  emailing  back  and  forth  

    with  editors,  and  a  lot  of  talking  on  the  phone.  I  got  to  see  what  really  goes  into  

    fashion  PR  and  how  exciting  in  can  be  to  get  press  on  the  brand.    

    My  internship  at  BCBG  had  a  huge  impact  on  my  career  goals,  my  life,  and  me.  

    From  moving  my  whole  life  to  New  York  to  every  day  in  the  office,  my  internship  

    was  a  big  change  from  what  I  was  used  to.  Being  able  to  spend  every  day  in  a  

    corporate  environment  allowed  for  me  to  learn,  more  than  I  could  in  a  school  

    environment.  Working  full  time  in  and  being  apart  of  a  team  really  helped  shape  my  

    career  goals.  I  thought  that  I  wanted  to  do  fashion  PR  before  this  internship,  but  

    after  finishing  the  internship,  I  am  certain  that  this  is  what  I  want  to  do.  I  am  

    passionate  about  fashion  and  about  public  relations  and  my  internship  at  BCBG  

    confirmed  it.    

    The  PR  department  at  BCBG  is  considered  an  in-‐house  public  relations  

    department,  meaning  the  team  only  focuses  on  public  relations  for  the  BCBG  brand.  

    In  my  future,  I  would  still  like  to  do  fashion  PR,  but  I  would  also  like  to  try  agency  

    PR,  meaning  that  I  would  get  to  work  with  one  agency  and  represent  many  different  

    brands  instead  of  just  one.  In  an  agency,  there  is  more  pitching  stories,  more  events  

    to  work  and  set  up  and  plan  for,  a  lot  of  clients  to  juggle  and  different  personalities  

    to  navigate.      

  • My  internship  at  BCBG  met  my  expectations  and  exceeded  them.  When  I  first  

    moved  to  New  York,  I  really  had  no  idea  what  to  expect  from  BCBG.  I  have  heard  

    horror  stories  of  what  it’s  like  to  work  in  the  fashion  industry,  especially  for  new  

    interns.  I  heard  that  interns  get  treated  very  poorly,  that  they  run  errands  a  lot,  and  

    they  work  long  hours.  I  am  proud  to  say  that  none  of  these  happened  to  me.    

    First  of  all,  Christina,  the  human  resources  girl  who  came  to  Iowa  State  to  

    recruit,  made  sure  everything  was  very  comfortable  with  all  of  the  interns.  My  first  

    day  there,  we  had  an  orientation  to  go  over  what  was  expected  of  us,  what  to  wear,  

    and  some  perks  of  the  internship.  Because  none  of  the  interns  were  paid,  we  got  free  

    lunch  everyday.  We  were  asked  to  wear  mostly  black,  so  employees  would  know  

    who  is  an  intern.  Christina  also  told  us  not  to  hesitate  to  reach  out  to  her  if  we  were  

    having  any  issues.  She  really  made  me  sure  we  all  felt  comfortable  and  happy  with  

    our  internship.  

    Although  we  didn’t  see  Christina  everyday,  she  did  keep  in  touch.  We  had  

    seminars  throughout  our  time  at  BCBG.  We  had  a  communications  seminar  on  how  

    to  properly  write  and  respond  to  an  email.  The  president  of  sales  also  spoke  to  us  

    about  the  importance  of  hard  work  and  resumes.  We  then  had  a  first  job  seminar  

    toward  the  end  where  Christina  gave  us  tips  when  we  enter  the  corporate  world  for  

    the  first  time.      

    Having  Christina  ensure  that  my  internship  was  going  well,  made  me  feel  

    lucky  to  have  such  an  amazing  internship.  Jamie,  my  supervisor,  also  made  my  

    internship  amazing.  She  was  also  so  nice  and  always  asked  how  I  was  doing.  She  

    made  sure  that  I  felt  comfortable  as  well.    

  • I  would  definitely  recommend  this  internship  to  others.  I  had  such  an  

    amazing  experience  with  BCBG  that  I  would  recommend  it  to  anyone  thinking  about  

    fashion  PR.  As  I’ve  stated  before,  I  learned  a  lot  about  what  really  goes  into  public  

    relations;  hard  work  and  passion.  The  PR  team  at  BCBG  was  a  small,  but  an  amazing  

    group  of  girls.    

