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Amari Moves Out

Date post: 10-Jul-2015
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Amari Moves Out is an introduction story to exploration, colonization, and the dissatisfaction that led to the Revolutionary War. It is intended for an audience of elementary to middle school age U.S. History students. It covers a few Va SOLs, including USI.4a, USI.5b, USI.5d, and USI.6a. Check them out at http://www.doe.virginia.gov/testing/sol/frameworks/history_socialscience_framewks/2008/2008_final/framewks_ushist1865.pdf The performance outcomes of this presentation include interpreting verbal information and identifying basic concepts.
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Amari Moves Out By Josh McPherson

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Amari Moves OutBy Josh McPhersonMeet Amari

Hi friend!Today is the big day

Im going to find a place of my own and make some money!

This will be interestingAmari finds a place to live

Amari learns how to make money

Amari gets some visitors

We have a message from your parents.

Amari follows the rules

Im doing just fine!

Amari starts to wonder why

What the heck!

5 years later

What will Amari do?

Lets ReviewWhy did Amari move out?

Describe his journey to his new house.

How did he earn money?

What did his parents friends tell him?

Lets ReviewWhy did Amari move out?He wanted to make money.

Describe his journey to his new house.Amari didnt pack enough supplies, so he almost starved. He also got really sick and got lost in theforest.

How did he earn money?Fishing, farming, making things from wood, trading.

What did his parents friends tell him?Amari still had to follow their rules and send them money.

Amari was a representation

Hi friend!

Hey there, buddy!

English explorers had many motives


Explorer Problems

Colonial Economies

New EnglandMid AtlanticSouthern

Colonist: A person who lives in an area that is governed by another countryColonists follow English law and pay taxes

We have a message from the king.

GovernorsWhat do you think the colonists will do?

QuizName the motives for English exploration.What were some of the problems explorers faced?What were the key economies in New England, the Mid Atlantic, and the South?What was a main factor leading to ideas of revolution?

Performance Outcomes(SOLs)Describe the motivations and obstacles of English ExplorersDescribe the dependence on resources and specialization for the different regions of the coloniesIdentify the political and economic relationship between Great Britain and the coloniesIdentify the issues of dissatisfaction that led to the American Revolution