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Amplified Design

Date post:16-Mar-2016
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Womenswear amplified design
  • Amplified.anna van evraproduct developmentfall 2011

  • trend history:The power of the human voice has been slowly amplifying throughout history since language was discovered. As humans have evolved so has their desire

    to be heard on a large scale and for their opinions and beliefs to be heard. Whether it is peacefully sharing words or in violent uprisings, the peoples voice

    cannot be quenched. The power of the human voice is not manifested in one persons individual voice but the amplification of many voices uniting together

    under one cause and belief.

  • Problem Statement:To create a collection based upon the amplification of the human voice and its important role as it relates to the mind and body. This collection is created for women who live in an urban environment and are tired of being a million-in-one and want to stand out in the crowd through the amplification of design. The collection Amplified is inspired by the Wall Street protest movement that bans the use of electronically amplified sound and manifests itself in exploring the variety of mediums that can be used to expresspersonal individuality including clothing and fashion.

  • Customer Persona:Jane, an avant garde sociallite, has never been afraid to

    push the boundaries of society. Born and raised in Paris, she has learned to perfect the je ne se quoi

    styling of french women that is envied in high fashion and has added her own attitude to this style to make herself stand out. She has a soft exterior but is very

    intellectual and has strong beliefs that she is not afraid to express in any medium she chooses to use.

    Her favorite medium to experiment with is the clothing she wears. By using bold pops of color and

    unique design details that cannot help but be noticed at events and galas. Her favorite area to accentuate is her

    neck to draw attention her voice. She believes that leaving some to the imagination is better than baring it

    all. She values minimalistic design with a twist that allows her to express her individual style.

  • material Direction

    Molded Foam

    Wire Frame Support

    Silk Satin


    Heavy weight taffeta and synthetics to achieve desired shaping.Lightweight molded foam pieces covered in fabric and supported by a wire frame.

    Shape Memory Polyester

  • Key Components:Face and neck framing shapes that amplify the new erogenous zone revolving around the throat and neck. Garment construction draws the eye upward to

    rest upon the area to be amplified.

    Three demensional styling

    Layering of shapes.

    Wire Frame Volume

    Focus on neck

  • Color Inspiration:

  • Collection:

  • envelopDesign Details:

    Dress:A-Line silhouette

    Button BackSilk Satin


    Wire frame constructionMolded foam covered in taffeta

    Varying triangle sizesHand constructed

    Sizes:0, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10

    Collar: One size.

    Price:$23,500. USD

  • magnifiDesign Details:

    Dress:Side Zip

    Elongated front and backv-shape

    Silk Satin

    Bottom:Attached to dress

    Wire frameMolded foam covered in taffeta

    Varying triangle sizesHand Constructed

    Sizes:0, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10


  • extrudeDesign Details:

    Dress:Back ZipTaffeta

    Molded foam under taffeta

    Shoulder:Attached to dress

    Wire frameMolded foam covered in taffeta

    Varying triangle sizesHand Constructed

    Sizes:0, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10


  • AdornDesign Details:

    Top of Dress:Side Zip

    Wire frame shouldersDeep V-Neck

    Bottom of Dress:Attached

    Taffeta layers in triangle shapesFlowing drape

    Varying triangle sizesHand Constructed

    Sizes:Custom Sizing.


  • IntensifyDesign Details:

    Dress:Back ZipSilk Satin

    Sweetheart neck

    Shoulder:Removable waist construction

    Wire frameMolded foam covered in taffeta

    Varying triangle sizesHand Constructed

    Dress Sizes:0, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10

    Waist:One Size


  • AngleatureDesign Details:

    Dress:Side Zip

    Molded foam under taffeta at bodyWire frame at neck

    Varying triangle sizesLayered taffeta triangles at neck

    and at bottom Mini length

    Hand Constructed

    Dress Sizes:Custom Sizing


  • PeronifiDesign Details:

    Dress:Back ZipSilk Satin

    Sweetheart neck

    Neck:Removable construction

    Wire frameMolded foam covered in taffeta

    Varying triangle sizesHand Constructed

    Dress Sizes:0, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10

    Neck:One Size


  • Marketing

    Amplified.available Spring 2012.

    Amplified is installed at the major subway station in London, Paris, Barcelona, and at New Yorks Grand Central Station. This location was chosen because of the noise amplification generated by the volumes of people that pass through these areas. For this presentation, the figures are in statue form and created out of durable plastic synthetic material to survive wear and tear.

    Advertising for Amplified utilizes ad space in high end magazines like Vogue and Bazaar as well as in subway stations where the collection is on display. The ads are created as artist statements and convey that the pieces are collector items. The brand ambassador for Amplified is Coco Rocha and use minimal wording to let the images speak for themselves.

  • store displayAmplified is available for limited purchase in the four cities at the high end department stores like Barneys and Harrods. The collection also has a window display in these locations.

    Amplified has its own area on the designer floor much like the Chanel and Lanvin collections do. The collection is high end and the location and attitude of the garments in the store reflect that.

    Because the majority of the pieces are sold as collector items, there is a limitednumber of pieces available for each store. The wearable pieces are more available than the sculpted art pieces due to functionality and design details. The sculpted pieces are displayed onmannequins and are special order only.

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