    I  would  also  recommend  this  to  students  because  you  get  the  chance  to  work  

    everyday,  in  a  corporate  environment.  There  are  so  many  things  that  you  cannot  

    learn  in  a  classroom.  The  hands  on  activities,  listening,  multi  tasking,  and  time  

    management  are  just  a  few.  Although  it  sometimes  can  feel  overwhelming,  there  is  a  

    reward  at  the  end.  The  reward  being  all  of  the  experience  and  knowledge  that  you  

    will  take  away.    

    BCBG  was  beyond  a  good  experience.  I  could  not  have  asked  for  a  better  

    internship.  I  was  so  lucky  to  have  gotten  the  chance  at  BCBG,  and  I  will  never  forget  

    my  experience  with  such  an  amazing  brand.    

    I  have  attached  a  few  samples  of  my  work:  the  articles  of  interest  that  I  

    helped  put  together  and  an  example  of  the  excel  spreadsheet  that  I  did  each  month.  I  

    have  also  attached  two  pictures  from  fashion  week.  They  are  the  credentials  from  

    the  BCBG  and  Herve  Leger  shows  during  Fashion  Week  that  I  was  able  to  attend.    



  • Articles  of  Interest:    Please enjoy the following Articles of Interest: WWD: Fashion Scoops: Colette Hosts Carnival in Paris… Toasting Vionnet in Paris… Value Retail Hits Berlin Tourism Fair… Zadig & Voltaire in Talks to Sell Minority Stake?... Tom Ford Launching Eyewear Collection… A&F Opening Kids Store on Savile Row… Saks Sponsors American Museum of Natural History Fundraiser… Bloomingdale’s CEO to Give Keynote at LIM College Graduation… Dr. Martens, Agyness Deyn Team Up ALL IS FAIR: More than 20,000 people streamed through a tent in the Tuileries in Paris over the weekend as Colette celebrated its 15th anniversary with a child-friendly indoor carnival. Kids and teens feasted on mini cupcakes and chocolate-smeared Poilâne bread — and then burnt off those calories by playing ping-pong, bowling or basketball. The hip boutique invited a host of brands — from Comme des Garçons and Clarins to Lacoste — to set up stands, and everything from T-shirts to timepieces were available for purchase. Festivities climaxed on Sunday with a book signing by Jean-Charles de Castelbajac and a Nike-sponsored dance class. TO THE POWER OF TWO: Home furnishings and handbag designers Ria andYiouri Augousti welcomed the fashion-week crowd to their Paris apartment on March 4 to introduce Barbara and Lucia Croce, the new creative directors at Vionnet. The twin sisters unveiled their debut collection in Paris, with Barbara enthusing: “We are so happy, because the brand we are working for is the dream of every designer.” In step with the twin theme, Katy Perry wore a necklace by the brand Fenton Fallon, which joined in the front with two impressive, dragon-like creatures in metal. American singer and songwriter Ferras Alqaisi, known as Ferras, said he was working on an untitled new record, “that’s more of a dance record, a bit more R&B influenced.” The project has taken over two years to complete. Since his first album in 2008, he’s been writing for other artists, “and trying to develop a sound, and now I think I’ve got it,” he said. javascript:void(0); http://www.wwd.com/fashion-‐news/fashion-‐scoops/value-‐retail-‐hits-‐berlin-‐tourism-‐fair-‐5790400SHOP AND GO: It’s a known fact that tourists like to shop, and indeed Asian, Middle Eastern and Russian travelers play a crucial role in keeping cash registers ringing in stores throughout Europe. However, Value Retail took the connection one step further, setting up a stand for its Chic Outlet Shopping centers at the leading tourism trade fair IMB which closed in Berlin Sunday. “The whole idea is to raise the awareness of shopping and tourism,” said Desirée Bollier, chief executive officer of Value Retail Management. “The connection has always been there. As a tourist, you’re time rich, relaxed, and like to spoil yourself. Shopping is part of your day experience, and we’ve managed to create destinations.” Partnering with travel agents, airlines, hotel chains and spas, Chic Outlet Shopping has pulled together what it calls mini “shop-ations” or shopping vacations: two-to-three day packages offering in addition to shopping at its nine upscale outlet villages in Europe “great spas, food, sightseeing.” Chic Outlet Shopping works with about 130 travel partners around the world, customizing and tailoring the excursions and offerings to their specific customers and cultures. “The numbers of people who travel is staggering and it’s a vast growth story,” Bollier declared. “Our tax free numbers are up 53 percent in our nine (European) villages.” In Germany, where Value Retail operates Wertheim Village outside of Frankfurt and Ingoldstadt Village near Munich, Bollier said business has been “very good. Ingolstadt is up 22 percent, with some really strong Global Blue data. The Russian customer is number one, followed by visitors from China, the Middle East and the Ukraine. There’s a really strong following.” More than 30 million people visited the nine Chic Outlet Shopping villages in 2011. Forty percent of those visitors were international, and spent an average of 500 euros per visit, she noted. http://www.wwd.com/fashion-‐news/fashion-‐scoops/acquisition-‐time-‐5789791http://www.wwd.com/fashion-‐news/fashion-‐scoops/acquisition-‐time-‐

