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Date post: 20-Dec-2021
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spss23 Amoss Graph17 / [email protected] DOI: 10.22051/JWSPS.2019.18587.1627 1. David Émile Durkheim 2. Walter Rekls 3. Walter Jenkins 4. Robert Putnam
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spss23Amoss Graph17


[email protected]

DOI: 10.22051/JWSPS.2019.18587.1627 1. David Émile Durkheim2. Walter Rekls3. Walter Jenkins4. Robert Putnam

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1. Bonnete

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1. Reno and Lavery 2. Karakus3. Weaver

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1. Walter Rekls 2. Bonnete. and Buffeteau

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1. putnam

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S.E. C.R. P

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S.E. C.R. P

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Page 26: Amoss Graph17 spss23 - journals.alzahra.ac.ir

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Vol. 16, No.3, Autumn 2018 7

Alireza Sanatkhah*1 Associate Professor and member of the faculty of sociology, Islamic

Azad University, Kerman Branch, Kerman, Iran


This research examines the role of social and cultural factors influencing women's sense of security in Kerman city. The attitude of women towards hijab as well as the social feminine identity are considered as cultural variables in the research. The statistical population of the study is all women over 15 years of age, which according to the census of 1395 is equal to 200175, of which 400 were selected as the research sample. Cluster sampling and simple random sampling method were used and the analysis was performed using SPSS23 and Amoss Graph 17. In this research, theories from Emile Durkheim, Walter Rekls, Walter Jenkins and Robert Putnam have been used. The results indicate that social control and women's health

regression coefficient equal to 0.387 and 0.277. In addition, the findings also indicate that women's interpretation of how the government and the police enforce security in the community has a great impact on their sense of security.


the police, sense of security, social control, social capital, female identity

* [email protected] Date: 2017-12-22 Accept Date: 2018-6-22DOI: DOI: 10.22051/JWSPS.2019.18587.1627

Journal of Women Social and Psychological Studieshttp://jwsps.alzahra.ac.ir