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  • Amazing Discoveries - Table of Contents


    Research and Coordination by Gordon Lindsay

    Table of Contents

    Title Page



    Chapter 1 The Promises of Jesus

    Chapter 2 The Commandments of Jesus

    Chapter 3 The Words of Jesus Concerning the Godhead

    Chapter 4 Heaven and EarthThe World and Time

    Chapter 5 Salvation

    Chapter 6 SinViolation of the Law

    Chapter 7 RighteousnessThe Fruits of the Spirit

    Chapter 8 The Second Coming and Farewell Words in the Passover Chamber

    Chapter 9 The Judgments of Jesus

    Chapter 10 PrayerFaithDivine Healing

    Chapter 11 The Teaching of Jesus on Subjects

    Chapter 12 The Kingdom, the Church, Israel and Jerusalem

    Chapter 13 The Words of Jesus to the Jews

    Chapter 14 The Scriptures

    Chapter 15 The Miracles of Jesus

    Chapter 16 The Preaching of the Gospel

    Chapter 17 The Ministry and Atonement of Jesus

    Chapter 18 The Prophecies of Jesus

    Chapter 19 The Conversations of Jesus With Individuals

    Chapter 20 The Parables, Miracles, and Persons to Whom Jesus Spoke

    Chapter 21 The Last Words of Jesus

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  • Amazing Discoveries - Title Page



    Compiled and Coordinated


    COPYRIGHT 1951By Gordon Lindsay


    Dallas, Texas Reprint 1981 All Rights Reserved

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  • Amazing Discoveries - Preface


    Research and Coordination by Gordon Lindsay

    PrefaceThe Chapter Arrangement of the Words of Jesus

    Concerning the order in which we have arranged the words of Jesus, we have been governed by the following considerations:

    The First Chapter contains THE PROMISES OF JESUS. These are His words with which people are the most familiar, as for example John 3:16, or Matt 11:28-30. Many of the PROMISES OF JESUS are found in familiar promise-boxes which many Christians keep on their tables. It is these PROMISES OF JESUS which provide the incentive by which men are inspired to obey all the words of Jesus.

    In the Second Chapter, we record THE COMMANDMENTS OF' JESUS. These must logically follow the promises, for the latter are valid only to those who obey THE COMMANDMENTS OF JESUS.

    Three is the number of completeness and a symbol of the Godhead. Therefore the words of Jesus pertaining to God, are included in Chapter III.

    Four is the world number. (The river in Eden divided into four heads as it flowed out into the earth.) So the words of Jesus on HEAVEN AND EARTHTHE WORLD AND TIME, have been placed in Chapter IV.

    Five is the number of redemption. (The Israelites were redeemed with five pieces of silver.) We therefore include the words of Jesus on SALVATION in the Fifth Chapter.

    Six is the number of man. The words of Jesus on SINthe disobedience of man to Godwould seem appropriate to this number. They therefore follow in Chapter VI.

    Seven is the number of completeness, the perfect number, and properly symbolizes RIGHTEOUSNESS. Therefore, the words of Jesus on RIGHTEOUSNESSTHE FRUIT OF THE SPIRIT follow in Chapter VII.

    Eight is the number of Resurrection, and of a new order. (Christ arose from the dead on the first day of the new week. but the eighth day of the Passion Week ) Christ's words on His Second Coming, at which event the resurrection of the righteous dead, and the inauguration of the new order of the kingdom take place, are found in Chapter VIII.

    Nine is the last of the digits and is a number fitly symbolizing, fulness, or ending. In the Scriptures it signifies judgment. (Abraham was ninety and nine, when Sodom was condemned to judgment.) Therefore Chapter Nine includes the JUDGMENTS OF JESUS. (As the reader probably is aware, nine is also the number of the Gifts and Graces of the Spirit, and denotes fulness of Divine power and righteousness.)

    Ten is the ordinal number of completion. The words of Jesus on PRAYER, FAITH AND HEALING, which if obeyed, bring completeness and perfect satisfaction to the believer, are included in Chapter X.

    Chapter Eleven records the WORDS OF JESUS ON SUBJECTS. These subjects cover a wide field and are varied in significance.