  • 5789791ACQUISITION TIME?: Zadig & Voltaire founder and owner Thierry Gillier declined to comment on reports in the French press Friday that he is in discussions with U.S.-based private equity firm TA Associates to sell a minority stake in the business. Gillier recently told WWD that despite receiving investment propositions on a regular basis, he was determined to keep the brand independent. Zadig & Voltaire expects revenues in the region of 300 million euros in 2012, or $396 million at current exchange, a spokeswoman for the brand confirmed. The brand operates 150 boutiques worldwide, half of which are in France. Between 30 and 40 openings are planned for this year in international markets, including a 2,000-square-foot store on Madison Avenue in New York City, scheduled to open at the end of April. FORD’S NEW SPECS: Tom Ford is launching a special edition optical eyewear collection, which is set to hit stores in April. Retailing for $2,950, this fall collection is inspired by eyewear from the Fifties and includes new frame silhouettes for both men and women. Made from gold-plated metal and water buffalo horn, the frames and soft leather cases are presented in a Bakelite box with a soft brown lining. A certificate of authenticity, a special cleansing cream and a chamois cloth are included in the set. The women’s frame is offered in yellow gold-plated metal with brown and gray striped horn or yellow gold-plated metal with white and gray-striped horn. The men’s frame is offered in white gold-plated metal and brown and gray-striped horn or yellow gold-plated metal with black-striped horn. NEW KID ON THE ROW: Abercrombie & Fitch is looking to boost its presence on London’s Savile Row with plans to open an Abercrombie Kids shop at No. 3, next to Gieves & Hawkes. The brand initially rattled residents’ cages when it opened its flagship on the corner of Savile Row and Burlington Gardens in 2007, but the controversy soon settled down after many tailors reported an increase in the street’s overall energy since Abercrombie’s arrival. The opening date for the Kids store has not been confirmed, but Savile Row Bespoke, the industry body that represents the tailors and fabric suppliers, has issued a statement about the importance of maintaining British heritage: “Savile Row is one of the most historic places in the world, with a heritage of producing the finest bespoke garments for some of the world’s most famous individuals. We continue to work with the council, landlords and businesses to ensure that the character and function of the Row is maintained.” Industry sources on the Row say there is the fear that Abercrombie Kids will increase the already heavy foot traffic, pavement queues and litter on the south end of the street. One tailor who spoke on the condition of anonymity wondered what would become of some of the other vacant spaces on Savile Row once Abercrombie Kids moves in. “It’s no longer the question of just one shop. There are other nearby spaces up for grabs. We’re talking about the future of that whole end of the street.” WILD KINGDOM: “It’s not every night you get to dine under a huge whale,” said Stephen I. Sadove, chairman and chief executive officer of Saks Inc., the sponsor of Thursday night’s fund-raiser at the American Museum of Natural History. Guests had cocktails in the rotunda before shifting to the Hall of Ocean Life for dinner and finally to the Hall of African Mammals for dancing and more drinks. The women, festively dressed in the spirit of spring, fit the event’s “Bright Young Things” theme celebrating the special exhibit of bioluminescent creatures opening later this month. “I’m seeing a lot of bold colors, prints and dresses that we haven’t seen in a long time,” said shoe designerVanessa Noel, wearing a Victor Edelstein poufy silk cape in fuchsia. “The men seem somber,” added Noel, as she further scoped the crowd of 600, which raised $350,000 for the museum. DR. GOULD, I PRESUME: Michael Gould, chairman and chief executive officer of Bloomingdale’s, will deliver the keynote address at LIM College’s 73rd annual commencement exercises on May 31 at Avery Fisher Hall at Lincoln Center in Manhattan. Gould will receive LIM College’s Distinguished Achievement Award and an honorary doctor of commercial science degree. In addition, Manhattan borough president Scott M. Stringer will be awarded an honorary doctor of humane letters degree. “Mr. Gould’s fashion and retail leadership is legendary. Since he

