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Amanpreet Singh | 5 December 2014

Date post: 07-Jul-2015
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Amanpreet's birthday presentation
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the boy who live s Chandigarh, Cleverness and Chutzpah
Page 1: Amanpreet Singh | 5 December 2014

the boy who livesChandigarh, Cleverness and Chutzpah

Page 2: Amanpreet Singh | 5 December 2014

King of one Jack of all trades

Amanpreet Singh

Human talent Venn diagram

Page 3: Amanpreet Singh | 5 December 2014



Alcohol consumption

Normal PeopleAmanpreet

Efficiency and Alcohol consumption

A drink a day keeps the doctor away

Page 4: Amanpreet Singh | 5 December 2014

Gymmy Choos

#smittenPGP1gal Amanpreet Singh

Sixteen pack banane ki tamanna hai!

Page 5: Amanpreet Singh | 5 December 2014


Portfolio Management

Dylan Fernandes Amanpreet Singh

But I have a better Return on Investment!

Page 6: Amanpreet Singh | 5 December 2014

Eat right or die-t trying

General opinion : Healthy alternative to ColasAmanpreet : This little pack has 357 million

calories! That’s a death blow right there

General opinion : Light, generally harmless snackAmanpreet : Each corn kernel has a carbohydrate

content of 7 trillion grams. That’s one less ab.

Boiled Chicken, SaladBreakfast, Lunch & Dinner

365 Days3 steps to a chiseled body

Page 7: Amanpreet Singh | 5 December 2014

Play by the Book. The Playbook.

Score Chicks.I mean, goals.*

*i actually mean chicks

Sports I’m good at Games I’m good at

Page 8: Amanpreet Singh | 5 December 2014

Amanpreet’s GPA Calculator

Select SubjectExamination Marks

First QuizMid Term

Second TermEnd Term

Your GPA:

To find your GPA in Section A, simply choose the subject and enter the details below :

Professor’s standard email declaring class statistics:

Dear students, your papers have been corrected. Here are the statistics of marks:

Maximum: 50Minimum: 04Median: 26Standard Deviation: 9.2

You may check your papers from my secretary’s office between 03:00 PM to 05:00 PM today at P-002

Regards,Professor X

Amanpreet on Whatsapp at 03:01 PM

Aman: **Abhishek: **Shilpa: **Raunak: **Bharadwaj: **Karthik: **Pranav: **Narendra Modi: 10/10

I know only 68 students’ marks. Did Pranay

Siddharth not write the exam?

Page 9: Amanpreet Singh | 5 December 2014


Three biggest takeaways from an IIM education:

1. Great Network 2. XXXXX 3. XXXX

Amanpreet: LOL. I already know Mukesh Ambani, Saharashri, Robert Vadra, Sharad Pawar, Ranbir Kapoor, Katrina Kaif, Virat Kohli, Honey Singh, Mark Zuckerberg, Rafael Nadal, Hannibal Lecter, , Hello Kitty, Mamata Di, Nehru Chacha, Shakuni Mama and of-course, Kirron Aunty

Yeh Maa da ladla toh bigad gaya

size of this image has been kept to a minimum to ensure boys move to the next slide

Amanpreet, WHO?The guy who once

photobombed my selfie with a mango?

Page 10: Amanpreet Singh | 5 December 2014

Dare 2 Dream

Aey,Aati kya tu L square?

I dare you to come hoosh me at L square tonight at midnight.

Chehra jaaye, par haath se botal na jaaye

Page 11: Amanpreet Singh | 5 December 2014

Happy Birthday, AmanpreetDream. Charm. Hypnotise.

Live life, Patiala peg size

Page 12: Amanpreet Singh | 5 December 2014


This presentation was made by me. I uploaded it using anonymous services.

And I like showing my torso.