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  • Amazing Discoveries - Preface

    Twelve is the number of government. (Twelve tribes constitute the kingdom of Israel.) Hence we have placed the words of Jesus concerning THE KINGDOM OF GOD, THE CHURCH, AND ISRAEL in Chapter XII.

    Thirteen is the number of rebellion. The Jews rebelled against Christ and would not have Him to rule over them. THE WORDS OF JESUS TO THE JEWS, are therefore placed in Chapter XIII.

    Fourteen (being 2 x 7) is the number of completeness. THE SCRIPTURES, which are complete in meeting the needs of every man, would logically follow in Chapter XIV.

    Fifteen is also a number of resurrection, and the words of Jesus spoken during the performing of the MIRACLES appear in Chapter XV.

    Sixteen which is twice eight, too speaks of the resurrection. We have therefore placed Christ's words concerning instruction for the PREACHING OF THE GOSPEL OF THE RESURRECTION in Chapter XVI.

    Seventeen is the number of election, and since Christ is the Chief of all the Elect, we place the words of Jesus concerning His Ministry, and His Atonement in Chapter XVII.

    The numbers eighteen and nineteen are not especially significant. Twenty speaks of a time of trouble, and the PROPHECIES OF JESUS, which foreshadow the great judgments which are to come upon the earth, comprise Chapter XX.

    THE LAST WORDS OF JESUS, which complete His sayings, follow in our final chapter XXI. The number twenty-one (being three times seven) denotes completeness.

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  • Amazing Discoveries - Introduction


    Research and Coordination by Gordon Lindsay


    These discoveries showing design, pattern. and a super-natural order in the words of Jesus, are a thrilling evidence of their Divine character. In the words of what other man could such an amazing order or design be found? Truly "no man spake like this man." The phenomena which we herein present, we submit as positive and infallible evidence that the words of Jesus are of supernatural origin.

    The circumstances under which the unique phenomena of the words of Jesus have been brought to light may be briefly told. It was through a series of coincidences. or rather we are inclined to believe providences, that the writer entered into the labor of the preparation of this work. For a number of years we have been engaged in the organization of, and the participation in. great revivals which have been attended daily by thousands of people. Constantly we have been confronted with the overwhelming need of the sick and the suffering. Every-where we met the agonizing appeal for help for physical and spiritual deliverance. But another circumstance also was evident. Many people in their desperation to find an alleviation of their illnesses, were doing so in a manner that revealed an ignorance of the fundamental laws governing healing and health, as taught in the Scriptures. In general. people who came for healing did not have adequate understanding of the relation between sin and sickness, nor did they have a true appreciation of the sinister character of evil that has root in the life of the natural man. To the uninstructed. it was a matter of getting delivered so that they could go back into their old nay of life again. Yet. the truth is that there is but one way to effect a permanent cure of a person's ills, and that is to help the individual to an intelligent understanding of the word of God. that his life might be brought into harmony with its teachings.

    In the thousands of letters that regularly flow to our office, and from the multitudes of people who attend our campaigns, there has come to us constantly, the petitions of sick and suffering people, and also of others whose lives had been filled with tragedy, heartbreak, and various misfortunes. Many were vexed with problems and troubles from which they seemed to find no way to extricate themselves. These people implored our prayers, and requested us to solicit others to intercede to God for them. As far as it has been possible, we have been glad to do this, but it has long been obvious that the prayers of others cannot be the full answer to the need of these people. Prayer is indeed the great force of the universe, but to be effective, it must be directed intelligently along Scriptural lines. The Lord observed that the Pharisees prayed long prayers but because the lives of these men were not in harmony with the will of God, their prayers were more or less futile. It is doubtful that even the prayers of Jesus could have helped these people much. As we enter this dark hour of world tragedy, there is an urgent need for men who can pray, and when people get into desperate need. they often are driven to prayer. But the vital need of this present time is for men not only to pray. but also to know how to pray.

    While being confronted with the distresses and problems of so many people, our mind was constantly exercised concerning the finding of a means of adequately meeting this great problem. There always has been an obvious solutionone so simple in fact that its

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