  • credits the launch of his retail career to an internship, and internships are a key component of a LIM College education, he will undoubtedly be inspirational to our students,” said Elizabeth S. Marcuse, president of LIM College. AGYNESS’ NEW GIG: Dr. Martens will collaborate with British model Agyness Deynon a new clothing, footwear and accessories line. After Deyn appeared in the Dr. Martens fall 2011 and spring 2012 ad campaigns, the two parties said they’re taking their relationship to the next level with a collaborative collection. Deyn bought her first pair of Doc Martens when she was 13 years old. “The brand is a great fit for me, as it stands for strong character and being able to shape your own personal identity,” said Deyn. The Agyness Deyn for Dr. Martens limited edition collection will launch globally for fall. Details about the new collection will be released at a later date, said the company. WWD: Memo Pad: GQ Hosts First Event at Baselworld KEEPING TIME: The international editions of GQ magazine on Friday hosted their first cocktail reception at the Baselworld watch and jewelry fair. Condé Nast International president Nicholas Coleridge noted that the media group had 140 reporters, editors and publishers from its various publications attending the fair, the biggest annual event for the watch industry. "This is more than ever before and demonstrates our passion and commitment to covering the watch sector," Coleridge said at the event, staged at the city's Historical Museum. Condé Nast magazines last year dedicated a combined 1,800 editorial pages to timepieces, with GQ editions alone accounting for some 850 pages, he added. Hugo Lindgren Speaks at Columbia Journalism School MINE IS BETTER THAN THEIRS: New York Times Magazine editor Hugo Lindgren told a group of Columbia Journalism School students on Thursday night that the magazine became “kind of static” before he took over and it was “truly necessary” to make big changes. “It was a magazine that I think had definitely gotten into certain routines and habits,” said Lindgren. “And a lot of the same people were doing a lot of the same things since [2004]. The Ethicist had been the same guy for 10 years when I got there. And there was the woman who did the interviews had done them for 10 years.” So he went about removing Randy Cohen from his post as the Ethicist; replacing Deborah Solomon as the “Questions For” columnist, and eliminating the On Language column. “I obviously took no pleasure in it but it was truly necessary,” he said. “I mean, the front of the book is the place that has got to evolve and change. And the columnists there were not, to my personal taste, doing the work. My feeling kind of was, ‘I don’t know how long I get to edit this magazine, but I’m going to put the stuff that I like and I want there.’ And the people that we got rid of had done good work, had been there, and had been committed to their jobs, and I had a lot of respect for them as professional people. But I felt that we could do different.” He said it was vital to try new things, and took a shot at his predecessors (Gerry Marzorati and Adam Moss edited the magazine before Lindgren) for not being as experimental. “It is not OK to be like, ‘Well this guy is pretty good and we’re just going to stick with it.’ We have got to find the best, most exciting, dramatic, attention-grabbing, meaningful journalism we can. And we’ve got to try formally different things,” he said, adding, “But that’s something I feel my predecessors didn’t do enough of.” Not that all of his changes have gone over smoothly. Lindgren said his “The One-Page Magazine” front-of-the-book feature, which is a mishmash of about a dozen tiny items written up in tiny type, has not been a hit with his readers. “I’d say 90 percent of the mail I get is about how much they hate the One-Page Magazine,” he said. “I like it a lot, but I understand that it is so beyond anything the New York Times Magazine has ever done, and I so love that that I might be blinded to whatever we might be doing wrong there.” Yeah, it really hasn’t swayed him. “Like, here’s the thing about the One-Page Magazine: it’s one freaking page,” he continued later. “If you don’t like it, turn the page. And this one woman went through the whole thing and critiqued it each day. ‘This was this, this was this.’ And I said to her: ‘Here’s 25 other things in the magazine. Did you

