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AMCAL REWARDS S4 LOYALTY POS USER GUIDE ... automates the loyalty process, provides instant customer...

Date post:01-Apr-2020
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  • CONTENTS 1. Introduction to the S4

    Loyalty Pos Teachnology

    2. Amcal Rewards Loyalty Prompt

    3. Amcal Rewards Graphic

    4-6. How to Process a Standard Loyalty Transaction

    7. How to Update or Add Members Contactability

    8-9. Signing Up a New Loyalty Member

    10-11. How to Redeem Points

    12-13. Payment Type Method

    14. Negative Line Item Method

    15. Redemption Communication Errors

    16. Dealing with an Unregistered Card

    17-19. Forgotten Membership Card

    20-21. Processing Promotions

    22. Miscellaneous Bonus Points Promotion

    23. Allocating Double Points

    24. Allocating Trible Points

    25. $ Off Promotion

    26. Birthday Promotion

    27-29. Allocating Point for a Non- Loyalty Transaction

    30. Daily Loyalty Reporting at the Till

    31. FAQ’s

    Pharmasite Login:

    Pharmasite Password:

  • 1

    S4 is a loyalty technology software that allows Amcal Pharmacies to offer rewards specific to an individual product, deliver customer specific promotions, real time points balances along with the ability to capture customer information and transaction (for basket analysis). S4 automates the loyalty process, provides instant customer information on screen and appends loyalty information to each customer’s receipt when a loyalty card is scanned. S4 is a software that allows your Pharmacy to execute the Amcal Rewards loyalty program and maximise your profit, while offering significant benefits to your loyal customers.


    Customer & Transaction Data to

    Data from




  • 2

    This feature will appear at the beginning of each transaction. This is a prompt for you to ask every customer if they are an Amcal Rewards member. If they are not, explain the program benefits to encourage sign ups.

    This prompt is used to: a) Sign up a new member b) Search for an existing member who doesn’t have their card with them c) Enter a card number manually d) Exit this function for non Amcal Rewards transactions

    IMPORTANT: You must be logged into your POS (if your system requires this) before accessing any of the Amcal Rewards functionality. Failure to log in would result in information about the Amcal Rewards transaction not being captured. If the Amcal Rewards Prompt/graphic does not appear on your screen, please call The Amcal Rewards Help Desk immediately on 1800 220 578 as you may have a problem with your printer settings


  • 3

    This feature will remain on the POS screen during the entire course of a transaction (including non loyalty transactions)

    This prompt is used to: a) Add an Amcal Rewards member during a transaction b) Search for an Amcal Rewards member during a transaction c) Sign up a new member during a transaction d) Access other Amcal Rewards functions during a transaction, including adding promotions

    Tip: You can move the loyalty graphic to anywhere you like on the screen so it’s in a convenient place for you to use.


  • 4

    Signing up as many Amcal Rewards members at your pharmacy means more loyalty customers which = more sales for your pharmacy!

    It is important to ask every customer “Are you an Amcal Rewards member?” If the answer is: “YES” a) Scan the barcode on the reverse of the member’s card. or b) Click ‘Manual Card’ to enter the card number or c) Use the ‘Search’ function on the loyalty prompt to look the member up

    Once a member is assigned to the transaction the Amcal Rewards prompt will be dismissed and the member’s details will appear in the Amcal Rewards Graphic:


  • 5

    Please click ’OK’ and proceed with the transaction. The points from the transaction will be processed once the server is back online.

    If you continually see this message please check that your Site Controller box is connected and that your internet connection is operating correctly. If you are still having issues, please contact the Amcal Rewards Help Desk on 1800 220 578 or [email protected]

    If the answer is: “No, and I don’t want to join” Click ‘Cancel’ and the loyalty prompt will be dismissed. Otherwise, it will disappear when you scan the first item. If the customer changes their mind later, clicking on the (+) symbol on the Amcal Rewards Graphic will provide access to sign up a new member

    If the answer is: “No, but I’d like to join” Click on ‘New’ to sign up a member. The sign up form requires certain fields to be populated in order to enroll a member and is intended to be as quick as possible

    Proceed with the sale If the member was or now is a loyalty customer, the Amcal Rewards Graphic will update with the member’s details and their current points balance and point in cash if eligible

    Note: If your store is unable to communicate with the loyalty server, the following message will appear. “Customer information, point balances and redemptions are not available while the server is offline”.

  • 6

    Complete the transaction

    • Add the items to the transaction as per the usual process and print the receipt.

    • The receipt you print will be associated with the loyalty card you have just scanned.

    At the bottom of the printed receipt there is a member’s detail section, which displays the member’s points balance (as shown below).

    IMPORTANT: If you do not print a receipt for an Amcal Rewards transaction, the loyalty points and/or redemption will not be processed.

    It is important you print a receipt for all loyalty transactions. If a receipt does not print, contact the Amcal Rewards Helpdesk on 1800 220 578. IMPORTANT:

    If a loyalty transaction is placed on hold whilst another transaction is processed and completed, please ensure that the loyalty card is re-scanned when returning to the ‘on-hold’ transaction to ensure the loyalty transaction is processed successfully.

    Note: The Staff ID is only printed on the receipt as part of the transaction details if this is set up in the specific POS by your Pharmacy.

  • 7

    A friendly reminder that when the Edit Prompt appears once you scan a members loyalty card, this indicates that you do not have their email address or mobile on file and is a prompt to ask.Simply click on the Edit prompt on the graphic and enter the missing contact information. As an incentive to loyalty members, please let them know that they will earn 200 bonus points for providing their email address for the first time.


  • 8

    There are two options available to sign up a new member.

    1. Click on ‘New’ in the Amcal Rewards Prompt or select ‘New member’ from the Amcal Rewards Graphic: It is important you capture a new members email address Members with an email address will be sent special offers to drive them back in to shop more regularly and spend more.

    It is highly recommended that you add all customer data into the New Member Signup form. Don’t forget the member will receive 200 Bonus Points for providing their email address. Only items marked with an * are compulsory fields.

    IMPORTANT: It is your responsibility to assign each staff member with a unique ID. The staff member must enter their ID into the S4 Loyalty POS New Member Signup form every time they sign up a new member.


    Note: You are able to view a Customer Enrolment Report via Pharmasite. This report can be run by date range and includes column Staff ID for you to identify which staff member signed up that member. This report allows you to run in-store sign up challenges.

  • 9

    2. Alternatively, ask member to complete an application form and add customer details in the Pharmasite later:

    a) Capture the customer’s details on the application form soon after b) Scan the new member card in the transaction c) Log in to the Pharmasite by end of day and enter all of the member’s details into the new member sign up page (using the card number assigned to the member)

    Email address is mandatory on the S4 loyalty POS, but is not in Pharmasite. If the member does not have an email address, you can sign them up here. However, note that postal address is mandatory here.

    IMPORTANT: You must register customer in the system on that same day

  • 10

    Redemptions can only be processed when a ‘sale’ transaction is made and are not possible for account payments. Attempting to do this will result in the redemption being reversed/cancelled.

    If a member has sufficient points to undertake a redemption (500 points minimum), the Amcal Rewards graphic will display the ‘Redeem’ button.

    If ‘Redeem’ is showing: a) Scan or manually enter all items being purchased in the POS as usual b) Before asking for payment, ask the member if they would like to use their points for

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