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An Organized Mess

Date post:09-Mar-2016
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Sense of Place book for GIC II with Jeffrey Bleitz
  • The people who run our cities dont

    understand graffiti because they think

    nothing has the right to exist unless

    it makes a profit. But if you just value

    money then your opinion is worthless.


  • Place Graffiti Here

  • Hiddenbehindbuildings&gates

  • a work of

    artor a

  • growingin the back corner of this

  • campus

  • the hard work someone put into it

    appreciatewhere no one can

  • when all you have to illuminate your canvas is

  • a street light

  • anevolving

    piece of artchanging

    right in front of your


  • where

    gatherundercover artists

  • to express

    what they arefeeling

  • with the help of

  • Andrea ZegarraGC 341Jeffrey BleitzSense of Place

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