  • get your money’s worth?’ And I think the answer is yes.” Lindgren charmed his Columbia crowd, more so than most editors who speak at these events and wind up dishing out safe, banal career advice. He took the occasion — a year after he redesigned the magazine — to give a brutally up-front defense of all that he’s done so far with the weekly. Or, let’s take advertising. Lindgren said that decades ago the magazine was a catchall for advertisers and was so packed with ads that “you couldn’t find the articles.” “If you pick up the magazine you have with you it’s not really like that anymore,” he said. The magazine everyone had with them — the issue with the Susan Dominus cover story on teenagers — totaled 58 pages, and had 14 ad pages, according to Media Industry Newsletter. “I don’t know what our individual [profit and loss statement] is on the magazine now, I’m afraid to know,” he continued. “But I do know that people subscribe to the Sunday New York Times and the weekend edition in large part because of the magazine. And that is acknowledged in the building. I don’t get any accounting that demonstrates that, but definitely it’s well understood. And that’s what we’re kind of relying on.” Lindgren said that when T: The New York Times Style Magazine was created a few years ago, luxury advertisers raced over there and haven’t come back to the weekly. “That has all the advertisers,” he said. “Not all of them, but it has all the luxury advertisers, which is one of the only growing markets for print journalism. And they have all the advertising. We used to have Ralph Lauren and Chanel, but we don’t anymore.” T happens to produce stories that advertisers like, which the weekly can’t be relied on for. “They do some interesting stuff there, but they’re not going to do a story about a famine in Africa next to the Chanel ads,” he said. “It’s an environment that the luxury advertisers feel comfortable in, and it’s difficult for us to make the counterclaim.” Through the March 11 issue, the weekly magazine has 163 ad pages and is down 24 percent for the year, according to data from MIN. T, meanwhile, through two issues, has 170 ad pages and is down 6 percent for the year. Urban Outfitters Lawsuit Moves Forward TEEN MODEL: Hailey Clauson, the teen model who is suing Urban Outfitters Inc. for upwards of $28 million for putting racy images of her on T-shirts, may get her day in court. New York federal judge George Daniels rejected Urban’s claims that Clauson’s suit is procedurally defective, and ruled Monday that the lawsuit will go forward. In the fall, Urban, along with co-defendants Blood Is the New Black and Brandy & Melville, sought dismissal of the case. This came after Clauson, then 15, and her parents claimed that a “blatantly salacious” photo of the young model appeared in magazines and on T-shirts, even though the image’s photographer allegedly agreed not to release it for publication. That image later appeared on T-shirts sold by the defendants. But the ruling by the judge effectively quashed the defendants’ motion to dismiss the $28 million lawsuit. The judge said that Clauson “has sufficiently alleged a cause of action against Urban Outfitters for use of her image to create false endorsement or false designation of origin, as well as claims for false representation of the characteristics or qualities of plaintiff’s modeling services.” He added that the plaintiff showed sufficient cause that Urban used her image in violation of the New York Civil Rights Law. She also showed cause in common law libel against the retailer. Le Monde's M Magazine Interviews Françoise Bettencourt Meyers RISING SON: Jean-Victor Meyers — the 25-year-old grandson of Liliane Bettencourt, who is to replace her on the board of L’Oréal next month — is a budding fashion entrepreneur. In February, he set up a Paris-based company, Exemplaire SAS, involved in the making of apparel, according to the latest issue of M, Le Monde’s weekend magazine, which scored an extensive interview with Bettencourt’s daughter, Françoise Bettencourt Meyers. The article also details that Jean-Victor Meyers interned at the Louis Vuitton boutique on Avenue Montaigne, and that Exemplaire intends to expand into leather goods. “It was tough, yes,” Bettencourt Meyers confesses in the seven-page feature, referring to her long-running and very public legal battle over her mother’s mental facilities. The saga began in December 2007 when she brought a lawsuit against photographer François-Marie Banier, alleging he exploited the weakness of Bettencourt, who gave him assets valued at about 1 billion euros, or $1.32 billion at current exchange. In the interview, Bettencourt Meyers expresses relief that the guardianship judge of Courbevoie, France, recently placed her

