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American Express Holiday Season Project

Date post:19-Jan-2015
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  • 2. 2013 HOLIDAY SEASON Objective: To create an engaging and exciting campaign that is seasonal, relevant, and aligned with the American Express social media goals. 2
  • 3. 2013 HOLIDAY CAMPAIGN: BRAND EXAMPLES Nikes #MakeItCount 3 The #MakeItCount campaign was targeted to those who were thinking about their New Years Resolutions Featured 11 athletes with videos, photos, and links who were "making it count Users began sharing their own #MakeItCount experiences and how they were motivating and pushing themselves
  • 4. Holiday Trends 4
  • 5. HOLIDAY TRENDS In December, our social media growth and engagement was driven largely by organic, engagement content and promotions: Made My Year editorial series NBA Spirit and Per Se Sweepstakes 5 Major Channel Community Growth Amex Twitter followership increased by 9k+ to 610,943 (1.6%) Facebook followership increased by 10K+ to 2,708,304 (.4%)
  • 6. HOLIDAY TRENDS December is a highly active month in social media. Our impression for December 2012 reached over a billion users.
  • 7. Our Holiday Plan 7
  • 8. HOLIDAY SEASON CAMPAIGN: GUESS THE GIFT SWEEPSTAKES 8 Shareable Copy I entered the Amex Guess The Gift Sweepstakes and answered correctly in 1:17. Lets see if you can beat me! Amex.co/---
  • 9. HOLIDAY SEASON CAMPAIGN: GUESS THE GIFT SWEEPSTAKES Next Steps Work with the necessary business units and partners on putting together a prize selection US Open Tickets Gift Cards Amex Travel Cruise Develop the Facebook App Cost estimate Engage All Day Everyday Share this concept with global teams 9
  • 10. WHAT IS SUCCESS? Base success off of: Visits to the App Submissions Virality Virgin Sweeps: 1,092 entries, 19,531 unique visitors, 10,038 new Amex likes Amex recognized as one of the top Social Media Holiday Campaigns 10
  • 11. HOLIDAY SEASON CAMPAIGN: SPENDING YOUR HOLIDAY WITH AMEX Ask people to submit a photo of how theyre spending/spent their holiday through Twitter and Instagram with a hashtag This collage of images would be used as our Happy New Year post, as our cover photo, and posted to our social channels To announce the campaign we will post the images sent in from influencers/celebrities we have worked with this year 11
  • 12. WHAT IS SUCCESS? Based off of: Engagement and submissions Shares and likes of the final product Have submissions from celebrities and influencers Have the final product exceed last years success:The Happy New Years post and image was the second most Viral post on the American Express Facebook of 2012. 12 See Twitter growth greater or equal to last December (Twitter followership increased by 9k+ to 610,943 (1.6%) See Instagram follower growth greater than December 2012 (follower growth increased by 427 to 25,954 (1.6%)
  • 13. This Summer @AmericanExpress 13
  • 14. #SUMMERINSIGHTS This summer I had the opportunity to craft posts/tweets, editing, brainstorming, and moderating. I learned that a lot goes into managing a brand on social media. It takes time, serious brand perspective, and quick thinking. Social media has become a front line of defense for the brand, not only a marketing tool. Being a Social Media professional is not only making campaigns, but it is responding to our costumers. Even if they are mean. People will post anything on Facebookeven their credit card number.
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  • 16. Q&A 16

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