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Amazon Web Services

Date post: 13-Nov-2014
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Amazon Web Services
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Web Scale Computing

Mike Culver

Amazon Web Services

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Web Scale Computing Overview


Page 3: Amazon Web Services

The Obligatory Timeline Slide

COBOL, Edsel

1959 19691982




Darkness Web as a Platform

Web Services, Resources Eliminated

Web Awareness


Dot-Com Bubble Web 2.0 Web ScaleComputing


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Being Relevant Counts

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Page 7: Amazon Web Services

It’s All About Ideas

Page 8: Amazon Web Services

Ideas Cost Money

a + bc

Page 9: Amazon Web Services

a + bc

But How Much Money?

Our favorite numbers: 0.10, 0.15, and 0.20


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Amazon Web Services Are...

A set of APIs and business models which give developers access to Amazon technology and content

Data As a ServiceAmazon E-Commerce Service

Amazon Historical Pricing

Infrastructure As a ServiceAmazon Simple Queue Service

Amazon Simple Storage Service

Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud

Search As a ServiceAlexa Web Information Service

Alexa Top Sites

Alexa Site Thumbnail

Alexa Web Search Platform

People As a ServiceAmazon Mechanical Turk

Page 11: Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Scale Infrastructure:We Do the Muck

Leverage Amazon’s Core Expertise

Scales to the Enterprise

Priced for People


Simple to Use

Highly Available

Using Industry Standards


With World-Class Developer Support

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What do these companies have in common?

Page 13: Amazon Web Services

Amazon E-Commerce Service

Page 14: Amazon Web Services

Amazon E-Commerce Service

Exposes Amazon's product data plus a shopping cart

In 4th major release

Millions of products

Rich data schema

Product images



Commissions via Amazon Associates program

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Amazon.com With Your Look

Page 16: Amazon Web Services

Amazon ECS Cost


Page 17: Amazon Web Services

Amazon Simple Storage Service

Page 18: Amazon Web Services

Amazon S3 is… Simple

Data Storage in Amazon Data Center

Web Service interface

No set-up fee, No monthly minimum

Storage: $0.15 per GB/Month

Data Transfer: $0.20/GB to transfer data

Private and public storage

Each object up to 5GB in size

Page 19: Amazon Web Services

Many ISV Implementations

S3 Explorer filicio.us Jungle Disk

S3 Firefox Organizer MyOwnDB

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Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud

Page 21: Amazon Web Services

Amazon EC2 Is…

A Web service that provides resizable compute capacity in the cloud.

Designed to make Web-scale computing easier for developers.

A simple Web service interface that provides complete control of your computing resources

Page 22: Amazon Web Services

Amazon EC2 Benefits You Because It

Reduces the time required to obtain and boot new server instances to minutes

Quickly scales capacity, both up and down, as your computing requirements change

Changes the economics of computing:

Pay only for capacity that you actually use

a + bc becomes just bc

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Amazon EC2 Changes Computing Economics

No start-up, monthly, or fixed costs

$0.10 per CPU hour

$0.20 per GB transferred across Net

No cost to transfer data between Amazon S3 and Amazon EC2

Page 24: Amazon Web Services

Amazon EC2 Profile

1.7 Ghz x86 processor

1.7 GB of RAM

160 GB disk

250 Mb/second network

Page 25: Amazon Web Services

Web-Scale for Mobile

Services Used•Amazon S3•Amazon EC2

Estimated Savings$650,000


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Amazon Mechanical Turk

Page 27: Amazon Web Services

Amazon Mechanical Turk Is…

A web service that exposes an on-demand global workforce ready to complete small tasks in exchange for micro-payments

Frictionless. Outsourcing per-se is irrelevant.

A web services API

Page 28: Amazon Web Services

Identify Road Markings

Page 29: Amazon Web Services

Are These the Same MP3 Players?

Page 30: Amazon Web Services


How It Works



Artificial, Artificially

Intelligent Software


Human Intelligence Tasks (HITs)

Completed HITs

Worker Qualifications

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Man Versus Machine

Page 32: Amazon Web Services


But Not Really

Page 33: Amazon Web Services

Podcast transcription service provider

Transcribes audio into high-quality text

Amazon Mechanical Turk: Workers transcribe podcasts and index text within search engine

Amazon Simple Storage: Stores the podcasts and related files

Page 34: Amazon Web Services

Amazon Simple Queue

Page 35: Amazon Web Services

Amazon Simple Queue Is

A reliable, highly scalable hosted distributed queue for storing messages as they travel between computers.

Amazon's web-scale messaging infrastructure as a web service

Platform-agnostic, allowing any computer on the Internet to add or read messages without any installed software or special firewall configurations

Page 36: Amazon Web Services

Amazon SQS Highlights


Runs within Amazon's high-availability data centers.

Messages are stored redundantly across multiple servers and data centers.

Simple: Only Six Methods


Secure: Strong access controls

Page 37: Amazon Web Services

Amazon SQS Pricing

Pay only for what you use

No minimum fee

No start-up cost

$0.10 per 1,000 messages sent ($0.0001 per message sent)

$0.20 per GB of data transferred

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Alexa Web Services

Page 39: Amazon Web Services

Four Alexa Web Services:One Vast Web Database

Alexa Web Information Service: Web search engine, traffic information for web sites, a web site directory, and more.

Alexa Top Sites: Programmatic access top sites data is available for the web as a whole, or for individual countries

Page 40: Amazon Web Services

Four Alexa Web Services:One Vast Web Database

Alexa Site Thumbnail:Programmatic access to thumbnail images for the home pages of web sites.

Alexa Web Search Platform:Directly analyze Alexa's Web archive to create and publish new search services

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Amazon Historical Pricing

Page 42: Amazon Web Services

Amazon Historical Pricing


Access to 3 years of actual sales history from books, music, videos, and DVDs sold on Amazon.com

Returns the average, minimum, maximum, and median price for items

Up to ten items per request

Pricing:$249/mo. for up to 60,000 requests/mo.

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Learn More About AWS

Explore http://aws.amazon.com

Read Our Blog at http://aws.typepad.com

Amazon’s hiring www.amazon.com/jobs

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