  • mother under the protection of Jean-Victor Meyers. “If (the judge) had chosen someone from outside the family, we would have risked a third act in this crazy story,” she said, noting that relations with her mother have returned to normal. “She is serene, relaxed.” The heiress also addresses recurrent speculation that family members could sell their stake to Nestlé, the second largest shareholder in L’Oréal. “These accusations are unbearable! And totally groundless. There is a perfect continuity in the family’s attachment to L’Oréal across generations.” Daily Front Row: Links of the Day (NEW YORK) Second Employee Sues Designer Alexander Wang [New York Post] Flor Duante, a 48-year-old single mother of three, joins Wenyu Lu in the sweatshop lawsuit againt Alexander Wang The versatile mod's next foray is a fiercely booted one The versatile mod's next foray is a fiercely booted one Ready to Wear: a decade of elegance for gifted Elbaz at Lanvin [The Independent] Celebrating Alber Elbaz's success after 10 chic years at Lanvin The High Priestesses of the High Street [Telegraph UK] Design talents behind Brit fast fashion purveyors at Asos, Marks & Spencer, and Whistles The One Sheet [Wall Street Journal] A compact guide to Fall's finest, down to the runway soundtracks Horsehair Completes The Outfit [Sunday Styles/NY Times] A week of dressing in Georgina Bloomberg's equestrian-hewed wardrobe Family Ties [Vogue UK] Tommy Hilfiger on Beyoncé's early days, plus being related to Scottish poet Robert Burns Fashionista.com: Derek Lam exits Tod’s (NEW YORK) Derek Lam has apparently bid Tod's adieu after six years. In 2006, after a handful of successful collaborations with Lam, the Milan-based company tapped the designer as its first creative director. Months later, Lam introduced Tod's first foray into clothing with a successful seaworthy collection of nine tightly-edited pieces for Fall 2007. Since his debut at the company, Lam has expanded the offering to include a full-fledged ready-to-wear line, helping to amp up Tod's image and increase sales on the retail floor. Last year, Tod's SpA posted growth across the board for the retail period ending September 30, including a 23.5 percent jump in operating profits to $230.1 million. Tod's currently has "no comment" on the matter. Stay tuned for the rationale behind Lam's exit, plus the scoop on his successor. MARIA DENARDO 'Fashion Star' Searches For Next Retail Successes (NEW YORK) A diverse trio of retailers trawling for talent—H&M, Macy's, and Saks Fifth Avenue—is on board for NBC's Fashion Star, a design challenge show that focuses on sales figures in mind just as much, if not more than, the silhouettes. Hosted byElle Macpherson and featuring Nicole Richie, Jessica Simpson, and John Varvatos as advice dispensing mentors, the show's 14 design aspirants will trot their looks out for a set of buyers from the powerful and varied retail trifecta. Instant gratification and fast fashion are the show's M.O.'s, as each week's winners will immediately see their hard work get racked at the top-

  • bidding store of the episode. For the designs which catch H&M's attention, the e-commerce component will commence here as soon as the credits roll, followed by in-store shipments arriving the next day. "The show is extremely competitive and my main priority is to choose garments that work into our current merchandising mix and reflect our brand," saidNicole Christie, H&M's communications manager and former buyer who will appear on the show as one of three judges. "We want to show everyone involved and the viewers alike that fashion is not a matter of price." After whetting their retailing appetites with one-off wins throughout the season, the final three contestants will whip up full collections. The ultimate winner will nab coveted floor space (and the funds to fill said retail real estate) at Saks, Macy's and H&M. A decidedly democratic glimpse into the future of fashion, or fashion-focused TV, at least? Check out tomorrow evening's series premiere, clocking in at an hour and a half for the first episode, and decide for yourself. ALEXANDRA ILYASHOV      



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    Three Blouses, Four Tops, Blazer, Jacket, Tank Top, Dress, Two Pants, Three SkirtsBlue Top, Lime Dress, Pants, Orange Dress, Jumper, Red Dress

    Sequin Skirt, V-neck Dress, Dill Sequined Dress, Stucco Sequined Dresss, White Sequined DressTwo pants, Shorts, Five Dresses, Vest, Four Skirts, Romper, Two tops, Two Jackets, SweaterRose Lace Dress, Rose Strapless Dress, Purple Strapless Dress, Purple One-Shoulder Dress

    Pink Sequined Top, Dill Sequined Top, White Dress, Blue Blouse, Apricot Top, Blue Blazer, Green SkirtParfait Dress, White Multi Top, Stucco Dress, Sea Green Top, Patterned Pants

    Black Sequin Dress, Silver Dress, Sequined Dress, Nude Ruffle DressRed Dress, White Dress, Jade Dress, Bright Red Ruffle Dress, Begonia Dress, Ruby Flowy Dress, Begonia Ruffle Dress, Gardenia Dress

    Spring 12 Look 6 Dress, Spring 12 Look 5 DressOrange Pants, Yellow Skirt, Blue Skirt

    Spring Look 21 Dress, Spring Look 19 Top & Pants, Spring Look 27 Dress, PreFall 12 Dress, Spring Look 18 DressTwelve Dresses, Top

    Red Jumper, Purple Long Sleeve Dress, Dark Navy Striped DressRed/Navy Colorblock Dress, Blue/Aqua Colorblock Dress, Tribal Top, Pleated Colorblock Dress

    Yellow Floorlength Gown, Pumice Beaded Dress, Black Sheer GownRomper, Spring Look 22 Dress, Spring Look 29 Dress, Patterned Dress, Talc Top, Navy Skirt, Yellow Skirt, Blue Pants, Apricot Top

    Striped Knit TopSpring 12 Look 11 DressSpring 12 Look 17 Dress

    Ultra Green Blazer, Off-white Lace Blazer, Tan Blazer w/ BlackStriped Top

    Spring 12 Look 17, Emerald ColorBlock Dress, Patterned DressSpring 12 Look 3 Dress, Spring 12 Look 15 Dress, PreFall 12 Look 9 Dress

    Spring 12 Look 12 Dress & Jacket, Spring 12 Look 1 Dress & Jacket, Blue Skirt, Pleated Skirt, White Top, Blue Tank, Blue Shorts, Red DressPreFall 2012 Look 7 Dress, PreFall 2012 Look 11 Dress, PreFall 2012 Look 17 Dress

    Red dress, Blue dress with stones, Begonia dress, Tan dress w/ stripesTwo Black dresses, Two Black lace gowns, and black mesh top gown

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Alisha Siegel Final Paper My internship at BCBG was truly an amazing experience. I worked in the public relations department in New York City. I received an email about this internship last September from the AESHM department, since I am a double major. The email said that a recruiter from BCBG would be coming to Iowa State to look for interns. I knew they were looking for public relations interns so I thought I’d give it a shot. Even if I didn’t get the internship, I thought the interview process would be a good experience. I went to the interview nervous and excited at the same time. The interview went well. She explained the tasks that I would be doing on a daytoday basis and it sounded like my dream internship. BCBGMAXAZRIAGROUP is a global fashion house with a portfolio including more than 20 brands. Max Azria is the CEO, chairman and head designer alongside his wife, Lubov Azria, who acts as chief creative officer. The company was started in 1989. From 1989 until now, the company has launched many different labels such as Max Azria, Max Azria Atelier, BCBGeneration, and their most recent and most successful launch, Herve Leger. In Fall 2008, Max Azria presented BCBGMAXAZRIA Runway, Max Azria and Hervé Léger by Max Azria at New York Fashion Week; which is the first time an American designer produced three major fashion shows during one New York Fashion Week. Although their headquarters are in LA, the sales team and public relations team is located in New York. After receiving the call that I got the PR internship, I headed to New York in January. It took me a couple of weeks to get the hang of things. There was one other intern in the PR department when I started that helped me the first couple of weeks,
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